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Proposal Type: Coordinator Elections (Full Term)
Opened: 15-Nov-2009 1:00AM EST
Closing: 22-Nov-2009 1:00AM EST

The Brujah Coordinator application(s) are included below.

Feel free to discuss the elections and applications with your CM.

The options for your CM to vote in this Election will be:

* Jeff H.
* Ted Pertzborn
* Jim Jernigan
* Bryan Himebaugh
* Reject All Candidates
* Abstain

~ Jenn Louise Bahrs
OWbN Head Coordinator


Application for Brujah Coordinator

Applicant: Jeff H


Home Chronicle: St. Augustine: On Haunted Ground

Introduction and Administrative Experience:

I have been playing in OWBN since 2001, and in that time I have played several nationally involved Brujah, however my current and most “famous” one is Sheldon “~S” Goldstein. I have also been an ST of several games, including the game of St. Augustine: On Haunted Ground, which I helped start. That experience really helped me appreciate OWBN on the chronicle level.

In addition to being an ST, I have also served OWBN as a Subcoord. I have had the pleasure of being a Brujah Subcoord since July 2006. In that role I’ve been able to involve myself nationally with Brujah Genre, as well as on the more local level as a Southeast United States resource. This is where I really got the chance to dig into OWBN Brujah genre and see it at work. Working as a Brujah Subcoord has been one of the best OWBN experiences I have had.

I also had the opportunity to join Team Ventrue this year as the Society of the Hague Subcoord. In that position I got to deal with an intimate subgroup of Ventrue genre and its interaction with OWBN as a whole. Here is where I learned the different dynamics of dealing with smaller clan subgroup, as opposed to a clan as a whole.

Beyond OWBN, I’ve been an avid gamer since high school and have pretty much played and/or run almost everything. Outside of gaming, I’ve held a wide variety of legal and scholastic positions that have taught me administrative skills. Additionally, due to my work as a legal professional, I am no stranger to team oriented leadership and dealing with stressful situations.


While I have many general goals for my term as Brujah Coord if I’m elected, here are a few specific ones:

1) I plan to continue to update the OOC resource guide, specifically by focusing on OWBN specific genre, such as the Brujah Castles. There are several Brujah events that happened in OWBN that you can’t find in a clanbook, but most OWBN Brujah should know. I’d like to help bring everyone up to speed by including those specific OWBN facts in the resource guide.

2) I want to create as many opportunities for national role-play as I can through major events. I think big events are where the real magic of OWBN happens, and that is doubly true for Clan Brujah. I’ve never had a greater feel for the legendary diversity and camaraderie of Clan Brujah than at special event Rants. I want to make sure every player in OWBN has an opportunity to travel to a special event Rant near them, by organizing one for each geographic region of OWBN.

3) I have already received requests to help the Brujah Anti’s build the same sort of amazing genre that the Cam/Anarch side of Clan Brujah has. While I played Sabbat, I got to see how frustrating it was for the player of a Brujah who wanted to be part of a truly national clan, but couldn’t because he wasn’t a Cammie or Anarch. I plan to work with ST’s, and any interested Sabbat Games, to find out whether there is enough player interest to create a self-sustaining Brujah Anti Rantlist.

Personal Statement:

One of the re-occurring criticisms of my gaming choices in my local gaming area is that, out of all the clans I’ve played in OWBN, every other character I play is a Brujah. Most people see this as a lack of diversity on my part, but I always explain that it shows how amazingly diverse Clan Brujah’s genre is. In Clan Brujah alone I’ve played an neonate thug who hated authority; a cold-hearted, merciless elder; and a wise-cracking, bow-tie wearing Jewish lawyer. Each one of these is a genre Brujah PC, because Clan Brujah is so diverse in genre. It is a clan of infinite possibilities and unlimited potential. I love Clan Brujah because it’s genre allows me to make creative and passionate characters, which gives me amazing opportunities for role-play.

And it is this passion for the clan that I want to share with the players of OWBN as Brujah Coord. I will work hard as Coord because I love clan Brujah, and I’d never want to see its players stop enjoying their stories. So I plan to bust my ass making sure the Brujah Players have every opportunity to get the most out of their role-playing. After all, if no one wants to play a Brujah, then there’s not much of a Clan to Coord over.

And speaking of the players, I’m sure many of them will have questions for me. I can be reached by e-mail at I am also on the OOC Rant List, and have no problem answering questions on that forum as well. So feel free to ask me questions through either medium and I’d be happy to answer them.

