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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 11-Jul-2018 12:00AM EDT
Closing: 18-Jul-2018 12:00AM EDT

This bylaw is under the gun, and will go into formal discussion as soon as the current DA's "Guilt or Innocence" props are resolved or withdrawn.   If they resolve "guilty" this prop becomes the next prop, as the following changes do not effect the punishment section of the Administrative Disciplinary bylaws.
As an Administrative bylaw prop, it is free to discuss with the player base of your chronicles.
This prop requires a second to go to vote.   Remember to change the subject line (just remove "requires" from the bracket) without this change; you have not actually seconded the prop.

- Justification-
We have now had another round of Disciplinary actions where the props are made against the member, and council must wait an unknown amount of time before we can be sure that:
 1. The member has been contacted
 2. The member has selected representation
 3. Council is able to obtain any statement of defense
For a Discussion process which is only 7 days, Council needs the full content of the prop at its submission and not on day 5 (or in some cases later)
Frequently we are not even uncovering "what really happened" until day 6.   By altering the bylaws to require this information before the purposal is submitted, we are able to ensure that players are treated fairly and as much information that can be available at submission is available.
This prop is not made with the foreknowledge of Exec or previous endorsement, although Myself and many other CMs have expressed concerns over this system.  Considering Exec is frequently already the team who performs the mediation, and investigations & verifying that members have been contacted prior to DA.   this is simply an expansion of those duties.
TLDR - If passed, this bylaw changes that AHC are the only ones allowed to prop a DA, and they may only do so after the defense has been notified (or every attempt there in)   CM's wishing to Submit a DA, must first collect their evidence and submit it to exec, who will then prop it on that chronicles behalf. 
- Spaz

As Council Member of Chicago New Moon Rising, I submit the purposed changes to Administrative Bylaw, B, B.i, B.ii, & B.iii.
As this alteration is color coded, as "Strike Through Text" doesn't translate of many different text formats.   Those who need a Color Coded copy for distribution may access the exact same information at:


Red Highlight is content which will be removed from the bylaws.
Yellow Highlight is “in-line” reasons for that specific change/wording and should not be included in final bylaw changes.
Grey Highlight is “New/replacement” change to the bylaws.


B. Issuing a OWBN Disciplinary Action

i.  Only members of Assistant Head Coordinator(s) may propose a Disciplinary action Proposal.  

  1. This Proposal may only be submitted to council after Administration Bylaws Section B.iii. Have been followed.

  2. All attempts must be documented and presented in the Proposal submitted to Council.

  3. The Assistant Head Coordinator(s) must create this proposal in full within 7 calendar days from the time of submission to them.

  4. This prop is submitted on behalf of “Name of Chronicle”

  5. Assistant Head Coordinators will, if possible; collect an initial statement of defense by either the Member in question or their defending Council Member submitted to Council with the initial Disciplinary Proposal.

(!--- After the player has been informed and they have already chosen their representative and that representative has been added to council if needed.  This also allows for an initial defense to be submitted with the proposal ---!)

ii. To initiate an OWBN Disciplinary Action a proposal must be submitted to Council proposing an action against a member, where a member is defined as an individual who participates in OWBN.  The proposing Council Member compiling their evidence and submitting it to the Assistant Head Coordinator Team. Who then will ensure that Administrative Bylaws Section B. iii are followed, and submit the proposal to council in full within 7 calendar days.

(!--- This allows that the Props are not submitted to council, and then 3 of 7 days of discussion happen before the accused has a chance to respond or defend themselves.  The Member has been notified, Defending CM selected, and if possible an initial defense is submitted to council at the same time as the accusing proposal. ---!)

  1. A disciplinary proposal explicitly does not require that a formal bylaw has been violated by the accused member. Council may utilize the disciplinary procedures to issue disciplinary action any time it feels the shared values of the community have been violated in some way.

iii.  The individual member to be issued with an OWBN Disciplinary Action must be sent notification at the same time the Proposal is made to council by the Assistant Head Coordinator(s), via email, or any other acceptable means of notification, and that must be documented within the Disciplinary Proposal. and done so by the person Proposing the Disciplinary action.

  1. If after 24 Hours of the notification of the proposal, the Individual has not responded in any fashion that they have been made aware of the proposal, it becomes the Head Coordinator's responsibility to make sure the person becomes aware of the proposal in a timely manner, and all attempts must be documented and presented to council for review. If no response has been received from the member within the allotted time, and due diligence has been made by the Head Coordinator in an attempt to do so, then the member shall have forfeited the right to a Defense.

(!--- Moved from number 3, to number 1)

  1. If the member cannot be communicated with within 7 Calendar days, the Head Coordinator must notify council of the impending Disciplinary Action against the member and what steps have been taken thus far.

    1. OWBN Council will then “Second” or “Object” the Disciplinary Action going to council, Administrative Bylaw Section B.iii fulfilled or not.

  2. The Individual Member has the right to defend themselves via their Council Member during the Discussion Period which is normally 7 days unless extended by the Head Coordinator. If the Individual chooses to not have their own Council Member defend them and be their connection to the Discussion of the Proposal, the individual may choose another Council Member or a member of the Executive Team to come forth and act in their defense. The Head Coordinator may extend this period of discussion for any reason, up to twenty-one (21) days by to a total of twenty-eight (28) days from the beginning of the discussion period. Any further extension requires a council vote. The voting period shall not begin until the discussion period has passed.

  3. If no response has been received from the member within the allotted time, and due diligence has been made by the Head Coordinator in an attempt to do so, then the member shall have forfeited the right to a Defense.


CM Chicago New Moon Rising.


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