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Proposal Type: Coordinator Elections (Full Term)
Opened: 15-Nov-2009 1:00AM EST
Closing: 22-Nov-2009 1:00AM EST

The Nosferatu Coordinator application(s) are included below.

Feel free to discuss the elections and applications with your CM.

The options for your CM to vote in this Election will be:

* J.J. Commisso
* Ruy Paula
* Reject All Candidates
* Abstain

~ Jenn Louise Bahrs
OWbN Head Coordinator


Nosferatu Coordinator Application

Name: J.J. Commisso


Home Chronicle: Carpe Noctum, Cleveland, Ohio


Carpe Noctum, Chaos & Entropy, Chicago: Dark Requiem, Columbus in Darkness, Dying Embers, Fred by Night, Guaratinguetá by Night: A Drink in Hell, Pander's Playground, The Midnight Ride, Shades of Crimson, Steel Valley by Night, Under Night’s Cloak


I joined One World By Night in June,1999, the first game after Carpe Noctum hosted their big event in Oberlin, Ohio that year and have been playing ever since. I have run three different Vampire tabletop games, each lasting about three years, and have run a very successful Mage tabletop game for over two years that turned into a LARP for a while. I have also enjoyed Jyhad (now called Vampire: the Eternal Struggle), a collectable card game.

I have been Nosferatu Coodinator since 2008. Since becoming a coordinator have (with my great subcoord team) introduced Cock Robin as the new Justicar replacing Igor Ctarinov (well portrayed by Larry Wile for many years), supported a small Nictuku plot, passed one OWBN plot that focused on Animalism, improved the Nosferatu Clan Packet, encouraged role play and discussion between the Creeps and Sewer Rats on SchreckNET, created a plot for technophiles to access SchreckNET Archives, ran Warren Inspections, Conclaved Tobias Hunter, and supported the massive player driven actions surrounding the death of Tasha X, the prominent matriarch PC of Clan Nosferatu, during the collapse of the Dead Man’s Hand, losing Shade, the Nosferatu boogey-man/intimidator PC.

OWBN Experience:

Storyteller, Carpe Noctum, Cleveland from 2000-2001

Event Assistant, Cleveland Grand Elysium, 2004

Combat Narrator, Carpe Noctum, Cleveland from 2002-2005

HST, Glass Labyrinth, Local Mage Chronicle from 2003-2004

Nosferatu Coordinator: 2008-present

Player since 06/1999

Played Nosferatu since 2004-2007 named Bunny “the Monster Slayer” (Huge Size costume)

Admin/Organization Experience:

Director of a government funded non-profit mental health center for over ten (10) years

Tabletop RPGs:

Original D&D through AD&D 3.5* (Greyhawk, Forgotten Realms, Darksun, & Dragonlance), Amber, BattleTech*, Champions*, Castles & Crusades*, Deadlands, GUPRS, Marvel Superheroes*, MechWarrior*, Palladium: Fantasy, Paranoia, Rifts, Robotech*, RoleMaster, Serenity*, Star Wars* (old d6 version), Tales from the Floating Vagabond , Warhammer Fantasy, White Wolf = Vampire: the Masquerade*, Mage: the Awakening*, Werewolf: the Apocolypse, Wraith: the Oblivion

(* = GM)







Personal Statement:

LARP has seriously impacted me. I have more friends now thanks to LARP and a richer life thanks to traveling to other cities. I also have a better understanding of differing needs of players and styles of storytelling.

I am one who rolls with the events the players lay out rather than create an elaborate plot and have set completion tasks needed to solve the plot. There is a general story, a Point A and Point B, but there are many ways cover that distance and sometimes, Point E is much more interesting and memorable.

Goals for 2010:

-Nosferatu Hosting KublaCON 2010 – Offically ON

-Cock Robin to visit both the West Coast (KublaCon)

-Have a Website with pictures and clan resources, both IC and OOC

-Have a Nosferatu Loremaster plot for OWBN

-Work with other games with Nosferatu NPCs and local plot

-Work with Nosferatu players to become more active in the global organization

A Hosting happens when a Nosferatu decides that a Hosting needs to happen. The self-proclaimed host of the Hosting, in this case Cock Robin, must arrange a meeting space and accommodations, but beyond that, the meetings are remarkably informal. As such, in 2010 at KublaCON, there will be a Hosting to discuss the direction of Clan Nosferatu. Since becoming Justicar, the Nosferatu have become a strong pillar in the Camarilla. However, certain aspects of Nosferatu life and effort now need to be addressed, especially education of youngsters as well as information gathering and trading, the core aspect of the clan.

