[Proposal][Exception for Unusual Territory Claim] Toronto for the Fairies

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Proposal Type: Other Public
Opened: 22-Mar-2018 12:00AM EDT
Closing: 29-Mar-2018 12:00AM EDT

Greetings Council,

  As the CM for Tea with Dragons, with the advice of the Membership coordinator, I am requesting an exception to the following Bylaw:
  1. Chronicles
    1. Chronicle Boundaries and Control
      1. Chronicles have full control over the events inside of their boundaries. These boundaries are registered with the Membership Coordinator, but should be well known to surrounding chronicles. Storytellers wishing to run scenes in another chronicles boundaries must first obtain permission from a Storyteller from that chronicle. A chronicle may only claim territory that is considered a reasonable distance from its IC location.
  This is in order to claim the city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada and all surrounding suburbs/nature areas for the purposes of establishing a principally online Changeling the Dreaming satellite chronicle. There are small portions of this area which are claimed by the CBC office (because every place mentioned in any book regarding changing breeds was made into their territory at one point), which supports the surrender of these areas, with any named NPCs remaining in their care. 
  Rationale: In my several years running, and coordinating, changeling the dreaming, the biggest theme I hear come up time and again is that 3-4 people in any given region *REALLY* want to play changeling but lack the critical mass required to create a game. Also among the biggest themes I hear is from those who are interested, but have no good means to explore the genre, understand its mechanics or note examples of how it is to play.
   It is part of my plan to solve these issues by creating a highly genre-standard changeling chronicle which is accessible to far more people: to serve the disparate locations which lack the population to formulate a game of their own. This will also be a teaching exercise for potential future STs to be able to grasp the game enough to start their own local chronicles.
    It is not desired for me to host such a game in our current area because doing so would need to involve a long running chronicle with its own complex storyline which would not be easy to join into (and my local PCs don't have a lot of interest in online games). Toronto is a totally sweet city and I think it'd be a neato setting. 
   Should a local game ever desire to begin in Toronto, I would happily negotiate a sharing arrangement for them, particularly as it is highly improbable a local Changeling game would form there and seek to join OWbN. 
   While I understand not everyone loves principally online games, I ask this not be made into a referendum on them: Changeling is a genre in unique position to benefit from them because of the reasons listed above. It is not meant as competition to local games; the options for play in the genre, though they have greatly expanded over the past few years, remain limited. 
   Thank you for your consideration. 

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