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Proposal Type: Coordinator Elections (Full Term)
Opened: 08-Dec-2008 1:00AM EST
Closing: 16-Dec-2008 1:00AM EST

Applicant Name: Larry the BruceApplicant Email:
Applicant Home Chronicle: Gainesville: the New Confederacy

Background: I first started playing in OWbN in 2002 as a part of the Gainesville, Mysteries in Darkness chronicle. It was my first experience with LARP and I've never turned back! Since my initial exposure to OWbN, I've transitioned from being 'just a player' to enjoying other aspects of the game: I've started a new chronicle, been a council member, head storyteller, storyteller, influence guy, and subcoordinator. Here's a more detailed listing of my experience within OWbN:

Council Member:

* St. Augustine, On Haunted Ground 05-06

Assamite Team (Southern Regional Subcoordinator 03-04):

* Served for two years
* Helped transition from the 'days of no coord, prior to Cheri'.
* Helped with genre, actively contributed and helped with national plots (Council of Scrolls, Loyalist incursions)
* Assisted with genre documents

HST Functions:

* HST/ST'd for 6 consecutive years
* HST/ST'd for 3 regional events.
* Created StAugustine game, with an eye to maintaining historical and cultural flavor.

Prior to OWbN, I have been roleplaying for close to 26 years. My very first game was the old "Expert Dungeons and Dragons" complete with the "Isle of Dread"...I've been hooked ever since. Since then, I've played or GM'd a plethora of games, ranging from "Ghostbusters the RPG (I had the gobble food specialty)" to Rifts (go Team Splugorth!). I've come to realize my own personal pleasure in most games comes from playing in worlds with rich, interesting settings that involve political intrigue...hence my love of the World of Darkness.

Personal Statement: It should be universally understood that OWbN exists for the pleasure of it's players. It is imperitive that any individual who takes a position of responsibility within this organization understands that their actions are one of the most powerful factors in creating the enjoyment for the players; therefore; it is the responsibility of a genre coordinator to ensure their view and advocacy of genre does not harm players' and storytellers' views of the organization. I believe the three most important qualties needed by a genre coordinator are: good communication skills, an absolute knowledge of the appropriate genre, and a dedication to a consistant and fair system of conflict resolution. We play in an interesting game system/setting. To my understanding the rules/genre, as presented by the various published books, were not originally meant for a group as large and dynamic as OWbN; it is therefore necessary to take a step back from strict interpretations of the books and take a holistic view of any OWbN issue that arises in hopes of identifying solutions that satisfy the spirit of the rules/genre as well as the unique spirit of OWbN. I will make it my mission to champion those three qualities.

As of this date, the Anarch games represent the smallest number of 'vampire genre grouped' games in the organization. As a natural result of this, the Anarchs seem to get the least amount of 'top down' support. My IC goal is to promote more intra-faction politics within the Anarch movement via NPC initial stimulation. On the Cam side, the Anarchs are viewed mainly as "dumb Anarchs" and I hope to educate STs about the actual richness of the Anarch genre. On an OoC level, my goal is to ensure that Anarch combination disciplines remain Anarch combination disciplines. I also plan on creating a non-binding genre packet that discusses the fusion of WoD Anarch genre to OWbN Anarch genre. A third OoC goal I would like to tackle would be getting together with the Tremere and Assamite Coords and take the parts of each of their respective Thaum packets dealing with indepdendents/Autarks and create a formal packet to regulate thaum in the Anarch Movement.

Support From (Chronicles): Gainesville: the New Confederacy, St. Augustine: On Haunted Ground, Santa Rosa: Shadow's Crossing.

Support From (Coordinators): Assamite Coordinator, Camarilla Coordinator, Head Coordinator, Malkavain Coordinator, Ventrue Coord


Well, I just ran (and won) in July and wasn't aware I had to re-run
until recently. Please forgive my late entry! I'm just recopying my
support from July, if there are any issues with that, I apologize.

