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Proposal Type: Coordinator Elections (Full Term)
Opened: 07-Apr-2010 1:00AM EDT
Closing: 07-Apr-2010 1:00AM EDT

name: James M. Sampers
home: Iowa City, Iowa (L'Ange Noir)
job: Admissions Coordinator
refs: Bob Wulner - Iowa City, IA – L’ange Noir
Brad Klinger - Dubuque, IA – Crusade of Ashes
Cheri Foster-Dupont – Assamite Coord
Scott Michalek – Gangrel Coord
Brendan Ammerman – Malkavian Coord

background: Hello, my name is James Sampers. I first started playing in OWbN back in 2000. Since then I've had numerous characters and visited OWbN games on both coasts and in between. I've played in, or had experience with, almost every genre type in OWbN. I've served as both ST and Council Member in the past. I also have experience with starting a new chronicle and undergoing the admissions process to join OWbN and know it pretty well from both sides. I've also served as the Mage Coordinator in the past. Currently I'm a subcoordinator for the Assamite, Gangrel, and Malkavian clans.

statement: I see the Admissions Coordinator position in OWbN as a necessary position in the continual growth of our organization. I don't see the position as just a simple "paper-pushing" coordinator. The Admissions Coordinator is sometimes the first impression that a prospective member chronicle will have with the org. I want that impression to be a good and lasting one.
In addition to the normal duties as put forth in the bylaws, I would like to expand upon some of the things that the Admissions Coordinator can do to help the organization grow. Specifically I would:
• Increase recruitment of member chronicles.
• Encourage the application of all genres of MET, not just the Camarilla one.
• Have designated subcoords to ensure coverage of every region in OWbN.
• Have applying chronicles be visited in person by a representative of OWbN.
• Uphold the standards for new chronicles joining OWbN.
• Ensure the amicable inclusion of new chronicles with existing chronicles.
• Revisit probationary chronicles in order to update Council on their progress towards being contributing members of the organization.
How many times have many of you been on travel to somewhere and wondered why there wasn't a game there to check out? I want to see that fixed. How many of you have noticed that numbers are dwindling in some areas rather than growing? I want that fixed. How many of you have wished for a chronicle based on a genre other than vampires near you? I want that fixed.
So as you can see, I have a set of goals to accomplish if elected as your Admissions Coordinator. I've had many years of fun, stories, and experiences from this organization. I want to help to continue that tradition of fun and enjoyment for the players of OWbN.

James Sampers
"I hate Iowa!â„¢"
PS - Please direct all questions to my personal email above as I'm currently not on Council.

name: Marcus Dameion Willis
home: St Auginstine: On Haunted Ground
job: Admissions Coordinator
St. Augustine: On Haunted Ground
Tampa: Under Night's Cloak
Stolen Hours (Macon Ga)
Gainesville: The New Confederacy
Bradenton: Chaos & Entropy
Head Coordinator

background: My introduction to LARP was with a game called Athens By Night, which for several years ran at the University of Georgia and maintained a player base of over a hundred. My role with the troupe was as PR Coordinator for the Student Organization which hosted it. In that role I organized student event fairs as well as helped to produce promotional fliers and related materials. I ensured that the public look of both the student organization and the event was consistent and professional. Following that I was a Storyteller for Shadows on the Mall, where my administrative role was to track the Database as well as ensure we maintained a good generational spread and where not heavy on any merits or flaws. I also dealt with finances and site relations as a Storyteller. In my day to day jobs, I have worked in retail management, normally at the store manager level and above. I have a solid reputation as a team builder and stream liner I am a logical thinking who is more about efficiency and results. I am the Community Adviser to a University of Georgia student organization I am use slow moving wheels and have learned a lot about how to speed things up. I also am currently a member of the Ventrue Coordinator's team and plan to remain there even should I become Admissions Coordinator. Some will question my OWBN experience, however my goal is to make the Admission office run more smoothly from the top down, as well as to keep it in both a neutral and administrative role, something my real life skill set are perfect for. We aren't the one who set the standard for admission, Council and the Genre Coordinators will do that, we are there to ensure that games wishing to join understand those standard and are in a position to adjust to them.

statement: I think the Admission Office simply needs to be streamlined, with the addition of several tools to assist with communication and tracking where new chronicles are in the process. My plan is to put those things in place within 30 to 60 days, based on what changes can be done without council approval and what cannot. I think a major part of the challenge will be to hit the ground running, and make sure that lines of communications never break down. The Admission Team is first contact for many and that impression matters as it can never be forgotten. I look at the position as a job which is to be handled with a level of professionalism, to last as long as I am wanted in the position.

