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Proposal Type: Genre Packet
Opened: 09-Oct-2007 1:00AM EDT
Closing: 10-Oct-2007 1:00AM EDT

From Porch:
Hi, please direct all questions to, myself, here, or to Jason Jahr.

Here's revision two. It is attached to the proposal.

Sabbat Coord

From Jason:

Coordinator Bylaw: 3.C.iii states that, "Genre Coordinators must pass
before Council any plot, enforced policy, or binding edict they wish to
use which they can reasonably expect to affect multiple chronicles and
these proposals need not be seconded, but go immediately into
discussion." and 3.C.iii.1 states, "If no opposition is voiced during the week
of discussion, the proposal is considered passed and enforceable. Once
passed these are considered binding to all chronicles and a chronicles
refusal to adhere is grounds for OWBN disciplinary measures."

Character Regulations Bylaw: 8.D.i and 8.D.ii state that, "A catalog of
all converted paths and rituals within One World by Night shall be
made available to the organization." "This catalog shall include full
text descriptions of all paths and rituals contained therein."

I would like to propose the following attachment become a Genre
Standard in One World by Night as the Infernal Packet, which includes rules
for Infernalism, Demons and Dark Thaumaturgy.

This document has gone through revision after revision, it has been
playtested by several of the Sabbat Sub-Coordinators as well as the Sabbat
Coordinator to determine its restrictiveness as well as its kinks.

The sources used most heavily in the creation of this packet were:

Infernalism - The Path of Screams, Devil's Due and Sins of the Blood.
Other sources include: The Storyteller's Guide to the Sabbat and MET:
Sabbat Guide Revised.

Infernalism has been somewhat of the red-headed stepchild of One World
by Night and in White Wolf in general. However it is an aspect of the
World of Darkness that should have a rule set associated with it due to
the power also associated with it. In addition I firmly believe that
Infernalim should also have an experience table, as the powers that can
be received from it are great but should have a cost as well.

In addition, to further test the Packet I tailored an Infernal Plot
based in my Chronicle, CiET Edwardsville, using the rules, powers and
investments presented in the Packet. Initially the plot involved several
PCs and a few NPCs in the local area, but quickly spread to several
other PCs in One World by Night.

The result of this communication was a scripted scene over email that
lasted for several weeks and has only recently come to a close. The
scene was directed by the Players that became involved in the scene and
the outcome was determined by their actions in association with NPC
support against the Infernalist and her Demons. Intelligent Player
decisions as well as tactics prepared before the scene cause no PC casualties,
other than Aegis Burns, and several NPCs died in scripted deaths along
with the Infernalist and her minions that were destroyed at the
combat's resolution.

For references concerning the scene as well as information concerning
testing of the Packet, I would suggest contacting Team Sabbat as several
of the Sub-Coords in addition to the Coordionator have playtested and
given good marks on the Infernal Packet as written or any of the
following listed below...

The Chronicles involved were: CiET Edwardsville IL, WoA Atlanta GA, CCC
Springfield IL, SH Milledgeville GA, SoStL Saint Louis MO and MiD
Gainesville FL.

The Coordinators involved were: Nate Franklin (as his own PC), Terra
Doe and Mike Porch.


In addition, this Packet has gone through HEAVY revision after its
recent submission and subsequent objection. Requirements for Summoning and
Binding as well as clarifications for Demon Lore, Infernal Lore and
Demonology have been added. Information concerning Demonic influence
over the various Creature Types of the World of Darkness as well as
Demonic Manifestations have been added. Also information concerning just
what sort of a spirit a Demon is and where exactly Hell sits in the realms
beyond the physical have been updated as well.

Thanks to the cooperation by the various Coordinators governing
non-Vampiric Genre; Sena, Jason Place, Rojir McCrady, Liz O'Brien and Paul
Riggs as well as the Assistant Changing Breed Coordinator, Troy Essmann,
large amounts of information were compiled to more appropriately include
non-Vampiric information to this Packet. This also includes altering
Coordinator Control over the Packet to include the various Coordinators
of non-Vampiric Genre. I'd like to thank those Coordinators who gave
me their input and suggestions on how I can make this Packet work for

Jason Jahr
Infernal Sub-Coordinator

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