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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 05-May-2009 1:00AM EDT
Closing: 30-Apr-2009 1:00AM EDT

Repropping this now that I can:

Our game, as well as several other Garou games, feels that the current Garou-oriented Klaivesmithing prop, while well-intentioned, is poorly worded and too open-ended.

1)there is currently no definition of what has to be on someones sheet to
make them a "klaive smith". Is it the ability crafts with a spec in klaive
smithing? Is it the ability crafts with a spec in silver smith? Is there
anything other then an ability that makes one a klaive smith, and if so
what is it? Before we can make garou who fall in the category of "klaive
smith" r&u, we need to define in no uncertain terms how that category is

2)If a garou actually makes the cut for r&u and is declared a "klaive
smith" then there is nothing to stop them from producing a large number of
these rare items... kalives should be rare by genre and while this makes
garou becoming "klaive smiths" difficult, there is nothing stopping them
from handing them out like candy once they play nice enough to get past
the r&u vote.

3) many games have voiced an issue with the no grandfathering clause. With
no grandfathering, we are looking at going back through every klaive made
to see how it was made and by whom, propping deceased or retired pc
"klaive smiths" along with any current ones to council, and if they fail
the vote, redlining scenes that could be years old... this is a HUGE can
of worms that can be avoided if the situation is addressed differently.

With that said, I hereby propose the following:

"The creation of silver weapons/fetishes by Garou, including but not
limited to klaives, in any aspect other then performing the Rite of the
Fetish" will be Coordinator Approval."

((This gets around having to define a "klaive smith", a garou can possess
any knowledge they wish. It is the actual forging/creation of the silver
weapon that falls under r&u. This also means that is a garou makes the
right deals and pays the price of working with silver, the scene can be
sent to the CBC and if it involves cool RP and appropriate consequences,
THAT weapon will be created, any further silver weapons created will have
to undergo the same process and can not just be made on a whim. This also
eliminates the need for the no grandfathering clause, as even if a garou
made a klaive in the past, they can not do so again without that new
klaive being R&U))

"All Grand Klaives, regardless of how they are acquired in game will need
Coordinator Approval"

((Grand klaives are the rarest of the rare in the garou genre, and as
such, no matter who is making them or how they are aquired, they need CBC

As an addition to R&U Bylaws, Section 5, "Coordinator Approval", 5.A.xii:

iv. Coordinator Approval:
1. PC: Appropriate Coordinator Approval and Notification to Council,
NPC: Appropriate Coordinator Approval and Logged with said
Coordinator. (Reference Section 5,

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