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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 20-Jul-2004 1:00AM EDT
Closing: 20-Jul-2004 1:00AM EDT

Proposed that the following remove Articles One, Two, and Three and the mission statement from the charter and remove the charter entirely as well as all references to the Charter from the bylaws. Additionally Section 7.B from the Disciplinary Section will be deleted.
The Mission statement will labeled as such and placed first in the Bylaws. The mission statement still contains wording regarding the sovereignity of chronicles.

Article Two will be move to a new Administrative Bylaws Section 3. This is for exceptions to the rule.

Article Three will be moved to Character Regulation Bylaws Section 14. Accepting the consequences gets moved to character regulations where it belongs.

The text below will become Administrative Bylaws Section One.

All sections will be re-numbered as appropriate.


1. Chronicles

A. What is a chronicle
A chronicle is a geographically localized body of players, including STs and a Council Member. The Council Member is assumed to represent the will of the chronicle to OWbN, however the Council Member is not assumed to have the ownership of the chronicle, which is assumed to belong to the body of players as a whole, including the STs and Council Member. Players may also be members of multiple chronicles.

B. Chronicle Boundaries and Control
Chronicles have full control over the events inside of their boundaries. These boundaries are registered with the archivist, but should be well known to surrounding chronicles. Storytellers wishing to run scenes in another chronicles boundaries must first obtain permission from a Storyteller from that chronicle.

C. Plot
Chronicles may not direct STs or players that events in other chronicles did not happen in their local chronicle continuity. Events in OWbN chronicles are part of the OWbN continuity, and must be accepted as valid IC events for all OWbN, unless redlined by the originating STs or Council. Chronicles may, however, lessen or change any effects that outside events might have on their local chronicle as long as these changes do not fundamentally alter or end the plot. This does not apply to OWBN Council approved plot, which must be run as passed.

D. Denying Entry
The storytellers of individual chronicles have the right to ban any player or character from their game if s/he would upset game balance or plot. Alternatively storytellers may ask a player to temporarily alter their sheet or item cards to be allowed entry into the chronicle. If a player accepts the changes to gain entry then they must follow Character Regulations Bylaw Fourteen. Any player or character that is banned from a chronicle must be announced on the OWBN-ST and OWBN-Council lists, included in the chronicle report, and the player should be notified if possible.

E. House Rules
i. Storytellers have the right to craft a set of house rules for their chronicle, these rules should primarily clarify or re-intepret the core rules books of their genre. House rules may also be defined to set the style of play within the game. The core rules books will be used, except when specifically disallowed by these bylaws.
a. House rules may not contradict the OWBN specific rules as specified in the bylaws or genre packets. House rules may address areas that are not covered in either of these places.
b. House rules must be easily accessible. They should be placed on the web and/or at the check-in desk of games.

F. Following the Bylaws
i. All members of OWBN are responsible for adhering to the OWBN Bylaws, Genre Guidelines, Rules and Regulations. However when related to chronicles, the Storytellers and Council Members will be responsible for the actions of their Chronicles.
ii. For a bylaw, genre document, rule and regulation to be binding, it must be on the OWBN website. The HC and/or AHC is responsible for ensuring all applicable documents are on the OWBN website.

G. Discipline
1. Chronicle discipline is the province of the Chronicle Staff, however disciplinary actions passed by Council must be enforced by the Chronicle Staff.
2. Every chronicle must have a written disciplinary policy. These policies must be made available either on the chronicles' website or at the check-in desk.
3. Reporting
i. The chronicle may submit any chronicle disciplinary actions to the elected Archivist via their bi-monthly chronicle report, who then will compile and maintain a record of all members given chronicle disciplinary actions. This list will be available to any ST, Council Member, or Coordinator within OWBN. They may ask the Archivist for the list of players, or may inquire after a particular member in that regard.
ii. A Storyteller from the chronicle that submitted the disciplinary action may have said action removed from the Archivist's list.

H. Withdrawal
1. A chronicle may always withdraw from OWBN.
a. When a chronicles is expelled or withdraws from OWBN, players from that chronicle may transfer their characters to other active chronicles, if their transfer is accpeted by another active chronicle.

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