Conclave Hosting Requirements

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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 20-Nov-2003 1:00AM EST
Closing: 20-Nov-2003 1:00AM EST

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Proposed that the following be adopted as a new Genre Bylaw


Conclave Types and Hosting Requirements

1. Local Conclaves

i. Requirements to Host a Local Conclave

Local conclaves do not need the approval of Council to take place, as long as all of the issue dealt with are local to the chronicle. The only requirement is a cooperative agreement between the Storytellers of the game and one of the Clan Coordinators responsible for a Justicar.

ii. Docket

Local conclaves may only deal with issues that affect only one (1) game. If characters bring issues to a Justicar during the course of a local conclave that are relevant to more then that chronicle, the Justicar will table or refer the issue to the docket of a future Global conclave.

iii Number of Conclaves permitted

There is no limit to the number of local conclaves that may be held per year.

iv. Reporting

A report of the proceedings of the conclave will be made to the OWBN-ST and OWBN-Council lists and must be included in the subsequent chronicle report.

2. Global Conclaves

i. Requirements to Host a Global Conclave

To host a global conclave you must submit a bid to the Coordinating team via the Head Coordinator or an Assistant Head Coordinator. Bidding for Global Conclaves opens each year on Janurary 1st for global conclaves to be held
between July 1st of that calendar year and June 30th of the subsequent year. Once the bidding process is opened, games have six (6) weeks to submit bids to the Coordinator team. These bids should include suggested docket items for the IC Conclave as well as an evaluation of any IC and OOC elements that the bidding game feels would enhance the conclave. (Examples: a description of the possible game site, local history related to the conclave docket issues, etc.) Once bids are submitted and the bid period is closed, the coordinator team has two weeks to review the bids and add comments. Bids are then submitted to Council with the Coordinating Teams comments attached. During the two week review period games will be allowed to modify their bids
based on Coordinator commentary. Bids that are submitted to Council follow normal council voting procedures. At the conclusion of the voting, the bid that has the majority of votes will be given permission to host a Global Conclave. Should changes in planning dramatically alter the approved bid for the Conclave, the hosting game must notify Council of these changes. If the changes are deemed too drastic, Council may vote to remove their approval of the bid.

ii. Docket

The docket for the conclave will be set by a cooperative agreement of the Coordinating Team and the Storytellers of the hosting chronicle, after the chronicle has been approved to host a global conclave by council. The docket
should consist of issues that have been brought to the attention of the Coordinating Team since the last Global conclave.

iii. Number of Conclaves permitted

No more then one (1) global conclave per year is permitted. It is recommended that Global Conclaves be held less frequently then once a year. Should an emergency require a one-time Global Conclave that would exceed the one (1) a year limit, a Article Two vote may over-ride this bylaw, however it is recommended that this only be used in dire circumstances.

iv. Reporting

A report of the proceedings of the conclave will be made to the OWBN-ST and OWBN-Council lists and must be included in the subsequent chronicle report.

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