2003 Election for Giovanni Coordinator

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Proposal Type: Coordinator Elections (Full Term)
Opened: 02-Dec-2003 1:00AM EST
Closing: 08-Dec-2003 1:00AM EST

Applicant Name: Jim WilliamsApplicant Email: SGiovanniX@eotr.org
Applicant Home Chronicle: EotR
Support From:


I have been ST of East of the River for almost 3 years. I have also been East
Coast Giovanni Subcoord for almost 3 years, both under Alex Kallend and Chris
Barrs ,a position in which I have been extremely active. I am very familiar
with most World of Darkness settings, including the forever fading Oblivion.

Have been a PC at Westchester by Night and LoNE for 2+ years (I think)

Personal Statement:

The Giovanni are, in my opinion, one of the most difficult Clans in the WoD to
play "correctly". They are an insular, highly secretive clan with a very unique
position within the Jyhad. The Giovanni of OWbN are a diverse group, with
character concepts as diverse as the players who portray them.

My role as Giovanni Coordinator would be to encourage that diversity while at
the same time making very clear the most important aspect of Clan Giovanni:
Family Unity. The Giovanni are one of those few clans for whom family is more
important than friends,more important than sects or coteries. For a Giovanni
the Family is the most important thing there is. This is not an optional bit of
genre, it is what the Giovanni are based on. The family structure is as
important to the Giovanni as the Pyramid is to the Tremere. I would like to see
this fact made clear, not only to the Giovanni players; who are QUITE aware of
it, but to OWbN as a whole.

I would also, as Giovanni Coord, be interested in talking to STs and players
from chronicles about what role the Giovanni play in OWbN and what they would
like to see from them. This communication is the biggest challenge of the job.
It is also the jobs most important aspect. Needless to say, I believe that I am
up to the the challenge.


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