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Proposal Type: Coordinator Elections (Full Term)
Opened: 01-Dec-2008 1:00AM EST
Closing: 16-Dec-2008 1:00AM EST

Name: Kory McJannet
Email Address:
Home Chronicle: Sang Nordique (formally FredByNight) -Gimli, Manitoba, Canada

Position Sought: Assamite Coord

Your OWbN/Gaming/Administrative Background:

Assamite SubCoord for OWbN under Cheri Foster, Bryan Himebaugh, and Terra Doe (2002??-2008)
Gangrel SubCoord (Canada) for OWbN (2005-2008)
Nosferatu Sub Coord (Canada) for OWbN (2008)
Head Story Teller for FredByNight (several stints between 2004 and 2008)

I played my first 'RPG' at the tender age of 13 (for those that need to do the math, that was 20 years ago) and have been a ubber geek ever since. UBBER GEEK! *points to self* I'll not list the crazy amounts of RPGs I've played

In 2000-2001, I was introduced not some much to OWBN, but a Game that had just become part of OWbN and I have been with that game ever since playing Vampire Larp. I've played a few other games, but became a hard core fan of the deception and deceit that the Vampire Genre breeds. I've played in a few independent Vampire and Werewolf Larps as well.

Personal Statement:

First and foremost; I am a father (have a family) and work for a living. These two factors are the first and foremost and will always take precedent in my life over a hobby; however my job allows me certain leeway in response time as I work out of my home for the most part.

I am seeking to be a Coordinator, and thus use the root of that: 'to Coordinate'. This is not to bring about equalization; but a staff that is in constant communication with myself so that MY immediate attention and response is not always needed. This is a key to 'Coordinating'; as the job description would detail or demand.

I believe in running genre with 'guidance', and writing packets for genre to help answer questions and solidify precedence. I believe in having NPCs guiding the PCs, but trying not to use them in the spot light, and for them to take a back seat to the PCs who the story should revolve around. I believe in the ability to change directions if necessary dependant on the actions of the players, thus the story becoming 'Their Story' more than the 'Coord's Story' and continues to evolve.

I believe the Assamite Genre to be wide enough to encompass many standard ideas and beliefs, but it is still respectful. So many years of being away from the Mountain has now 'domesticated' the Children of Haqim. Their normally ridged structure has become more lax and loose and many of the 'younger ones' believe that they can go about doing as they wish when ever they wish. This is both true and false... The Elders are still watching and keeping close tabs on those that would disobey Al-Ashrad's wishes or disrespect their betters. But we do give them the freedom to explore their new found ties to the Camarilla as long as it reflects properly back onto the Clan as a whole. That is my basic Schismatic view.

The Dispossessed are neither growing or lessening; they are merely searching for their own truths. This is the grey area of the Genre that many players fall into when they become disillusioned. This is also the area where others lurk looking to sway them either back to the Mountain or to the side of the Schism.

The Loyalist... I love them. Being a SubCoord for them for a few years, I can honestly say, they are great antagonists and an -EXTREMELY- narrow stereotype to play. There is a certain criteria and mindset that must be applied to these individual and fanatical 'monsters' and it certainly is not for either the faint of heart or for those wanting to go about 'wily nilly' doing what ever they want. Only the most trusted of Loyalists are allowed to loosely run about outside the Mountain and most definitely are given clear orders by their betters as to what needs to be done; muchly on a 'need to know' basis. I believe we could refocus efforts into this area that has been left by the road side for so long and have not one, but two sub coords for this area to motivate plot; particularly in chronicles that need guidance (not dictation).

And of course there is the lovely 'Unconquered'. Aren't they pretty? My explanation of them and utter view of them is best described in our packet. I do not believe in controlling them as they will do what they will without the will of their 'Assamite Elders'. They certainly do not work for the Mountain and they certainly do not work for the Schism. They are their own entity to be shared with the Sabbat Coord who should have more control over them than certainly 'Assamite Elders' they have never met.

In the direction of 'keeping things moving'; I will wish to revamp the Assamite Genre Packet slightly to make a few more clarifications (not huge changes), including the past 'edicts' of Al-Ashrad as the Eldest that have been made and noted over the past 4 years or so and making proper notation on how Clan Friendship and Clan Enemity workers with the Assamites, as well as a few other minor notations to help players understand how the Clan as a whole works outside the borders of their games so they can see the greater picture. Guidelines are a good thing to have so players ask less questions on IC mechanics.

I am a big on educating those who ask to be educated. Genre does not start with the players or the Coords; it starts with the Storytellers, right in your home chronicle; and thus I want to keep an open door policy when speaking with STs, to keep them informed of genre and be there to answer questions for them (whether it be me speaking to them, or my well informed Sub Coords).

What about direction? Well, while I am writing this the Assamite Vote is up in the air and to be taken to Council regarding 'Full Membership' and the release of their probation. Frankly I am a roll with the punches sort of guy when it comes to this topic. I would comment on it later depending on how the vote goes.

What about plot? I have currently 6 ideas for possible Org wide plots, some of which concern the Assamites specifically, while others would concern the entire Org and escape out side the Clan to be Org Wide plot. Several of them will take months of planning to have up to speed and will require a full team of sub coords working as well several if not dozens of STs working in both unicine as well as secrecy. Such plots would of course need approval when the time comes. But until then, my lips are sealed.

Support From:
Tremere Coordinator (Dan K.)
Assamite Coordinator (Terra Doe)
Finance Coordinator (LeAmber K)
Assistant Head Coordinator now Head Coordinator (Jenn Bahrs)
Archivist Coordinator (Dawn Ireton)
"Blood on the Lake" (Sheboygan, USA.)
"Fred By Night" (Gimli, Canada)
"The River's Edge" (La Crosse, USA)
"New Haven By Night" (New Haven, CA., USA)


Applicant Name: William Lee
Applicant Email:
Applicant Home Chronicle: Tampa: Under Night

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