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Proposal Type: Coordinator Elections (Full Term)
Opened: 15-Nov-2009 1:00AM EST
Closing: 22-Nov-2009 1:00AM EST

The Changing Breeds Coordinator application(s) are included below.

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~ Jenn Louise Bahrs
OWbN Head Coordinator


Name Brian Goudie


Home Chronicle: Capital Rage

Position Sought: Changing Breed Coordinator

General Gaming:

I have been involved with gaming for over 25 years as both a player and a storyteller. During this time I have engaged in a wide variety of systems covering the gambit of genres ranging from fantasy through gothic-punk to space opera and dystopian sci-fi. Specifically I have been playing and running old World of Darkness games since its introduction, and have run every product in the old World of Darkness line.


My involvement with One World by Night started as a player in L’Ange Noir, the Iowa City Vampire game in 1997. I joined the Storytelling team in 1998; in addition I held the position of Head Storyteller from 2001 until 2003. I had also severed L’Ange Noir as its Council Representative for five years.

I was one of the co-founders of Fields of Rage, the Iowa City Garou game, and served as the Head Storyteller until 2003. I saw the game from conception through the OWbN application process and integration with the existing Iowa City environment and OWbN as a whole. Since my departure as Head Storyteller I have maintained my commitment to the game providing service as a plot and continuity storyteller for Fields of Rage.

In addition to my involvement with L’Ange Noir and Fields of Rage I co-founded the Iowa City Mage game. During this time I oversaw the three games and successfully provided the coordination of the three separate genres ensuring that the continuity was maintained and that the games were fully integrated.

From 2004 until 2006 I was a storyteller for Capitol Rage, the Stafford Garou game. I have returned to serving as a Storyteller for this game during this past year.

Currently I am a storyteller for Anima Invictus, a mage chronicle with plans for apply to OWBN. I am aplayer in the Winchester Va , Cedar Rapids Iowa, and Fredericksburg, VA games.

I have been involved in providing support to numerous Ventrue Coordinators over the years. I have written material for the first Ventrue packet and have acted as the temporary Coordinator between the resignation of Frank O’Brian and the election of Jon Matris.

I helped work on the original thaumaturgy conversion packet.

I have been involved with the Garou Coordinator/Changing Breed Coordinators office consistently since early 2001. Over the course of the years, I have been the Get of Fenris Tribal Narrator for 7 years, Black Spiral Dancer/Wyrm/Pentex Narrator and Shadow Lord Tribal Narrator for one year each. I worked on the initial Get of Fenris and Shadow Lord genre packets, the current Get of Fenris packet as well as producing the tabletop gift conversion pack that has been used a guideline resource for many games. I have also served as the Changing Breed Coordinator for four terms.

Personal Statement:

One World by Night’s greatest promise lies in the potential of being a genuine shared world where games from all over the world can interact with one another providing a unified tapestry. Sometimes we realize this vision, other times we miss the mark. This not only holds true between the individual games but also among the component genres of the organization.

Each game in One World by Night has its own style and flavor based on the preferences of their storytellers and players. This diversity is a good thing, and provides much of the dynamics the keep this organization alive and interesting to participate in. I do not wish to see the organization reach a point where the games are homogeneous or reach a point where all of the story is handed down from on high.

This being said, we do all play in the same sandbox. We need to be aware of the results of our actions as well as the actions of others. When we put plot in play, when we approve a character, or the character’s background, when we decide on a punishment for a PC, we will have effects elsewhere within the organization. We need to bear this in mind when we face decisions and make choices. We as a group have established a shared vision of genre that we must work with and within.

I see the coordinator’s position as one of helping to maintain the baseline all games work from, both by overseeing the genre we have created together and by helping games work together. In addition the coordinator should encourage interaction and sharing of story between all of the games within the organization to provide the best possible experience for all the participants within the organization.

OWBN garou has an easier time in many ways than the vampire half of the organization, but also faces it’s own set of challenges. The smaller player base and number of games makes interaction more personal and immediate, a definite boon to play. But the size also means that what differences in interpretation of genre between games can seem far larger than they really are. I feel that one of the Changing Breeds coordinators main task is to help ensure such issues are resolved without disrupting the unity we have.

Goals and Plans:

This past year continued to build on the success of the previous term. The garou games have continued to work together on a regular basis, and we have seen a considerable drop in both the number and intensity of disputes between staffs. I consider this one of the best developments of the recent past.

Phase two of the packet updates were completed and much of the work is already done on the ones still needing to be redone. As always my emphasis has been on making sure the second edition of the packets are of real value to players and storytellers. This means time must be taken to gather information from games and players. I know it would be optimal to have all the packets ready at once, realistically the process of preparing 14 tribal packets plus information for the other changing breeds takes a bit more effort.

One specific packet needs to be mentioned here, namely the Silver Fangs. Of all of the main tribes, the Silver Fangs of OWBN has the most variation from the 3rd edition Tribebook One of the standing issues is to get everyone to agree on exactly what form these differences take, and where we want to go from here. To that end my first task of the next term will be a series of polls and discussions with both storytellers and players to establish the base line for the tribe.

Computer issues have plagued the organization as a whole for this past year. As we move towards resolution of those issues we are planning to launch a set of forums for the garou nation as a whole and the individual tribes to help facilitate character interaction between games.

The current two national plots continued in this past year and will be reaching their conclusions in this next term. More such storylines are in the work, the exact nature of such depending on storyteller interest.

The year has seen a number of elder challenges started and many completed. As more pcs join the leadership of the nation we have the need to see that they have the opportunity to exercise this leadership, and to have the chance to taste the responsibilities that come with it. To that end I have a number of stories designed to give these players a larger opportunity to act at the level of the Grou Nation.

The largest change I have planned for this year is a reorganization of the sub-coordinator/ tribal narrator positions. The current system works, but suffers from a few problems. Oft times a TN will go months without being called on by storytellers or players and other times things will be very hectic, this leads to some inefficacy in response and communication. Additionally sometimes the people best at managing and portraying national level npcs aren’t the best choices for writing rules or genre packets.

To this end I plan on having a somewhat smaller staff, with certain individuals tasked with npc oversight, and others handling the ooc portions of the office. While the exact shake out will be decided on after speaking with the various games on what will best serve their needs, it will include a subcoord to oversee the genre packet updates and a general secretary to help ensure all communications are received and responded to.

I look forward to the chance to continue to serve the needs of the players and storytellers of OWBN.

If there are any further questions or clarifications you would like answered, they can be directed to

Please feel free to contact me on anything you would like to discuss.

Thank you,

Brian Goudie


Capital Rage (Fairfax, VA)

Field of Rage (Iowa City, IA)

Reclamation Philadelphia Garou (Philadelphia, PA)

Sept of Hidden Flame (Providence, RI)

Garou on the Rocks (Brandywine, PA)

Wyld Prophets (Columbus, Ohio)

New Moon rising (Chicago, IL)

On Haunted Ground (St Augustine, FL)

Five Nights (Cedar Rapids, IA)

Sins in the Valley (Winchester, VA

Martinsburg by Night (Martinsburg, VA)

Caine’s Chosen (Fredericksburg, VA)

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