Genre Proposal: Exemption to the Character Regulation Bylaws for Vincent King

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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 26-Nov-2008 1:00AM EST
Closing: 19-Nov-2008 1:00AM EST

I, Daniel B. Karpouzian, the Tremere Coordinator, in conjunction with the NVA staff, hereby propose an exception to the bylaw for the character Vincent King, played by Ian James (and based in NVA). We believe that this character has gone above and beyond the necessary IC requirements to earn a rise in IC rank. The character has been in play for 10 years now, and has done an exceptional job with assisting the genre and stature of clan Tremere org-wide.
Due to this, we believe the character known as Vincent King should be allowed to be promoted to the rank of Lord within the clan hierarchy of the Tremere. At this time, bylaws prohibit such rank from PCs, but this bylaw was instated before the advent of IC clan positions among other clans which affect the scope of more than a single chronicle. We also want to make it clear that this is not meant as a floodgate to allow such rank to become commonplace among PCs. But at the same time, the glass ceiling should be breakable by players/characters who have truly put in the hard work to earn it over a solid period of time. And as always with Tremere rank, this PC can easily lose the title if he makes any mistakes in the position.

To address ooc concerns regarding this promotion, this proposal carries the following restrictions:

1) Vincent King/Ian James will not be allowed to approve high rarity Thaumaturgy as laid out in the Thaumaturgy Genre Guide of his own volition. These rarity restrictions contain ooc checks-and-balances of subcoord and coordinator approvals. Such checks-and-balances will still have to go through the proper coordinators and STs. The Lord PC will be able to make IC recommendations, but final approval will still be in the hands of the coordinator and any involved STs.

2) Any PCs placed in Lord Vincent King's chain of command will require the approval of the storyteller staff of those characters. No storyteller staff in OWbN will be forced to accept the authority of this PC over their game without their advance consent.

We believe Ian James is an incredibly responsible player and will not abuse this position. We also reserve the right to take it away from him at any time if necessary. We also believe that the roleplaying opportunities created by a PC in this position would far outweigh forcing the character to become a coord-controlled NPC.

Thank you.

For reference:

1. Character Regulation
1. No PC may elevate to the rank of Lord, Pontifex, or Councilor.

-Daniel B. Karpouzian

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