People and Chronicles Who Support My Application:

Head Coordinator – Jenn Bahrs

Assistant HC – Rojir

Assistant HC - Geoff

Archivist – Dawn Ireton

Archivist – Bryan Delius

Brujah – Manly Dale

Lasombra – Chad Halvorson

Malkavian – Brendan Ammerman

Ravnos – Mike Cormier

Setite – Trey Naivar

Ventrue – Chad Whitley

St. Augustine: On Haunted Ground

Tampa: Under Night’s Cloak

Gainesville: The New Confederacy

Jerusalem by Night: Last Crusade

Chicago: Dark Requiem


Your Name: Ted Pertzborn

Your email address: darkrequiem (at) gmail (dot) com

Home chronicle: Blood on the Lake, Sheboygan, WI

Position Sought: Brujah Coord

Support From:

âž  Blood on the Lake, Sheboygan, WI
âž  Kenosha: Memento Mori, Kenosha, WI
âž  Chicago: Dark Requiem, Chicago, IL
âž  The Chaos Within: Decatur, IL
âž  Setite Coordinator

Gaming History

I have been gaming for a very long time, but it really became my foremost hobby when I first LARPed in 1996, playing a Brujah. I played in a Troupe game in Madison, WI, that played 3 nights a week, every week, from 1996 to 1999. From 1999-2004, I was HST for the game, still running twice per week, every week. I joined OWbN in late 2006, when I moved to Milwaukee, WI, and have been playing ever since in the upper Midwestern games, where I travel regularly. I have been lucky enough to be able to storytell numerous multi-year long Vampire tabletop chronicles. I have played every single clan at one point or another, and so understand the interactions between the various clans very well. I have a fairly comprehensive understanding of Vampire genre, and own, quite literally, every book ever published for V:tM. For all of that, the Brujah will always be one of my very favorite clans.

Notable Positions held within OWBN

ST, Blood on the Lake, mid 2009 - present

Personal Statement:

One of the most common issues that I see with the Coordinators, is the perception of them as "Super STs". I feel that the Coordinator's job is to do exactly that - coordinate. The job of a coordinator is not dictating an ever shifting set of meta-rules, restricting character choices, or doing your local ST's job for them. The position, as I see it, particularly for a clan as diverse as the Brujah, requires a light handed approach. I have no interest in passing any rules packets, or in acting as a Storyteller for the Clan. I want to explore the genre of Clan Brujah, in all it's chaotic, raging, passionate, ragtag glory. I want to emphasize the vast diversity of the Clan; in mindsets, in culture, in personal philosophy. I would like to see Coord-Level NPCs who offer advice and assistance to their younger brethren, as well as showing that the Brujah rarely agree on issues, even among the Elders.

Goals to Accomplish this term

Were I to be elected, I would like to accomplish the following goals during my term as Coordinator:

• Emphasize the hugely diverse nature of the clan, illustrated by showing that even (NPC) Brujah Elders often disagree or work for vastly different goals. Some Elders will offer support, others opposition, but all of them will be individuals, with individual goals, like all Brujah.
• See to it that the Coord level NPCs are used for more than simple punishment. Allow some of them to be there to educate their younger clan mates, or to suggest ways of accomplishing the the clan's goals. The Brujah are unusually supportive of one another, as vampiric clans go, so I'd like to see some of the Elders offer guidance to PCs, instead of punishments, to try to help them see the error of their ways. Punishment only serves to undermine trust and teach the person to simply avoid getting caught, and, being one of the most physically and socially capable clans, the Brujah know this. Again, diversity is the key with this Clan in my eyes.
• Reduce bureaucracy to a bare minimum with the Office. I feel that local STs can handle approvals of specific powers and the like. I do not want to be the Brujah Storyteller. I want to be the Brujah Coordinator, and part of that is allowing local Storytellers to run their games.
• Call for in character reactions to, and management of, in character problems, such as Brujah selling off their "special" combos to non Brujah. I feel very strongly that those situations can be handled at the local level, by PCs, in character. I see no need for Approval requirements or restrictions above local ST level. Your STs know your character, your role-play, and they can decide whether you have appropriately learned a power far more effectively, and immediately, than I ever could from a position as coordinator.
• I will not create any new Binding Genre Docs. I think that the current doc is excellent, and that beyond that, there is a great wealth of information on the Clan in the hundreds of Vampire books out there. I have no desire to muddle things up with more "required reading".
• Create a non-binding, "New Players Guide to OWbN Brujah Genre" to make things easier for players that are new to the org, or new to Clan Brujah, to get a handle on the ways that OWbN's history and canon diverges from White Wolf's.
• I would like to work fairly closely with the other coords so as to maintain high levels of communication between Coordinators, particularly with the other Camarilla Clans. With all the interclan drama that's been going on lately, it's vitally important to have good working relationships and open lines of communication, to better tell a shared story. This will also help in more effectively moving along plots or projects that effect the Camarilla as a whole, such as the Assamite's PSM process, and other sect wide or inter-clan issues.
• I would assist Brujah players by mediating with other coordinators in any matters that might come up.
• I will maintain maximum transparency in the office, to keep the Brujah players closely involved with any decisions that will affect their characters. I want to work with the players, to ensure that they are enjoying the game, and to shape OWbN genre to include and build off of the decisions made and actions taken by our Brujah PCs.
• Establish a hardworking team of subcoords to build relationships with the org at the chronicle level.