If elected coordinator, I am going to KublaCON 2010 to hopefully portray Cock Robin at the event game. Hopefully there will be some sort of Conclave as well, but that will be up to an effort between the event STs, the Camarilla Coordinator, and myself. I also intend to be at Midwinter, Norigins, and potentially GenCon.

As always, local games occasionally need Nosferatu Archons or NPC support and I would continue to offer such, as has always been and should always be. Coordination with home chronicles is the key to our success as an international organization.

Hopefully with the improved OWBN website, we can transfer and update the Nosferatu information and database, which is long overdue. I have already begun working on the layout, look, and content of the Nosferatu website. There is also a NosWikki in the works. Space has been secured on the OWBN website once these projects are ready.

In closing, I believe the Nosferatu have a great player base with many diverse characters who often express their side quite well and portray their faction with vigor. Ideally, I would continue to nurture the grand environment in which we role play as Clan Nosferatu. I have learned so much and enjoyed every step of my character’s path from someone who had little idea of what it meant to be of this Clan when I first started to where my character is now. I owe my enjoyment to the players and coordinators for their excellent portrayal of Nosferatu. My hope and task as Coordinator is to continue to help others understand and encompass the Clan so they too can come away with the same feelings of delight when they play their Nosferatu character.


Coordinator Position Applied For: NosCoord

Applicant Name: Ruy Paula

Applicant Email:

Applicant Home Chronicle: Natal By Night, The Legacy of Blood.


Hi, my name is Ruy, and I have been with OWBN since 1998, originally through what was then known as Brazil by Night. I joined the Nosferatu coord team as the South American SubCoord under Larry Wille in 2004, and later under JJ Wurz Commisso.


I really enjoy Nosferatu genre, though I believe it needs a lot of work within the Org. A few of the things I would like to do is update the genre packet, updating the information for all the Nosferatu types, and add Beast-Master and Spy-Master to the available options for Nos types. I believe more detailed information will help bring in new players, and prepare them more adequately for playing such a detailed clan.

Beyond what is included in the bylaws, I intend on pushing for more personal horror, including the Terror of Niktuku, and put more emphasis on the trade of information. I plan on having Cock Robin visit Brazil, as well as some of the other parts of the world previously ignored by the coords. I also hope to help fortify the local Camarilla structure, as well as help solve many of the problems within the Nosferatu clan.

I have created an organized history for Clan Nosferatu within Brazil, which will be added to the genre packet, which includes family trees for prominent local Nosferatu, which I am hoping will allow Brazillian Nosferatu more interaction across the org. I am hoping to spread that level of organization across the world for the clan. I plan on keeping much of what the Old Coordinator has begun, and don't plan on modifying anything that is already working well, but many things will be evaluated, and if it's not working for the players, it will be altered.

Also, I intend to maintain the same group/Team of SubCoord. I will add a new SubCoord, a SubCoord for Translations, eventually helping in problem with languages.

Personal Statement:

While I do not intend on favoring my continent (South America) I do intend on putting effort into better integrating the Brazilian games with the rest of the world, and helping to allow the South American games better access to world-wide plot lines. I will be doing the same for other parts of the world previously ignored by the coord offices. I understand that there has been a language barrier, and we are still working out ways to solve this problem for the sake of worldwide unity withing OWBN. I believe that doing so will be rewarding to Nos players across the world.

Support of Coord from:

Cheri Foster, AssamiteCoord.

Jessica Karels, CoordAdmission

LeAmber, Finace Coord

Chronicle Support from:

Fortaleza By Night, CM: Anderson

Nova Friburgo By Night, CM: Estevam Barros

Campinas By Night, CM: Rogério

São Paulo By Night, CM: Wolvie

Jerusalém By Night, CM: Talia Shmuel

Version: Portuguese


Coordenação: Coordenador Nosferatu

Nome do Candidato: Ruy Paula

E-mail do Candidato:

Nome da Crônica: Natal By Night, O Legado do Sangue.

