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Proposal Type: Coordinator Elections (Full Term)
Opened: 25-Oct-2001 1:00AM EDT
Closing: 01-Nov-2001 1:00AM EST

Applicant Name: Cass WhittingtonApplicant Email: exquis_cadavre@yahoo.com
Applicant Home Chronicle: Cleveland
Support From:


I started with D&D, when it consisted of three thin, badly written
tan books--my Dad was my first DM, etc., etc. In short, I've been gaming

LARPing and OWBN:
I began STing ConLARPs in '94, using a home made system. In '96, I became the
HST and Council member for Cleveland, and also was chosen to Coordinate Madame
Guil. I remained Toreador Justicoord until I was elected HC last year.

Personal Statement:

We accomplished a lot this year.

I think one of the most important factors in that was a fabulous Coord team.
When I started out my term, I got as many Coords in a room as I could, and
explained to them that we were going to work hard this year, and that I was
going to expect them to actively seek out ways to improve OWBN, and move
towards them. Over all, I think they have done a wonderful job with that.
Its been very hard on some of them, but I believe that this year's Coord team
has improved inter-Coord communications, improved relations with STs and
Council, encouraged and deepened genre adherence, entertained a lot of players,
and improved administrative processes we use to make working together as a
community of games run more smoothly.

I am particularly proud of the level of cooperation between Coords that I
saw on the Coord list this year. I think that assisting the Coords in
becoming more of a team is one of my best accomplishments.

Of course, the STs and CMs of OWBN should also take a bow; this year we
handled some nasty crises with over-all level-headedness, and still
managed to make some very needed reforms to OWBN, including getting
more focused about the direction we want OWBN to take in the future. At the
same time, we adopted some of WW's metaplot, and adapted it to OWBN's
unique needs.

Despite some rocky moments on the list, we have generally proceeded
with a high level of cooperation, and an underlying acknowledgement
that we are all trying to improve OWBN in our own way.

The legislation we have passed has not always been perfect, and particularly
with our R&U decisions, we have sometimes found that our approach
needed to be changed-but we were flexible enough to admit that, and
to seek new methods.

I personally am very proud of how far we've come this year.

We still have a lot of work to do, and we all know it. We need to work
on better integrating non-Cam and non-Vampire games into OWBN. We need
to help players feel like they are being listened to when they have opinions on
OWBN administrative and legislative matters. We need to continue improving
communication and cooperation between Coords and STs. We need to fine tune
the bylaws to give STs the maximum creative flexibility, while protecting the
interests of the community of games as a whole. We need to continue polishing
our guiding legislation so that it better reflects who we are and what our community
values. We need to tighten up some of our administrative procedures, to make
them simpler and faster.

We have a lot we need to accomplish in this upcoming year, and I hope to
be able to be a part of that. I think I still have a lot to contribute to OWBN's
growth as an organization, and I would appreciate a chance to keep on
facilitating the changes we need to make.

I do hope you will elect me, but I hope even more that no matter who you
choose to lead you, you will continue with the improvements we started together
this year-that you will continue to work towards the OWBN that we all
deserve to play in.


Applicant Name: Ty Wilda
Applicant Email: vampirety@qwest.net
Applicant Home Chronicle: St. Paul
Support From:


Former HST Kenosha-2 years
Former Giovanni Coordinator-3 years
Ancient ass gamer-many years
Bunch of other OWBN related stuff-god knows how long now

Personal Statement:

Please note- this is cut and paste from the letter I sent to get nominated. I'm uncertain of who may be behind me and so am leaving the References sections blank. Anyone who wants to jump in the mud and
as a reference can feel free to do so if it's important.

Reasons for running-
There's been a quiet sort of grumbling about OWBN for the past year or so. Chronicles are dropping out or being forced out. People are losing rust in the organization. I think that this may be a matter of the organization slowly becoming a "top down" sort of group and some possible reality behind the perception that the Council is a sort of "old boy's club" where politics is as important as what makes sense and what makes the game fun. I don't know if I can do anything to change that but I want to try.

Fewer pre-emptive rules-council should not be making rules against things that haven't happened yet.
Less bureacracy-there's just too damn many rules and votes getting in the way of making good plots and storylines.
More national plots-not automatically earth shattering Year of Reckoning type stuff but a chance for games to be tied together in small ways.
Return of power to the Co-ordinators-they've been almost reduced to list keepers and index makers in the past year. That was not their intended purpose.

None of the above is meant to slight or insult anyone in particular or general, it's just my assessment of the org taken together with that of many people I've talked to over the past few months.

Thank you all for your time
Ty Wilda


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