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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 08-Jun-2010 1:00AM EDT
Closing: 08-Jun-2010 1:00AM EDT

I propose that Salubri Antitribu be removed the R&U list.

Sometime ago a CM proposed the removal of many R&U restrictions. While most all of council agreed that the removal of so many R&U at the same time seemed excessive the feeling I got from council was that they did want to see some of our large R&U list cut down.

I have IC backing to this proposal. When the new Salubri Anti were introduced in 3rd ed it was stated that Adonai had just joined the sabbat and begun this new line which is why their numbers were small. It also stated though that the sabbat was utilizing their new members by having them embrace often to flesh out their numbers. I believe that time has passed now and due to the high embrace rates of these Salubri Anti that now their numbers in the sabbat would be to the point where they are no longer an uncommon occurence to see. Since Salubri Anti were notify because they were suppose to be uncommon and they are no longer such then I don't see why they should be on this list anymore.

On a more OOC level i've seen games notify 3 salubri anti in a single post before and this council didn't even bat an eye at it. It seems like council doesn't seem to mind alot of these being out there otherwise someone would have complained about that. Sabbat players and ST staffs seem to like the idea of more salubri anti. So this proposal is also to support the direction that the sabbat playerbase seems to want to move in.

It seems the majority opinion is that we need to start cutting down on some of the R&U. This seems like a good place to start. I know someone is going to say "why not just move them down to "Coord Approval". I'm pretty sure i've seen Jenn say a couple of times over the last few months of discussion that "Coord Approval" things are technically also suppose to be "Notify" by our bylaws. If this is the case then that makes no sense to move them to. Also if we are trying to remove things to reduce the size of the R&U list then moving these to "Coord Approval" won't reduce the list just change where it's mass is.

Proposed: Jacob Hoffman (Cleveland)
Seconded: Justin Franzen

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