2005 Election for Assamite Coordinator

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Proposal Type: Coordinator Elections (Full Term)
Opened: 23-Nov-2005 1:00AM EST
Closing: 07-Dec-2005 1:00AM EST

Applicant Name: Terra DoeApplicant Email: terra.doe@gmail.com
Applicant Home Chronicle: Fred
Support From:


OWBN/Gaming History:

I have been gaming for roughly 15 years; I started in 1990 with friends
introducing to D&D. I played tabletop games for 10 years until roughly
2000. I loved the idea of a fantasy world and being able to tell stories
that fit that world. I role-played with several different groups and always
loved joining a new group to see the interaction and what stories or what I
could add to it. In 2000, I ran into an old friend of mine who introduced
me to OWBN, Live Action and VtM. I was an ST in a Independent Vampire LARP
for a year, and that aided me in a lot of ways to understand what the WoD
was and how much I appreciated OWBN now.

As I said, in 2000 a friend of mine said: "you have to come to this LARP".
The way I was at that time, I was up for trying anything new, so needless to
say I got hooked on LARP immediately. I joined the Winnipeg 'Chaos Within'
Game, and in 2001, I joined the FredByNight LARP (both OWbN Chronicles
at the time). From then I have learned a lot about LARP and the OWBN
Community. I still have the same love for the game as I did when I started
5 years ago. I have had the opportunity to visit places throughout the
Midwest like: Fargo, Milwaukee, Kenosha, Chicago, Champagne-Urbana, Columbus
Ohio, Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Springfield IL.

Administrative Positions that I have held in OWBN:
Assamite SubCoord under Cheri Foster and Bryan Himebaugh
Ravnos SubCoord under Nate Franklin
Narrator for the 'Chaos Within' Game, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Personal Statement:

Additional Support from:
Obsidian Towers (Minneapolis- St. Paul Minnesota) - Camarilla
Caught in Eternal Twilight (Edwardsville, IL) - Camarilla
Shades of Crimson (Indianapolis, IN) - Camarilla
Columbus in Darkness (Columbus Ohio) - Mixed

Nate Franklin - Ravos Coordinator

Personal Statement:

It is my belief that Coordinators should maintain a degree professionalism
when working with the players and the STs of Chronicles throughout OWBN.
This is a game for the players and without them we wouldn't be here. The
Assamite Genre has come a long way in the two years I have been apart of the
team and there are so many different possibilities. I have seen first hand
how easy it can be to maintain the degree of professionalism if one
remembers that it is a game for everyone. I prefer to utilize the ST's
throughout OWBN, to watch over their own (can't be everywhere at once you
know... damn, no teleportation yet). It is my wish to always be prompt with
responses; to not disappear for long periods of time, and to try to respond to
emails that need responding to with in 3 days at the maximum. This is all due
to the fact that as a Coord is voted in, the responsibilities fall to that
Coord, and said Coord should live up to their responsibilities. I keep this
idea in the highest regard.

On Genre:

The Assamite Genre is so unique that there is room for a lot of different
styles, concepts and ideals. This is one of the many reasons why I like
working with the Clan so much.

I am a firm believer in consequences for ones actions, but I also believe in
teaching people about the Genre, and guiding them to their course. There is
a time when PC's need to be 'smacked' and then there is a time for a PC to
be 'praised', and the idea in keeping this balance is not an easy one. I
prefer to Role-play scenes rather than just script, giving the players a
chance to work things out for themselves, and hopefully the players will
either see the error of their ways, or come to a grander conclusion by
swaying an elder.

I am not a fan of NPC theater, I am also not a fan of NPC's being totally
infallible or over whelming. If a NPC screws up, they will get the same
treatment as a PC would. I will always try to offer re-education first;
however there are times unfortunately when PCs must die, it is not something
that I look forward to (as the Assamite Genre can be terrible harsh).

I believe that NPC's are needed to promote Genre, but they are also needed to
give the PC's a guide when needed. Now, with there being PCs that have been
in the Genre for a long time, these will be the people (IC) to help the 'Elder
NPCs' make their final decisions. Remember, Assamites are 'Judges of the
Kindred World' in their own eyes, but can be swayed by a good debate. This
could lead to wonderfully intense scenes as well as topical debates for PCs to
champion and recognize that the inner workings of the Assamite Clan is not
only Geranial, but also very much a 'court of law' setting.

I plan on following the Current Assamite Coordinator in using the Laws of
Haqim and bring back the spiritualism to the Clan no matter what faction
they belong to. The Assamite Clan is a very 'faith based' clan, and there
for has so much room for a lot of interesting faiths to come out into the
open I would like to continue on fleshing out the ideals of each faction and
what has been taught to each generation and carried down. Each faction of the
Assamites have the Laws of Haqim and each believe in them, they have been
passed down from sire to childe for eons, each with a specific and unique

For the Camarilla, I would like to see the clan continue on showing that the
Clan would be an excellent asset to the Camarilla. The Assamites are
learning from night to night of what it means to be Camarilla and for them
to find their place in it. I would like to continue this work and connect
with the other coordinators on that. The Elders are trying their best to
prove that they are willing and able to defend and serve the Camarilla and
it's ideals.

I would like see the tensions between the Loyalists and the Schismatics step
up, the 'monster-child' that sits on the dark throne does not forget about
those that have left him. I would like to have the PCs able to sway an
awoken Elder to whatever side of the fence makes the best arguments. For
Plots purposes I really like utilizing PCs to let them decide where the plot
goes, as I am all for PCs throwing me for a loop and me having to think
where to go. I give kudos to PCs that throw in possibilities that I have
not thought of.

The Assamites are a clan that I have worked with for the past two years.
They have been the best two years that I have in OWBN. There are so many
different possibilities with the factions in clan. I want to build up a
little more with the Loyalists even though there are very few PCs. Even
though they are a small faction, I will follow Bryan's lead and they will have
a SubCoord all to themselves who will not work directly with the other Sub
Coords in the Clan (I like to keep the two worlds separate).

Thank you,

Terra Doe


Applicant Name: Alex Rushing
Applicant Email: celemvanor@yahoo.com
Applicant Home Chronicle: Columbus
Support From:


My name is Alex Rushing, and I

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