30 Day Plan

-Find out what Coord and Exec Team members would like to have added to the Admission Application in relation to their areas and get it into a new application.

-Create an Admission Web Page, with easy access to application & Packets as well as FAQ and Forums System for applying games.

-Create a tracking sheet which is sent to applying chronicles, Coordinators, and others who request it, to help keep everyone informed where games are in the admission process.

-Create a Welcome Packet which will help an applying group understand what they are to expect during the pre- and post-admission process.

Additional To Do

-Review the whole admission process with the Admission team and games which have recently been though it, to find out what needs to change.

-Implement a mentor system between new games and longstanding games in their area, if any are available.


1. Primary will be a Google group which is open to be mailed to by anyone who wishes.

2. During the process applying games will be given a forum within the Admission Forum system, where matters related to their application can be talked about with Admission team and Coords who choice to join. Matters which Coords bring to my team will be posted there for ease of review, however, at no point will Coordinators be required to use this system if they don’t wish to.

3. I am personally available via G-Chat, AIM, or Yahoo most of the day, every day.

4. I will have a 24 hour acknowledge time on e-mails, never more then 48 (weekends or events) hours for a full response.

Name: Talia Shmuel


Phone: 011-972-52-541-6723 (can easily call internationally and am currently looking into getting an American Line so I can be reached)

Home Chronicle: Jerusalem Israel

Position Sought: Admissions Coordinator


* Section 1: English Translation of Application
Seção 2: Tradução portuguesa de Aplicação
* Section 3: Support


* Section 1: English Translation of Application

Hello- my name is Talia Shmuel and I am running for Admissions Coord.
Most of you know me as the ST of the Jerusalem by Night game and as the CM of the same game.

I started thinking about working with admissions as a sub Coord this past year because I felt I had gotten little direction during the admissions process when we applied. I felt that I was left searching for answers without even knowing where to look. I had been thinking about applying for Admissions coord, but felt I did not know enough about the process to jump right in with two feet. I knew one side- the admitees. I did not know the Coordinators work. My experience in this org has taught me that there are two sides to each issue and in this case - Admissions, and admittee. Both sides should be known before you can step up to a leadership position. I feel my experience as a sub coord, and my experience going through the process has helped me realize what works and what needs to be changed.

My view of the Purpose of Admissions Coord:
I feel the job of the admissions Coord is not to judge whether a game is suitable for the org, but instead, make sure the org's views of genre are clear to the applying game to help a game get paperwork in order, and be in touch with the appropriate people to have their ducks in a row when they are put up for vote as a chronicle on council. I believe that all R&Us should be discussed with the appropriate coord before the game comes up for vote in the org. The Admissions coord should then, in the beginning of the application when its posted to council, voice the concerns the team has had bringing the game into the process and act as a go between during the council and coord discussion process. This I feel will streamline the process, but will also add another level of filtering to have it clear what is and is not supported by the coords before the game goes up for vote on council. I have spoken with coordinators about this process and all I have spoken to have agreed that they would rather have more work at the beginning, getting everything in line with genre then having to fix things later in the new game, and those surrounding who are affected.

Past duties as Sub Coord:
During the first two months as a sub Coord I organized lists of games which were open, adding the remaining votes which I knew of to that list. I also started creating documents which I would have liked to have upon entering the org. These included:
1- Links to the IC yahoo groups (American)
2- Links to the ooc yahoo groups (American)
3- Links to the IC yahoo groups (Brazil)
4- Coord contact lists
5- Gathering all packets for new games upon entering the org.
I also started reworking the applications- including dividing the game applications into different genres, with charts in the application style for Vampire to better organize PCs/NPC and generation/Clan, and adding a section with a list of the bylaws and a requirement that the applying game have read them and agreed to follow them before being admitted into the org. I wish to continue working on this with the Exec Team and genre coordinators in order to create applications which will be coherent and complete.
I have also been dealing with sorting out the territories of Brazil to make the application process easier with territories as that tends to be a contentious point.

Future Goals of Admissions Coord:
I have four goals as Admissions Coord for the remainder of the year
1. I would like to finish the Brazil territory situation discussion so we have a complete list of all territories in Brazil to make the application process for Brazil easier in the future. The situation is already easier due to the fact that we now know which games in particular to contact about territories, and we do not have to search and beg for responses.
2. I am going to continue the plans for an admissions website, which were started by Stef where all of the information can be received by games. Included on this website will also be an example of a completed application to give an idea of what type of information needs to go into each category as many games seem to have a difficulty in understanding the application according to what I have seen. Marcus has been a wonderful help providing a temporary web host for my programmer to get the site up, so that it is going to be active much sooner.
3. I would like to compile packets for the different steps during the admissions process. I feel a uniform process for all games to go through will make the process more fair across the board. While I can not expect that any process will be completed without slight deviations, as different situations will arise with each game, a general plan will help to streamline the process.
4. I would like to complete the new applications for all categories, working with the exec board and sect coords to do such.