The Brujah are the clan of passion. They are firebrands, bikers, businessmen, thugs, philosophers, street gangsters and CEOs. They are Princes and Anarchs. They embrace a wider diversity of concepts than perhaps any other clan. To my mind, that diversity is both the clan's greatest strength, and often it's greatest weakness. I would like to see that diversity played up through a variety of means, including NPC interactions, as I mentioned previously. They are also more than capable of organizing their own internal structure without Coordinator assistance. I feel that the players of Clan Brujah should be the focus of the clan, and the players can decide their own course. I simply want to be there to watch them charter that course, and to aid them in any way that I can.


Coordinator Position Applied For: Brujah Coordinator

Applicant Name: Jim Jernigan

Applicant Email:

Applicant Home Chronicle: Gary: Forged in Blood

Games Supported By:

Shadows of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH

Shades of Crimson, Indianapolis, IN

Nocturnal Rapture, Milwaukee, WI

Secundus Surrectum

City of Springs, Springfield Mass

Sorocaba by Night

Under Nights Cloaks, Tampa, FL

OWbN/Gaming/Administrative Background:

Ventrue SubCoord – January 2008 to January 2009

AST Chicago: Dark Requiem – January 2008 to January 2009

AST Tampa: Under Nights Cloak – January 2005 to March 2006

Personal Statement:

1. My vision of the Brujah

While Ventrue and Lasombra tighten their talons around their ever-dwindling holdings in the modern nights, as the Toreador squander unlife with debauches reminiscent of the aristocracies of old, as the Nosferatu scuttle through their timeless subterranean warrens, the Brujah evolve. From the proud philosopher-Kings of Biblical times to the prophets and revolutionaries of the Final Nights, the Brujah have always embodied a current zeitgeist. If the Brujah are raging fiends, it is because that is what the World demands of them.

1. Minha visão do Brujah

Quando Ventrue e Lasombra apertarem seus talons em torno de suas terras arrendadas deencolhimento nas noites modernas, porque o Toreador squander o unlife com os debauches reminiscentes das aristocracias de velho, como o scuttle de Nosferatu através de seus warrens subterrâneos intemporais, o Brujah evolui. Dos filósofo-Reis orgulhosos de épocas bíblicas aos profetas e aos revolucionários das noites finais, o Brujah personificou sempre um zeitgeist atual. Se o Brujah é fiends raging, é porque aquele é que as demandas do mundo delas.

2. New Players Play Brujah!

I would like to work with ST’s to make sure that new Brujah players can connect with others regionally and nationally. Sometimes it is tough to start a character and break into the regional/national game. The new players and existing player will have my direct line so they all will have another source to ask besides their STs. I want to make it perfectly clear that I am here for the Players, and to assist the STs to give the players the best story possible.

2. Jogo novo Brujah dos jogadores!

Eu gostaria de trabalhar com ST para certificar-se de que os jogadores novos de Brujah podem conetar com os outro regionalmente e nacionalmente. Às vezes é resistente começar um caráter e quebrá-lo jogo regional/nacional. Os jogadores novos e o jogador existente terão minha linha direta assim que todos terão uma outra fonte a perguntar além de seu STs. Eu quero fazê-lo perfeitamente desobstruído que eu sou aqui para os jogadores, e ajudar ao STs a dar aos jogadores a melhor história possível.

3. Brujah Rally to the Cause

I will be promoting any and all National events as your next Brujah Coordinator. I firmly believe in showing that Brujah support each other, and as a Coord, I would be willing and able to work side by side with the players and the storytellers during event planning and execution.

3. Reunião de Brujah à causa

Eu estarei promovendo alguns e todos os eventos nacionais como seu côordenador seguinte de Brujah. Eu acredito firme em mostrar que o apoio de Brujah, e como um Coord, mim poderia disposto e trabalhar de lado a lado com os jogadores e os contadores de histórias durante o planeamento e a execução do evento.