Introdução / História

Eu entrei no projeto quando era chamado Brasil By Night em 1998, em em 2004 entrei para equipe da SubCoord da América do Sul, com Larry Wille e depois com JJ Wurz Commisso, nós trabalhamos juntos na época do Larry.

Gosto do jogo Nosferatu, é o Clã da informação e tem muitas coisas que podem nos fazer sorrir e se divertir, da caracterização a interação, nós temos muito trabalho. Uma estrutura nova como Mestre da Besta, Mestre Espião dar uma inovação no mundo Nosferatu.


Além das informações descritas nas Leis Municipais, 3C. Eu pretendo trabalhar o Clã ativamente, por ser o Clã da Informação e trabalhar o horror pessoal do fim dos tempos. O Terror dos Niktuku, nós temos vários materiais para consulta como o Livro do Clã Nosferatu 3ª Edição, Pacote de Gênero OWBN 2009. Pretendo adicionar uma parte sobre como criar um Nosferatu, com a estrutura exemplificada, saber o que é um Mestre do Conhecimento, Arquiteto, Cara de couro, Agente duplo etc... Isto é importante ter para atrair novos jogadores com a leitura deste arquivo.

Tenho a pretensão de trazer Cock Robin para visitar o Brasil, apesar de conhecer sua história descrita nos Crianças da Noite (pág: 45). A idéia é fortalecer a Camarilla local e resolver alguns problemas de seu Clã, no entanto, isto é um projeto a ser estudado e conversado com o Conselho antes, por envolver muitas crônicas.

É preciso organizar em manter a posição do Clã Nosferatu, sendo Sabá, Camarilla, Anarquista, Independente, é preciso ter linhas de gênero que não devem sobrepujar a outra. Trabalhar o Clã com seitas, Camarilla, Sabá etc... É importante trabalhar isto, algumas pessoas (ST) pensam diferentes do que é o correto.

Note que o terror do fim dos dias, limita-se a 3ª Edição, obviamente que não será adotado o Requiem. Existe um Nosferatu no Amazonas, chamado de Gorgo (4th), motivo no qual inicia a história Nosferatu no Brasil.

Eu criei e organizei a história do Clã Nosferatu no Brasil, assim como a árvore genealógica e pretendo trabalhar isto nos EUA. Unir as diversões é importante.

Eu pretendo criar e trabalhar a história do Clã Nosferatu mundial, assim, nós poderemos ter isto inserido no Genre Packet. Eu também quero criar a árvore, mesmo que seja um projeto longo, mais criar uma árvore genealógica Nosferatu mundial deixará o Clã organizado e nós poderemos trabalhar melhor a diversão de nossos jogadores.

Eu quero continuar o projeto do Antigo Coordenador e não alterar nada muito importante, porém, algumas coisas serão sim avaliadas por mim e pela equipe que provavelmente continuará a mesma, se assim for do desejo deles(as).

Também, eu pretendo manter o mesmo time de SubCoord, se assim eles desejarem. Eu irei nomear um novo SubCoord para traduções. Que ajudará eventualmente com problemas de idioma.

Declaração Pessoal:

Eu não desejo favorecer meu continente, eu só quero somar os cenários mundialmente, eu observei durante muitos anos que o Brasil (Nosferatu entre outros no geral) é/são excluído(s) do cenário, plots e etc. Sim, o idioma é uma barreira, mais minha intenção é unificar tudo ao OWBN. Ainda há pessoas que imaginam estarem dentro do velho Brasil By Night, é importante trabalhar para que isto mude realmente. Unir o cenário ao OWBN 100% é gratificante aos jogadores e eu penso que o jogo é direcionado para eles. Na minha função de NosCoord, trabalharei os materiais, as histórias e as fichas para os Storytellers, é essa a função de um Coordenador, guiar o gênero, antes trabalhando este gênero com os ST´s, assim teremos materiais para consultas e nós poderemos usar isto com os Pc´s (Jogadores).

Apoiado por:

Coordenador Assamita, Cheri Foster.

Coordenador de Admissão, Jessica Karels

Coordenador de Finanças, LeAmber

Fortaleza By Night, CM: Anderson

Nova Friburgo By Night, CM: Estevam Barros

Campinas By Night, CM: Rogério

São Paulo By Night, CM: Wolvie

Jerusalém By Night, CM: Tália

--Ruy Paula

Natal By Night, Brazil

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