Interests and Availability:
I enjoy working with people and helping them. I like being there to answer questions. Outside of game I enjoy spending time with my husband and our kitties, hanging out with friends (including our biweekly food nights and movie nights) and reading, croqueting and socializing. I also study in University and head a social marketing department for an international company.
I have daily access to email and chats. As this application process is occurring in the middle of the session, I am already on board with many of the games going through the process and am in close working contact with my other sub cords that all support me for the position.

I have recommendations/ Support from the following games, coordinators and the entire current Admissions sub staff.
I am also including a recommendation from a game I am currently working with to bring up for vote- Peoria Illinois whose application is coming up for vote soon. These recommendations, I feel show that games and co-subcoords will be happy working with me in a coordinator aspect of the position I am applying for.

Admissions Sub Coord Staff:
Since joining the Admission team as a Subcoord Talia as put herself busy to work with the project of organizing the territories of the Brazilian Chronicles and assisting with keeping games updated with the procession of their applications. She responds quickly and communicates with other team members well. From what I have seen of her work over the last months I believe that she would be successful in taking on the full Coordinator positional duties.
Nny Elmore
West Coast Admissions Subcoord 2009-Current

For the position of a coord I think is needed the willing to work hard, be able to handle people in a good manner, be easy to get in touch with, to joy what you´re up to and a true knowledge of the subject. Since she became an admissions subcoord she has shown all of these characteristics and more. I fully support her as Coord Admissions to the OWBN.
Hst - Eternal Shadows
Subcoord Admissions Brazil
Subcoord Ventrue Brazil

Talia is a great lady, she is young to Owbn Administration but she is very proactive, and eager to be more active in OWbN.

Stef Moser

Incoming games:
Peoria IL
Talia has been very helpful to our game. As soon as she found out we had intentions of joining the org she made herself available to us. She is very knowledgeable about the admissions process. She is very timely in her responses, and available for communication. She is very energetic and enthusiastic about the admissions process, and she would make an excellent admissions coordinator.

Damon Bishop
Peoria IL HST


Even with the vast geographic distance between ourselves and Israel, I am delighted by the seemingly close proximity she offers in her attention. She has, in working with a neighboring applicant chronicle (Peoria), been consistent, easy-going, and responsive as an Admissions Subcoord. Within the greater context of OWbN as an ST, player, SubCoord and person, she seems to take the initiative on items and issues with a passion and commitment that should be applauded. What amazes me the most, however, are three things: her overall commitment to the larger organization AND the individual games that are involved; her zest for a good story but also recognition of consistency; and her sense of responsibility, even when that includes her mistakes. In retrospect, I have no earthly idea why she is a gamer...her qualities do not mesh with the standard accepted by the complacent. Perhaps she will raise the bar.

Robert Crosby

HST Springfield: Capital City Cauldron


Seção 2: Tradução portuguesa de Aplicação


Meu nome é Talia Shmuel, eu estou concorrendo à vaga de Admissions Coord. A maioria de vocês me conhece como ST e CM do Jerusalém by Night.

Eu comecei a pensar em trabalhar com admissões como sub coord o ano passado porque senti que tive pouco direcionamento durante o processo de admissão quando nós inscrevemos minha crônica. Eu me senti deixada com dúvidas sem nem saber onde procurar pelas respostas. Eu já vinha pensando em me candidatar a Admissions Coord, mas sentia que não sabia o suficiente a respeito do processo para fazê-lo com segurança. Eu conhecia um lado, o dos que se candidatam, mas não sabia como era o trabalho dos Coordenadores. Minha experiência na OWbN me ensinou que há dois lados em cada questão, neste caso a house aplicante e o Coordenador de Admissões. Devem-se conhecer os dois lados antes de se assumir uma posição de liderança. Eu creio que minhas experiências como sub coord e ao ter passado pelo processo de admissão me ajudaram a perceber o que funciona e o que precisa ser mudado.

