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Proposal Type: Coordinator Elections (Full Term)
Opened: 24-Oct-2008 1:00AM EDT
Closing: 31-Oct-2008 1:00AM EDT

Applicant Name: Jenn Louise BahrsApplicant Email: nauraki@yahoo.com
Applicant Home Chronicle: Indianapolis, Indiana

*Background: Introduction*

Ill do my best to keep things short and simple: I am Jenn Louise Bahrs, and I am applying for Head Coordinator of One World by Night. I do this because after more than a decade of interaction I still love this organization as a hobby and desire to continue contributing to the very best of my abilities.

Mundanely, I have a Bachelors degree as an Industrial Designer, which is about creative problem solving, development, and approaching issues with innovative strategy.

*Administrative Experience in OWbN*

Administrative ST of Indianapolis, in charge of re-applying to OWbN Council Representative of Indianapolis Assistant ST of Cincinnati Council Representative of Cincinnati Assistant Head Coordinator, 2005-2008

My experience begins in 1994, when I was a Storyteller for Werewolf tabletop. When I moved to Cincinnati for college in 1997, I discovered the (what is now OWbN) Cincinnati Vampire LARP on the night of an interesting merger. I was the administrative ST of Indianapolis (for approximately 1.5 years) that took care of the games re-application in its second (and current) state. Ive been a Council Member for Cincinnati and for Indianapolis. I was an ST of Cincinnati as well (for approximately 1.5 years), during which I updated the database and our obsolete R&U registration. I have had three terms of experience (2005-2008) on the Executive Team.

As Assistant Head Coordinator, I opened and closed votes, made proposals for streamlining the bylaws, made proposals for disciplinary measures when necessary, mediated disputes between players and storytellers and Coordinators, mediated transfer disputes, and handled other administrative details. In this past term, I have become the most active member of the Executive Team which leads me to believe I would be an ideal Head Coordinator candidate.

*Additional Administrative Experience*

My other hobby Organization is the Society for Creative Anachronism which has given me a wealth of administrative experience. I have now been an autocrat (an individual that organizes and runs events) for two major events with a third to come. The position of Autocrat involves organizing an entire staff, negotiating a contract for the site, advertising in publications, and ensuring the event will run smoothly. I also created and maintained my own websites for these events.

1.) South Oaken Arts and Sciences Faire, a regional (Ohio and Kentucky) event which had roughly 150 people in attendance. (http://www.basternae.org/dragonfly/southoakenartsandsciences.htm).
2.) Middle Kingdom Crown Tournament and Kingdom Arts and Sciences faire, a Kingdom level event (Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, and Ontario) which had over 500 people in attendance over Memorial Day weekend. (http://www.basternae.org/dragonfly/middle_crown_kas.htm)
3.) The Known World Academy of the Rapier, which is an international level event. For this I had to make a bid to the Society-level of the non-profit organization SCA, Inc I estimate 300 people in attendance. This event will run November 7-9, 2008 of this year. (http://www.basternae.org/dragonfly/index.htm).

*Personal Statement: My goals*

My most important objective is to get our Bylaws under control and reorganized. They *must* be updated regularly and maintained for efficiency, clarity, and cohesion. This will eliminate items that are cumbersome or outmoded to our current position as well as grant us the opportunity to improve the governance of our organization.

I would continue to facilitate the mediation of that balance amongst Councils discussions. I do not feel the need for us to over-regulate the Organization, rather which it is best to find a balance between rules and the creativity of individuals and chronicles to create a united but dynamic story.

I would continue to seek cooperation amongst all of the hard-working volunteers that run this Organization. I feel it is important for Storytellers and Genre Coordinators to not take an adversarial stance against each other, but rather, to work together for greater progress in the Organization. It comes down to the compromise that makes the mutual truce between such interests remember that we are here to enable the game of the players.

I would like to remove the R&U Category from the Character Regulations and make it its own section and find a better manner in which to communicate that bulk of information to the membership of One World by Night. This has simply become a cumbersome mess over the years. It is one of the primary sections of the bylaws that need the most updating.

