[Proposal][Administrative]Audit of Custom Content - Blood Magic - Paths

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Proposal Type: Other Public
Opened: 20-Sep-2018 12:00AM EDT
Closing: 27-Sep-2018 12:00AM EDT

According to the Custom Content Directory there is currently 39 Custom Blood Magic Paths.  With revision to the Grandfathered Content Bylaw I, Chris Wenzel, CM for Milwaukee: Nocturnal Rapture, propose an audit and review of the Custom Blood Magic section of the OWBN Custom Content Directory.

The following actions are to be considered:

1.      Removal of any Path that mimics or closely mimics an existing Path (IE a Path that currently exists in a printed material).

2.      Removal of any Path that is no longer in play.  Example; PC X has Custom Path, PC X is dead/retired and no longer in play.

3.      Adjustment of any mimicking Paths to current existing material.  This is to simplify the Custom Content Directory and align Paths across multiple paradigms.

Responsible Parties:

The Coordinator (and/or representative) responsible for allowing the Custom Path to be added to the archive.

The Archivist will facilitate removal and correction to the Paths, presuming accurate and clear source data is provided by the Coordinators.


The review, audit, and revision should take place over the next 30 days with a finalization of all Custom Paths by the 31st day of October 2018.  Removal and updates to the Directory should be completed by the end of the Calendar Year.


This would be "Phase One" of Custom Content review and control.  I prop this with the understanding that the “Paths” section of the Custom Content Directory is small, likely having little duplication, and the most manageable of the categories.  The intent will be to have similar proposals over the upcoming months to target each category.  The end goal being streamline of bloat, removal of out of date content, and ensuring that all Custom Content has been reviewed.  It is likely that there are many things in the Directory that are either from previous offices or have never been properly vetted.  As we progress through the categories responsible parties/timelines/goals will shift, however the premise will be the same through out all phases.

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