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Proposal Type: Coordinator Elections (Full Term)
Opened: 15-Nov-2009 1:00AM EST
Closing: 22-Nov-2009 1:00AM EST

The Giovanni Coordinator application(s) are included below.

Feel free to discuss the elections and applications with your CM.

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* Dan Valandingham

* Reject All Candidates
* Abstain

~ Jenn Louise Bahrs
OWbN Head Coordinator


My name is Dan Valandingham and as the title has given away, I am running for the position of Giovanni Coordinator for 2010. I have been a member of Team Giovanni for the past two and a half years serving as the Necromancy Sub-Coord. I started playing RPG games in 1996, with my first game being AD&D, and joined my first LARP in 1998. I have been a player in OWBN for about 4 years now, and I have enjoyed getting me meet and interact with players from all across the country. Joining the Giovanni coordinator staff further introduced me to OWBN, giving me a unique opportunity to interact with both players and ST staffs from across the Org. I look forward to the challenges and opportunities that come with becoming the Coordinator for the Giovanni clan.

OWBN, Gaming, and Administrative Background:
I came to OWBN in 2005 after a long career as a player and ST for troupe Vampire games. Between 2000 and 2003 I was an ST for a troupe game, spending most of that time acting as HST for the game. During that time I learned a lot about what it takes to run a game, create plot, and try and hold true to genre while forging ahead. When I moved in 2003 to take a job, I decided to take a break from gaming for awhile to recharge the battery. When the urge to play again came back to me, I found myself for the first time involved in OWBN. The size of OWBN didn't really hit me until I attended my first Mid-Winter game in Milwaukee, when I found myself in a room with a couple of hundred people who shared my hobby. I am once again an ST, having joined the staff of the Five Nights chronicle about 3 months ago.
In mid 2006, I joined team Giovanni as the Necromancy Sub-Coord. It was an interesting challenge at the time, and something that I decided I wanted to try out. I have enjoyed the interaction that comes with being a member of a Coord's staff. I also understand the challenges of dealing with sometimes difficult situations. The biggest thing that I have learned while working with team Giovanni is the importance of communication. In most cases that I have encountered, open and honest communication between the Coord, STs, and players has yielded positive results and a solution to issues that everyone understands and can usually agree upon.

Personal Statement:
Clan Giovanni has been one of my favorite clans since I first started playing White Wolf games. I really enjoy the fact that the clan has several different aspects to be explored. The Dons and Prefects dealing with the business aspects of the family, the Necromancers dealing with wraiths and paving the way for the families ultimate goal, and the enforces always ready to defend the family at a moments notice. One of the things that I have began trying to emphasize during my time with the Giovanni Coords office is this very distinction within the family, and it is something that I would like to continue.

Another part of Giovanni genre that I would like to work on is their interactions with the Tremere house of House High Saturday. The current Tremere Houses packet talks about there being Giovanni members of the house, and the Tremere and Giovanni working together through this. I would like to work with the Tremere Coord to expand this interaction and perhaps interest in House High Saturday from both Tremere and Giovanni players.

A task that I would like to take on during 2010 is the creation of a complete log of PC characters still in play that have made deals with Venice for whatever reason. Once this list is completed, it will provide a comprehensive list of those that owe Venice or in rare occasions that Venice owes. From there I would like to make sure that deals with Venice are being enforced and lived up to, which should create some interesting interactions between Giovanni players, those indebted to Venice, and Venice.

I also know that there are a number of plots going on that will need to be completed. The Machiavelli being at the top of the list. Having been a member of team Giovanni over the past year, I have an understanding of these plots and plan to work with Gregg to get brought fully up to speed on the things that have transpired to make this as smooth a transition as possible.
I know that I haven't covered everything and I'm sure that people are going to have questions they want to ask me. I would like to invite anyone that has questions they want to ask to get ahold of me and I will do my best to answer them. Feel free to send me a message at


Chronicle Support:
Blackhawk Co. by Night, Waterloo Iowa
L'Ange Noir, Iowa City Iowa
A Family Affair: Phoenix Arizona
Crusade of Ashes, Cedar Rapids Iowa
Springfield, Il: Capitol City Cauldron
Cedar Rapids, IA : Five Nights
Twin Cities,MN: Obsidian Towers
Milwaukee, WI : Nocturnal Rapture

Coordinator Support:
Giovanni Coord: Greg McCleary
AHC1: Rojir McCrady
Lasombra Coord: Chad Halvorson
Finance Coord: LeAmber Kensley

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