Another of my objectives will be to explore the possibility of Proposing to Council a regional Brazil AHC. We have 11 games in Brazil, with more applying their games every few months. I only expect this number to grow. This term we had a significant disconnect with the Coordinator Team and the Brazilian Chronicles, and there were problems that were near impossible to mediate or understand primarily due to distance, not being able to know the full extent of the issues, and the difficult language barrier. This possible Proposal would need to be discussed at length with the Brazil Chronicles, as well as Council, to determine what course of action would be best to service that significant membership base of our Organization.

In addition to my aforementioned active objectives, I promise my continued attention to this Organization to the standards that I have maintained for the last three years. My prior record is a solid indicator of how hard I will work for this organization to see it succeed. I will continue to pay attention to the Council discussions and respond to email, I will continue to voice my concerns, I will continue to make Proposals to Council when I feel it is necessary for Disciplinary or Bylaw issues, and I will continue to advocate that which I think is forward progress for the betterment of our Organizations future.

*Personal Statement*

I am interested in communicating my experience and my understanding of what a Coordinator has an obligation of duty to do, my objectives of things that I feel would make a difference in the Organization, and my determination to do the very best that I feel I can do for our future. I have made goals, and I expect to be held accountable for them if I am elected into the office of Head Coordinator. I will put forth my best effort to accomplish that which I have said I will do (and I will not wait until the last month of my term to complete my campaign promises, either).

I know that tensions are high in the Organization right now. I see that Council has become a partisan creature, with chronicles that crave the nostalgia of chronicle sovereignty and with chronicles that seek uniformity in the shared universe. I will not be so nave or condescending as to say that I can get everyone to just simply see the bigger picture and thereby stop their disagreements; Council will never cease to disagree. What needs to occur is a coaxing of the balance of the two concepts - chronicle integrity and the idea of one world - for forward progress with an eye on the future of our Organizations growing pains as more and more member chronicles are brought on board. We need to pull back when we are over-regulating the governance of the Organization, and we need to encourage adherence to issues which should seem more common sense but have become the knee-jerk reaction to the abuse in the system.

If you vote for me, and I win, I will do the best I can to get the job done.
I'm Jenn Louise Bahrs, and I approve this message.


NVA, City of Springs, Steel Valley, Gary: Forged in Blood, Shadows of Cincinnati, Tampa: Under Night's Cloak, Ocala: Hell is Taken, Gainesville: the New Confederacy, Delaware Valley Dreamscape, Pirenopolis by Night: No man's Land, Civitas Pacis Aeternae, Vitae Aeternus, Indianapolis: Shades of Crimson, Shadows of St Louis, Thicker than Blood, Dark Haven, A Family Affair, Shadow of the Phoenix, Within Shadows Reach, St. Augustine: On Haunted Ground, Columbus in Darkness, Kings of New York, Secundus Surrectum.

D. Scott Stewart, Head Coordinator, T. Doug Madsen, Camarilla Coordinator, Rojir McCrady, Assistant Head Coordinator, Chad Whitley, Ventrue Coordinator, Mike Porch, Sabbat Coordinator, Dawn Ireton, Archivist, Josh Wasta, Giovanni Coordinator, Dale, Brujah Coordinator.

Frank Romeo, Gangrel Anarch Subcoord, Jessica Faith Johnson, Camarilla and Ventrue Subcoord.


Name: Anne Zellmer

Chronicle: Milwaukee: Nocturnal Rapture

Support From:
Milwaukee: Nocturnal Rapture
Green Bay: Shattered Dreams
Sheboygan: Blood on the Lake
LaCrosse: River's Edge
Kenosha: Memento Mori
Chicago: Dark Requiem
Carbondale: The Forgotten Court
Springfield: Capital City Cauldron
Edwardsville: Caught in Eternal Twilight
Indianapolis: Shades of Crimson
Willow Springs: Shadows of the Jewel
Tampa: Under Night's Cloak
Bradenton: Chaos & Entropy
Atlanta: Whispers of Atlanta
Stockton: Stockton by Night
Iowa City: L'Ange Noir
Amador: River of Shadows

Sonoma, Napa Counties: Shadows Crossing - Probationary
Brujah Coordinator

Background and Experience within OWBN:

Hello! My name is Anne Zellmer and it is my intention to run for Head Coordinator of One World By Night.

I have been with the org for ten years and in that time I have played characters that have been beloved (Natasha Eriksen

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