Minha visão do Objetivo do Coordenador de Admissões:

Eu acredito que o trabalho do Admissions Coord não é julgar se determinado jogo é adequado ou não à organização, mas, ao invés disto, assegurar que as visões de gênero da organização estão claras ao jogo aplicante, ajudá-lo a organizar a documentação necessária e manter contato com as pessoas adequadas para que tudo esteja preparado para quando a crônica for posta em votação no conselho. Também acredito que todos os R&Us deveriam ser discutidos com o coord apropriado antes que a admissão da crônica seja posta em votação. O Admissions Coord deveria, no início do requerimento postado no conselho, exprimir as preocupações que a equipe teve no processo de admissão e agir como mediador durante as discussões com o conselho e com os coords. Isto vai racionalizar o processo e também vai adicionar outro filtro que ajudará a esclarecer o que tem e o que não tem apoio dos coords antes que a crônica vá a votação no conselho. Eu conversei com vários coordenadores sobre este processo e todos com quem falei concordaram que preferem ter mais trabalho no início, acertando tudo com o gênero, a ter que fazer correções mais tarde no novo jogo e nos que forem afetados por ele.

Realizações como Sub Coord:

Durante os meus dois primeiros meses como Sub Coord eu organizei uma lista dos jogos que estão em aberto, incluindo os votos remanescentes que tinha conhecimento para esta lista. Eu também comecei a criar documentos que eu gostaria de ter tido quando estava entrando na organização. Estes incluem:

1. Links para os grupos IC do Yahoo (americanos)
2. Links para os grupos OOC do Yahoo (americanos)
3. Links para os grupos IC do Yahoo (brasileiros)
4. Lista de contato dos Coords
5. Um conjunto de todos os packets para novos jogos que entrarem na organização

Eu também comecei a remodelar as requisições – incluindo uma divisão dos requerimentos em gêneros, com tabelas no estilo de requerimentos para Vampiros para organizar melhor PCs/NPCs e geração/clã e adicionei uma seção com uma lista dos estatutos e o requerimento que o jogo aplicante tem que ler e aceitar antes de ser admitido na organização. Eu quero continuar trabalhando nisto com o Time Executivo e coordenadores de gênero para que os requerimentos venham completos e coesos. Além disto, tenho trabalhado classificando os territórios do Brasil para fazer o processo de entrada na organização mais fácil, já que a questão dos territórios tende a ser um ponto de atrito.

Objetivos Futuros da Admissions Coord:

Eu tenho quatro objetivos como Admissions Coord para este ano.

1. Eu gostaria de terminar a discussão sobre a situação dos territórios do Brasil para que tenhamos uma lista completa de todos os territórios brasileiros e com isto tornar o processo de inclusão de novos jogos mais fácil no futuro. Isto já será mais fácil devido ao fato de nós sabermos quais em particular contatar a respeito de territórios e não termos que procurar e implorar por respostas.
2. Eu vou continuar os planos para um site de admissões, o que já foi iniciado pela Stef, onde todas as novas crônicas podem encontrar todas as informações que necessitam. O site também contará com um exemplo completo de um requerimento para entrada na organização para que as crônicas tenham uma idéia de que tipo de informação vai em cada categoria, já que muitas crônicas parecem ter dificuldades em entender o requerimento, pelo que eu pude ver. Marcus tem sido de uma ajuda maravilhosa ao fornecer um web host temporário para que meu programador colocar o site, de forma que este estará ativo muito mais rapidamente.
3. Eu gostaria de compilar guias para os diferentes passos do processo de admissão. Eu sinto que um processo uniforme para todos os jogos seguirem é um processo mais justo para todos. Embora eu não possa esperar que o processo se dê completamente sem nenhum desvio, já que cada jogo é um jogo, um plano geral ajudará a uniformizar o processo.
4. Eu gostaria de completar os novos requerimentos de todas as categorias, trabalhando com o time executivo e os coordenadores de seita para isto.

Interesses e Disponibilidade:

Eu gosto de trabalhar com pessoas e ajudá-las. Agrada-me estar lá para responder perguntas. Fora do jogo eu aproveito meu tempo com meu marido e meus gatinhos, saindo com amigos (incluindo nossas food nights e movie nights quinzenais), lendo, jogando criquet e socializando. E também sou aluna universitária e lidero o departamento de marketing social de uma companhia internacional.

Eu tenho acesso diário a e-mail e chats. Esta candidatura está ocorrendo no meio do semestre e eu já estou trabalhando com vários dos jogos que estão passando pelo processo de inclusão, em contato próximo com os meus outros sub coords, os quais todos me apóiam para a posição.


