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Proposal Type: Coordinator Elections (Full Term)
Opened: 01-Dec-2008 1:00AM EST
Closing: 16-Dec-2008 1:00AM EST

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Karen Hechel's OWbN Coordinator Application for Changing
Breeds Coordinator

Your OWbN/Gaming/Administrative Background:

I have enjoyed watching OWbN Garou grow and change since 1999.
Through the years I have been a Garou player, Storyteller, CM, and
Sub-Coord. OWbN Garou has changed much since then, but we can take
what has happened in the past and use it as a learning experience to
make things better. I have been a player in 9 different OWbN
chronicles throughout the Midwest, and have been active in traveling
to many more. Being a part of so many games, I have come to appreciate
the diversity of players and chronicles within our org. Different
games have different flavors, each one contributing to the greater
gaming melting pot that is OWbN. It is my job as Changing Breeds Coord
to make sure all these flavors are represented in a harmonious way
that preserves what makes them unique. I have also been a Storyteller
in many different OWbN Chronicles, and several independent games. I
love to be in the position as a game admin, keeping everything
organized and trying to make things more efficient for both the
Storytelling staff and the players. I have developed a lot of tools to
help run a chronicle, and my experience will assist me in helping to
coordinate things between several chronicles. I have also served as a
sub-coord in OWbN for 2 years under Dyfed and Jenn Robinson. As a
sub-coord, I served as an intermediary between games and acted as a
resource to the STs as well as the players I was responsible for. In
addition to all of my OWbN experience; I was a Coord in The Garou
Nation (TGN) for 3 years, I was a storyteller in several independent
games, and have been an active LARP player in nearly every WoD genre
imaginable. In addition to White-Wolf, I have played several different
types of game systems. From MMOs, to the classic Dungeons and Dragons,
to playtesting a completely new type of game, I have always had a love
for Werewolf: the Apocalypse.

Personal Statement:

I have a passion for the Werewolf Genre. It is this passion to
see Werewolf succeed in OWbN, that drove me to run for this position.
My reputation as a fair and friendly individual has lead me to
establish excellent relations with chronicles in my local area as well
as throughout the Org. Unfortunately, when I came back to the Garou ST
list with my game in January, I noticed that there was a lack of
communication between the games. I would like to help promote
communication between the various chronicles, so things are less
fractured. My hope for this is that if the games communicate more,
unity will grow, and mistrust between chronicles will lessen. I also
plan on sending frequent reports to the Garou STs as to what the CBC'c
office is doing. I believe that communication is vital in running an
org, especially one such as OWbN.

One that note, I have several projects that I would ensure are
completed in the next year. The Garou Web Page is missing a lot of
vital information. I believe that it is important that we get a
functional website that has information that would help out Garou
players. Information such as ST contact or chronicle game dates are
things that I believe that a website would need, but currently
doesn't. Also, there are a number of Tribal Packets that are horribly
out of date. Making sure these are completed I believe is incredibly
important. Along with this I would like to put together a general
Garou packet written so a person new to OWbN garou can know the
differences between OWbN and White Wolf's Garou genre. It would also
include things like role-playing hints, major characters, plotlines,
and OWbN specific things. (such as certain Tribal leadership

I believe that as Changing Breeds Coord, I am a Coordinator,
not a Org Storyteller. With this in mind I plan on being more of
facilitator of national plot, rather than implimenting it myself. When
it comes to national plotlines, I would like to work more closely with
the STs of the chronicles as to what they would like to see in terms
of a national plot. I believe this would prevent national plots that
only 1 or 2 games participate in. I also believe that I am the one
elected into this position and therefore the agenda I have put forth
is my responsibility to uphold. Communicating and letting everyone
know what's the CBC office is doing between both the player base and
with the STs of the org, is one of the most important tasks that I
could do, along with resolving issues and maintaining genre. Without
this communication, it appears that the coord office is doing nothing,
causing dissent amongst the games. If I just took a few minutes of my
time on a monthly (or bi-monthly) basis and send out an email updating
everyone, I believe a lot of the issues and drama within OWbN Garou
would be resolved. Thank you all for your time and I am happy to
answer any sort of questions you might have regarding my application.
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Kenosha: Memento Mori
Chicago: Dark Requim
Sheboygan: Blood on the Lake
City of Springs
Milwaukee: Nocturnal Rapture
Rage Across the Cape

Karen Hechel

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