4. Work behind the Scenes

I’d have the team go over the basic “operations” of the clan and to evaluate if improvements are needed to things such as the Rant list, the Brujah Justicar, and/or the Archons agendas.

. 4 Trabalho atrás das cenas

Eu teria ir sobre as “operações básicas” do clã e avalio-o se as melhorias são necessários às coisas tais como a lista do divertido, o Brujah Justicar, e/ou as agendas dos Archons.

5. Brujah are Everywhere

I am interested in working with the Anarch Coord and the Sabbat Coord on non-Cam genre plotlines. I would also have specific plotlines that are run in the Brazil games, I believe that they deserve the same amount of attention as the games here in the US and Canada. I would also send out regular updates to National plots so that ST’s could find hooks wherever they can.

5. Brujah está em toda parte. Eu estou interessado no trabalho com o Coord de Anarch e o Coord de Sabbat em plotlines do gênero da não-Came. Eu igualmente teria os plotlines específicos que são funcionados nos jogos de Brasil, mim acredito que merecem a mesma quantidade de atenção como os jogos aqui nos E.U. e no Canadá. Eu igualmente mandaria atualizações regulares aos lotes nacionais de modo que os ST pudessem encontrar que os ganchos onde eles podem.

In Closing…

I am a working professional whose specialty is management. I will use those management skills to make sure that nothing from the Brujah Coord’s office is done piecemeal… Storytellers, and players deserve nothing less than my undivided attention, and I intend to make that a reality. From each of my team members, I will demand they provide quick and professional service, and expect answers to questions and issues within 48 hours or less.

In closing, I present a timeline that I would like to use to manage my efforts as Brujah Coordinator. I understand that many events will try to derail the plan, but I am highly

experienced in managing multiple tasks, and know how to organize and delegate said responsibilities to ensure projects get done by the deadline.

If you or any of your players have any questions contact me at anytime.

No fechamento…

Eu sou um profissional de trabalho cuja a especialidade seja gerência. Eu usarei aquelas habilidades de gerência para certificar-se de que nada do escritório do Coord de Brujah está feito aos poucos… Os contadores de histórias, e os jogadores não merecem nada menos do que minha atenção indivisível, e eu pretendo fazer a isso uma realidade. De cada um de meus membros da equipa, eu exiji-los-ei proporciono o serviço rápido e profissional, e espero respostas às perguntas e edições dentro de 48 horas ou de menos. No fechamento, eu apresento um espaço temporal que eu goste de usar para controlar meus esforços como o côordenador de Brujah. Eu compreendo que muitos eventos tentarão descarrilhar a planta, mas mim sou experimentado altamente em controlar tarefas múltiplas, e para saber organizar e o delegado disse que as responsabilidades assegurar projetos obtêm feitas pelo fim do prazo.

Se você ou alguns de seus jogadores mandam quaisquer perguntas me contatar a qualquer hora.


December – January

1. Compile and organize information from the previous Brujah Coordinator team (plots, npc’s, packets, progress, unfinished business, records, etc).

2. Request feedback from Storytellers and Players about their ideas on the direction of the clan.

3. Assemble Sub-coord Teams

4. Review of Genre, thus far

February – April

1. Continue feedback sessions and data compilation and organization.

2. Launch new player/character initiatives.

3. Discuss genre adjustments, if necessary

June – August

1. Continue feedback sessions and data compilation and organization.

2. Review operations of the office thus far

3. Launch new genre initiatives

4. Launch new supporting storylines and plots

September – November

1. Compile list of comments, challenges, and improvements from the previous term. Create an outline for how to improve for the next coordinator’s term.

2. Wrap up anything that is unresolved.

O espaço temporal:


1. Compile e organize a informação da equipe precedente do côordenador de Brujah (lotes, npc, pacotes, progresso, assunto por terminar, registros, etc.).

2. Peça o gabarito dos contadores de histórias e dos jogadores sobre suas idéias no sentido do clã.

3. Monte equipes do Secundário-coord

4. Revisão do gênero, até aqui


1. Continue sessões do gabarito e compilação e organização dos dados.

2. Lanç iniciativas novas do jogador/caráter.

3. Discuta ajustes do gênero, caso necessário


1. Continue sessões do gabarito e compilação e organização dos dados.

2. Reveja operações do escritório até aqui

3. Lanç iniciativas novas do gênero

4. Lanç argumentos e lotes de apoio novos


1. Compile a lista de comentários, de desafios, e de melhorias do termo precedente. Crie um esboço para que como melhore para o termo do côordenador seguinte.

