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Proposal Type: Coordinator Elections (Full Term)
Opened: 02-Dec-2007 1:00AM EST
Closing: 16-Dec-2007 1:00AM EST

Applicant Name: Terra DoeApplicant Email: eldestassamite@owbn.org
Applicant Home Chronicle: Fred
Support From:


Archivist Coordinator Dawn Sherman
Fred By Night (Gimli, Manitoba Canada )
Winona: Howls Across the Valley
Assistant Head Coordinator Jenn Bahrs
Sabbat Coordinator Porch
Kuei Jinn Coordinator 2007 Paul Riggs
Stockton By Night (Stockton CA)
La Sangre de Los Angeles (Los Angeles CA)
Ace Always Comes Evening (San Francisco CA)
New Orleans Long Night
Secundus Serrectum (Phoenix AZ)
Setite Coordinator Sara Himebaugh

I have been gaming for roughly 15 years; I started in 1990 with friends
introducing to D&D. I played tabletop games for 10 years until roughly 2000.
I loved the idea of a fantasy world and being able to tell stories that fit
that world. I role-played with several different groups and always loved
joining a new group to see the interaction and what stories or what I could
add to it.

In 2000, I ran into an old friend of mine who introduced me to OWBN, Live
Action and VtM. I was an ST in a Independent Vampire LARP for a year, and that
aided me in a lot of ways to understand what the WoD was and how much I
appreciate OWBN now.

As I said last year, in 2000 a friend of mine said: "you have to come to this
LARP". The way I was at that time, I was up for trying anything new, so
needless to say I got hooked on LARP immediately. I joined the Winnipeg 'Chaos
Within' Game, and in 2001, I joined the FredByNight LARP (both OwbN Chronicles
at the time). Since then I have learned a lot about LARP and the OWBN
Community. I still have the same love for the game as I did when I started 7
years ago. I have had since then the opportunity to visit places throughout
the Midwest like: Fargo, Milwaukee, Kenosha, Chicago, Champagne-Urbana,
Columbus Ohio, Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Springfield IL, San Francisco.

Administrative Positions that I have held in OWBN:
Assamite SubCoord for OWbN under Cheri Foster and Bryan Himebaugh (2003-2005)
Ravnos SubCoord for OWbN under Nate Franklin (2004-2007)
Narrator for the 'Chaos Within' Game, Winnipeg, Manitoba (2003-2004)
Assamite Coordinator for OWbN (2005-2006 term)
Assamite Coordinator for OWBN (2006 - 2007 term)

Personal Statement:

Personal Statement:

Note: If you phone me in the middle of the night about a game question and
wake up my daughter or fianc

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