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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 04-Aug-2018 12:00AM EDT
Closing: 11-Aug-2018 12:00AM EDT

I, William Lee, as Ravnos coordinator propose the following addition to the Character bylaws.

7.b.ii.9. Custom combination powers/disciplines, merits, or any non blood magic related teleportation for vampires
PC- Coordinator Approval. NPC Coordinator Notify- Ravnos Coordinator 
Reasoning: Teleporting within vampire is regulated in most ways. It is unfair to give a PC a non regulated way to mimic something that requires multiple levels of Coordinator approval for free. Items were left out, as I feel they need to be handled as a separate issue. Vampires with fetishes that give gifts, Spirit thaum that give arcanoi, and people who mimic fae powers isn't my wheelhouse.
I know the age old argument, games can just say no, but the odds of custom content slipping through over items is more common. I only regulate this to Ravnos Coordinator as I control Praabti, and joint control Anarch Teleportation. When it comes to Mage stuff, I leave that to the Mage Coord.
Finally, custom rituals are already regulated by magic coords, so I intentionally want that left out of the bylaws, as it already exists.
This proposal has the potential to auto-pass, and I know this will make people object, but I propose this with no grandfathering.

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