2. Envolva acima qualquer coisa que é não resolvido.

Thank you for your consideration,

Jim Jernigan



# Coordinator Position Applied For: Brujah Coordinator

# Applicant Name: Bryan Himebaugh

# Applicant Email:

# Applicant Home Chronicle: Secundus Surrectum, Phoenix, AZ

# Introduction/Background:

Hello, my name is Bryan Himebaugh, and I’d like to offer up a bit of background on myself for those who are unfamiliar with me. I started role-playing back around 1980 – starting with Dungeons & Dragons. I expanded through the years, trying many different games – Rifts, Palladium, TMNT, Champions, Marvel, Top Secret, 007, Paranoia, Battletech, Star Frontiers, and many others. In 1991 a friend of mine brought over Vampire the Masquerade, and I was drawn in by its slick style.

I had played Vampire for quite some time, before engaging in LARPing in 1995 or so. I was hooked on the social aspect of LARPing, and the ease it gave me in taking up the persona of my character. When I moved to Arizona, I tried many troupe games before founding the OWbN Chronicle Secundus Surrectum. I’ve remained a steadfast player in the chronicle, and have branched out to more troupe games, as well as the Camarilla Fan Club.

# Administrative Experience: (optional)

Currently I work as escalations support, and desktop administration for a large learning institution. I provide customer service on a daily basis with irate customers, and have learned a great deal about communications and the importance of listening and understanding. I’ve got previous military experience, having served for seven years in the United States Air Force. In the military, I learned quite a bit about paying attention to detail, and keeping organized.

Previous OWbN Administrative experience includes:

1. Brujah Subcoordinator under Jayson Bright

2. Assamite Subcoordinator under John Hawthorne, Cheri Dupont, and Terra Doe

3. Gangrel Subcoordinator under Ryan Gay

4. Assamite Coordinator 2004 - 2005

# Goals:

1. Keep the good role-play going – So much of the Brujah role-play, plot, and clan affairs are started, motivated, and completed by player characters. I want to see this momentum keep going, and look to encourage it whenever possible.

2. Keep an ear open to what the players want – I intend to listen and poll the Brujah players to gauge what they are looking for in terms of the clan. Not every answer can be yes, but I will endeavor to keep an open mind. I will strive to make fair decisions, after weighing all the information presented about situations.

3. Work with the Storytellers – I want to work with the Storytellers, not demand. I want to form working relationships in order to achieve a mutually agreed upon goal. I will endeavor to work with the storytellers as much as I can. I will bring issues to council that cannot be reconciled.

4. Work with Council – As the voting body of the organization, I intend to keep them abreast of any plots, genre, packets, or other changes that come from the Brujah office.

5. Work with the Coordinators – I intend to work with the other Genre coords to provide a unified view of Genre, one where we are all working within our genres towards the same goal.

6. Updated Web presence – the Brujah have an enormous amount of flavor and notable characters, both in canon and those who have grown out of OWbN. I’d like to an up-to-date website for the players to make use of.

# Personal Statement:

In my previous interactions with Council, Storytellers and other Coordinators, it was known that I had a tendancy to become arguementative and aggressive when confronted. Having had a long break from storytelling, council member duty and coordinating, I’ve changed. I will not agree with everyone, that’s just human nature. However, I will respect that you have your opinion, and not belittle you for having it – we all have different perspectives on every situation. I will not assume that my opinion is more valid, or right, than someone elses. I will do my best to come to a compromise with you, if we disagree, and try to work to an amiable agreement.

I have a lot of time vested in this Organization, and I do not regret any of it. I’ve met countless friends, seen amazing role-playing, impressive performances, and beautiful art all at games across the states. I have been to numerous games on either coast, and in the middle, and enjoy travel when I can arrange it.

I take the bad with a grain of salt, and I am always looking to improve what we can. All too often I can see people who won’t strive to change something they know is wrong, simply because it has always been that way.

I’m not saying I am out to re-write the Organization, or stomp out history, or make the sky green. What I am saying is that if folks bring something to me that needs changed, I will do my best to enact that change using the proper channels. It won’t always work, but I’ll give it a try and see if I can change some perceptions.

Thank you for your consideration and time.

Bryan Himebaugh

# Support From: (you will need at least 5)

Secundus Surrectum (Phoenix, AZ)

Gangrel Coordinator – Teresa Jester

Setite Coordinator – William Naivar

Jerusalem by Night: Last Crusade (Jerusalem, Israel)

Camarilla Coordinator – Alan Pursell

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