Name: Davy Krieger
Email address:
Home Chronicle: La Sangre de Los Angeles
Position Sought: Anarch Coord

Christian Kenny, former Anarch sub-coord
Paul Gofberg: West Toreador Sub-coord
La Sangre de Los Angeles
Broken Promises: Giovanni Chronicle, SoCal
Brodie Aberson: Gio Subcoord
Muerte Libre - Anarch chronicle, So Cal
Dark Side of the Moon: Los Angeles Garou
Terra Doe - Assamite Coord
Dan Perlow - Giovanni sub-coord, gangrel sub-coord, Philadelphia ST
Loopy - Camarilla Coord
Porch - Sabbat Coord
Frank Romeo - Anarch Gangrel sub-coord

Your OWbN Gaming/Administrative Background:

I started running a World of Darkness LARP in Philadelphia in 1991.
That's the year the tabletop game came out, and before the live-action
rules were even published. Following that, I was one of four founders
of a troupe game that ran for six and a half years in Philadelphia -
running from more than a hundred players a session, to forty or so.

I started in One World By Night in the Philadelphia: Nusquam game on
the very same session they joined the organization officially, in
2002. I've been an active member of the organization since then, and
the HST for La Sangre de Los Angeles for the past two years - and AST
for six months before that. I've served as Giovanni sub-coord for
three different Giovanni coords. I'm also the West Coast Assamite
sub-coord. I've been working as Anarch coord since the last round of
elections, which occurred just in July due to the steppding-down of
the prior coord. In a few short months, I haven't accomplished what i
would hope to in a full year in office - thus I re-run.

Personal Statement:
Anarchs get a bad rap in One World by Night. They're seen as teeming
witless masses of bomb-chuckers and trouble-makers. And while that's
true for SOME of them (I'm looking at you, Brer Rabbit!) but there's
a large movement of anarchs who are principled, thoughtful, and
philosophical. Ok, they might make trouble and chuck bombs too, but
that's more of a sideline. (I'm looking at you, Joe Barclay!) It can
only benefit both the IC Anarch movement, as well as OOC anarch
players, to encourage and stimulate serious discussion about what it
means to be an Anarch, and what the nature of Freedom is.

There are essentially three "flavors" of anarchs - Status Prefectus
anarchs, Convention of Thorns anarchs, and pure Anarchist anarchs. All
three find common cause under a banner that meets some of the needs of
each, but all of the needs of none. If Anarch players are encouraged
to question and consider what their Anarch-ness means other than pure
opposition to the Camarilla or Sabbat, it will stimulate roleplay
amongst Anarch players, help define individual characters, and
generally elevate the tone of games across the Org.

Further, the Anarch "NPC's" are nothing like Justicars or horrible
ancient powers. In general Anarchs are younger and less powerful than
other Kindred - and this is no less true of their influential members
who have come to prominence by charisma and savvy (and White Wolf
canon) rather than by power and wooj. The three most noteworthy Anarch
NPC's, Smiling Jack, Jeremy MacNeil, and Crispus Attucks, are not
themselves even half as powerful as a typical Camarilla or Sabbat
elder. It is therefore doubly important to encourage strong
roleplaying amongst Anarch players - if it comes down to RPS instead
of RP, the Anarchs are likely to lose. Anarchs are more than just a
meat shield between Camarilla and Sabbat - and if they are content to
stay in that role, they will be limited far more than their potential
would allow.

My goals for the coming year, then: To promote more clearly the "Three
Flavors of Anarch" by presenting the case for each clearly to Anarch
players (and interested non- Anarch players) and encouraging them to
debate. To find (or if necessary, use NPC) PC representative of each
of those philosophies. Also, I want to pass a "coord approval" R&U
requirement for non-anarchs learning anarch combo disciplines from
NPC's. PC's can continue to learn and teach freely from each other,
but NPC mentors should exercise judgement when teaching those few
privileges that only anarchs have to outsiders. Lastly, previous
versions of an Anarch primer have been drafted but never ratified - a
process I intend to complete.

There's a lot of anarchs out there, and they're more than just thugs,
troublemakers and bad boys. I'd like to see the genre flourish as a
viable alternative to the Big Two in its own right, as well as a foil
to Camarilla and Sabbat.


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