Administrative Proposal: Bylaw Addition: Requirements to Host a Global Conclave

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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 05-Aug-2008 1:00AM EDT
Closing: 29-Jul-2008 1:00AM EDT

[Ammended to add 10 & 11.]

I hereby propose the following Administrative Bylaw have addition "a" added to 10.B.i.1:

B) Global Conclaves
i) Requirements to Host a Global Conclave
(1) To host a global conclave you must submit a bid to the Coordinating team via the Head Coordinator or an Assistant Head Coordinator.
(a) The bid shall include:
1) proposed site (including address)
2) date availabilities confirmed with the site
3) budget for the site (including expense of the site and proposed fees for the game to afford the site)
4) information about the site (number of people it can host, rooms, accomodations to hotels and transportation hubs)
5) alcohol policy for the site and other regulations of note
6) a listing of the proposed staff for the event
7) a list of support from Coordinators and/or nearby games' Council Reps
8) potential Conclave docket items and other proposed IC items of interest
9) a cancellation plan in the instance of site contract requirements
10) Recent history that outlines why this location would be chosen for
a Conclave.
11) OOC things to do in the area.

Obviously, if some of these items aren't necessary to the submitter's bid, the bidder can write in "n/a", but IF they are relevant, I feel strongly that it is important for the member chronicle that is left footing the bill to be prepared with an adequate plan and for Council to take that into consideration.

I think that an event of the size of our Conclaves needs to be well-organized from before the bid, and I think that Council should be aware of all factors prior to the bid being voted upon. I have TWO completely different reasons for this:

Reason #1:

The move of the date of Conclave occured because a site was unable to be found on the date proposed. The move of the date to November 7-8 leaves us, after opening the votes for the IC Conclave docket items IMMEDIATELY on Monday November 10, 2008, with 2 weeks for the genre votes. They will close on November 24th, pending no delay in the system.

Administrative Bylaw 4.A.iv:
iv) No proposals relating to this election, election process, or the voting procedure may be proposed nor ratified within seven (7) days of the beginning of the voting period until the end of the election(s).

Argueably, the results of the Conclave could very well affect the elections of the Genre Coordinators, so the Genre Coordinator Elections cannot happen until the Conclave docket items are done being voted on by Council on November 24th at the earliest.

Administrative Bylaw 4.B.v:
v) The Ballot will be presented to Council seven (7) days before the voting period begins for discussion, but no later than December First (1st ) without a ratified proposal granting the Head Coordinator an extension.

That leaves us a window of EXACTLY 6 days to get all of the Conclave votes done and get the Genre Coordinator Elections opened and applications organized on time without a proposal to extend elections.

And I think that is running us quite late, because then Coordinator Elections will open, hypothetically, November 25, which means our Elections will close December 16th this year - the week before Christmas.

I think that this incredibly late timeline could have been avoided, and October 17th & 18th 2008 would have been far more ideal.

Reason #2:

Please check out this link:

It is an event bid policy for another hobby group I am involved in. I've so far personally bid under these standards twice for events (which, said event, is running the exact same weekend as Conclave for me... ironically enough). I think it is a well-thought out and organized method of bidding for annual large-scale org-wide events, and a good idea for us to adopt in part.

Jenn Louise Bahrs
Assistant Head Coordinator

I am like vicious
tyger of bureaucracy
stalking bylaw-fu

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