Revision of New Character Creation Bylaw, Section 1, Article C

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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 12-Oct-2002 1:00AM EDT
Closing: 20-Oct-2002 1:00AM EDT

It is hereby proposed that the wording of Section 1, Article C be changed from:
C. These points may be spent only as Experience points, not as creation points. Therefore these points may be spent on Abilities, Willpower, Traits, or Disciplines, but can not be spent to avoid negative traits or flaws or to buy them off. This also would not allow extra merits or lower generation, or the Mentor background to be purchased with these points.
We also feel that it should not be allowed to purchase out of clan disciplines above the level of the second basic in a discipline that is not of the clan that is chosen. Or if the discipline is strictly controlled by the clan possessing it (I.e. Chimerstry, Melpominee, Mytherceria, Necromancy, Protean, Quietus, Serpentis, Spiritus, Thaumaturgy, Thanatosis,) should not be allowed to be bought above the first basic level. If these players wish to have these they should roll play their efforts to learn them.


C. These points may be spent only as Experience points, not as creation points. This spending should follow your Chronicle's House Rules. It is suggested that new characters not be allowed to buy things they would need to earn through roleplay, such as: Mentor, Generation, Merits, removal of Negatives, etc. It is also suggested that these points not be allowed to purchase above second Basic in any out of Clan Disciplines, nor above first Basic in any Clan-specific Disciplines (Chimerstry, Protean, Mytherceria, etc.).
Rules of Rare and Unusual applies to how this XP is spent.

By amending the wording to this Article, the way the XP is spent is not implied or required in any fashion, but is merely suggested. This removes an implication that House Rules and ST discretion are not acceptable in the view of this Bylaw. The removal of the line "should roll play their efforts" also removes an implication that min-maxing is a good way to earn "kewl powerz."

Rory Frederick
ST/CM Stockton by Night

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