Change Blyaw 5.b.iii : Character Transfer

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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 10-Mar-2006 1:00AM EST
Closing: 17-Mar-2006 1:00AM EST

Proposed that Subsection iii of Section 5.b Home Chronicle of the Character regulation bylaws be changed to read:
iii) Players that wish to transfer their characters but are unable to obtain their home chronicles approval and believe they are unfairly being denied transfer may ask the OWBN Executive team to mediate their dispute. Player s wishing to dispute a denied transfer must show that the tranfer is being denied in bad faith, to this end they must be able to produce documentation and witnesses supporting their claims. The Executive team may refuse any case on the basis of insufficient supporting evidence. For the duration of the dispute the Executive team gains administrative control of the character. The character may not be played while the dispute is ongoing without permission of the Executive team. So as not to inconvinience the player any more than necessary, the dispute shall be solved within 1 calendar month of it
being accepted by the Executive team, unless written consent of the player is granted. Any additional time beyond a month must be agreed upon in writing by the player in question. The Executive team shall notify Council at the beginning of this period, and when the dispute is solved. This notification shall consist of the names of the Chronicles involved and the name of the character involved, and at the end, the decision reached. Further information may be released at the discretion of the Executive team, but is not required. Cases that are refused need not be notified. The Executive team's decision on the matter will be final.

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