Eu tenho recomendações/apoios dos jogos e coordenadores listados abaixo, além de todo o staff de admissões. Incluí também uma recomendação de um jogo que estou atualmente trabalhando para trazer a votação: Peoria – Illinois, cujo requerimento será posto em votação em breve. Estas recomendações, acredito, mostram que tanto crônicas quanto coords e subcoords estão felizes em trabalhar comigo como coordenadora para a posição que estou me candidatando.

Equipe da Admissions Sub Coord:

“Desde que se juntou à equipe de admissões como subcoord a Talia se ocupou com o projeto de organizar os territórios das crônicas brasileiras e em ajudar a manter os novos jogos atualizados sobre seu processo de admissão. Ela responde rapidamente e se comunica com outros membros do time muito bem. Pelo que vi do trabalho dela nos últimos meses acredito que ela terá sucesso em assumir as responsabilidades de Coordenadora completamente.”

Nny Elmore

Admissions SubCoord da Costa Oeste – 2009-atual

“Para a posição de Coordenador eu creio ser necessária a vontade de trabalhar duro, ser capaz de lidar bem com as pessoas, ser fácil de contatar, gostar do que se está fazendo e um real conhecimento do assunto. Desde que ela se tornou admissions subcoord, ela tem mostrado todas estas características e muito mais. Eu a apoio completamente para Coordenadora de Admissões da OWbN.”


HST – Eternal Shadows

SubCoord Admissions Brasil

SubCoord Ventrue Brasil
Talia é uma grande senhora, ela é jovem a Administração de Owbn mas ela é muito preventiva e ansiosa para ser mais ativo em OWbN.

Stef Moser

Novas Crônicas

“Talia tem nos ajudado muito. Assim que soube que tínhamos intenção de entrar na organização ela se colocou a nossa disposição. Ela sabe muito a respeito do processo de admissão. Responde muito rapidamente e está sempre disponível. Ela é muito ativa e entusiasmada com o processo de admissão e seria uma excelente Coordenadora de Admissões.”

Damon Bishop

HST – Peoria/IL

“Mesmo com a enorme distância geográfica entre nós e Israel, eu fico encantado com a proximidade que ela nos oferece sua atenção. Ela tem sido, ao trabalhar com uma crônica vizinha que está requerendo entrada na organização (Peoria), consistente, fácil de lidar e compreensiva como admissions subcoord. No contexto mais amplo da OWbN, como ST, jogadora, SubCoord e pessoa, ela parece tomar a iniciativa com uma paixão e comprometimento que deveria ser aplaudida. O que mais me impressiona, entretanto, são três coisas: seu comprometimento geral para a maior organização E para os jogos individuais que estão envolvidos; sua animação com uma boa história sem prejuízo da consistência; e seu senso de responsabilidade, mesmo quando isto inclui seus erros. Em retrospecto, eu não faço a menor idéia do porque ela é uma jogadora... suas qualidades não combinam com o padrão aceito pelos complacentes. Talvez ela aumente a média.”

Robert Crosby III

HST – Springfield: Capital City Cauldron


* Section 3: Support

The following games have offered their support for my application as Admissions Coord:

* Dayton Dying Embers
* Orland Park:Shadows of the Jewel
* New Haven By Night
* Gary: Forged in Blood
* Secundus Surrectum
* Crusade of Ashes
* Aracati by Night
* Eternal Shadows
* Winchester by Night
* Capital Rage
* Providence, RI: Dark Rhodes/Sept of the Hidden Flame
* Gimli: Sang Nordique
* NVA: Night...Falls
* Hartford: Dark Colony
* Natal by Night
* Bloomington: Fallen Idols
* Chicago: New Moon Rising
* São Paulo by Night
* Pirenópolis by Night
* Indianapolis by Night
* Paducah the Crossroads
* Decatur IL: Chaos Within
* Within Shadows Reach
* La Sangre de Angeles
* Blackened Veins
* Thicker Than Blood
* Green Bay: Shattered Dreams
* City of Springs
* Springfield, IL: Capitol City Cauldron
* KoNY
* Columbus In Darkness
* Jerusalem by Night: Last Crusade

The following Coordinators have offered their recommendation for my application as Admissions Coord:

* Dan Valandingham- Giovanni Coord
* Trey Navair- Setite Coord
* Dan McMahon- Lasombra Coord
* Jason Robinson- Web Coord
* Brenden Ammerman- Malk Coord
* Scott Michalek- Gangrel Coord
* Joe Long- Tremere Coord
* LeAmber Kensley- Finance Coord
* Danny- Mage Coord
* Brian Goudie- Changling Breeds Coord
* Cheri- Assamite Coord
* Ian K- Sabbat Coord
* Eric Broome - Venture Coord

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