Fast-Track for Converting former Brazilian PCs, now NPCs, back to PCs

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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 21-Apr-2010 1:00AM EDT
Closing: 21-Apr-2010 1:00AM EDT

This is a [PROPOSAL] under Admin Bylaws 3.A and as such need to be [SECOND]ed before it can proceed to a vote, according to 3A.iii.

The matter of converting NPCs to PCs is a sensitive issue here in Brazil, because BbN Culture dictated that STs should not have a PC in their own home chronicle, which led to many needless PC to NPC conversions along the years.

Also, as part of BbN Culture, those STs usually could portray or proxy those chars as PCs, when not in their home cronicles. As you know very well, that differs a lot from what OWbN sees as appropriated.

Most of these NPC were used to play minor roles in their Chronicles, as in springing plotlines, moving information around, etc, with few or even no XP advancements to their sheets after that.

Talking about it, we’ve agreed that flooding the Council with votes is probably not a good idea, and that having a wholesale vote would not, too, since a single "bad apple" could hamper the approbation of all the "basket".

So, this is the solution we've came up with, and are putting forward as a [PROPOSAL] in Council:

First, for each such NPC, the Chronicle would have to provide the following info:

- Short Character History - No more than a couple paragraphs.

- Player/ST History - When the Player became ST, if they are currently STs, etc.

- Initial PC Sheet, with a 30 XP maximum – Most sheets in the old BbN fit this limit, as we had a different, more restrictive char creation system.

- PC Sheet when it became an NPC, with a XP expenditure report – Not a month by month report, only an overview how many XP went were in the sheet, as well as the time the PC was in play. That should not average more than 8 XP/month – that is not quite a problem, since, again, BbN had a very restrictive policy on XP granting and expending. This will be the sheet to be converted back to PC status, with exemption from the basic+30 sheet requirement from the ByLaws.

- Any support from appropriated Coords/CMs/Sub-Coords/Etc.

Second, what those conversions would be handled by Council as General Consensus Proposals, i.e., we would channel them through the Exec Team and the proposals would autopass if nobody objects.

These fast-track procedure would be in place for 90 days counting from the day this [PROPOSAL] passes, should it pass.

The Exec-Team has been consulted about this, and we had a short “Put it to Council vote” answer.

Chronos Phaenon Eosphoros
CM for Sorocaba: The Abyss Within

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