2004 Election for Malkavian Coordinator

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Proposal Type: Coordinator Elections (Full Term)
Opened: 23-Nov-2004 1:00AM EST
Closing: 07-Dec-2004 1:00AM EST

Applicant Name: Duncan WyleyApplicant Email: dunx@owbn.org
Applicant Home Chronicle: Danse
Support From:


Gaming Experience:

About 23 years of various RPGs.
About 16 years of LARP
About 11 years of MET (predominantly Vampire)
About 8 years of OWBN MET
About 4 years of freelance MET writing for White Wolf

Responsibility Experience:

Staff Team leadership in various jobs
OWBN Malkavian Coordinator since 1996
Council Member/Storyteller in NZ for way too long
OWBN Head Coordinator of OWBN for 2+1/2 years

(Yes, some of this application is copied from last year, and probably from
earlier years. Saves on the typing, donchyewknow.)

Personal Statement:

Personal Statement:

Another year of Malkavian mentorship? Why not? Although I'm not actively
involved in gaming within OWBN at a direct level, I do enjoy the interaction I
have through the various NPCs at work for Storytellers within OWBN. As ever,
I'm just an e-mail away.

Organisation Stuff:

This last year has been fairly quiet, all told. Although I have encouraged each
new member of the Malkavian Storyteller list to spark some conversation, little
has occurred in that venue. I hope that we can change that this year. I'm
presuming, as ever, that no news is good news, and that the Malkavians of OWBN
are, in general, happily truckin' along. As a reminder, the e-list is owbn-malk-
st@yahoogroups.com - interested Storytellers can write to me for inclusion.

The MMN e-list, representing the Cobweb, continues to be a source of
entertainment and information to me, even though traffic has dropped off
significantly over the last twelve months. There are other IC communication
channels available to Malkavian players, and I believe they have likewise seen
a drop in post volume. I have no idea why players are posting less than they
once did. Perhaps there are less Malkavian players. Perhaps things are just
quiet, or perhaps many players are unaware of the availablity of these
channels. Storytellers might like to nudge their players towards their fellows.

This year I implemented a scheme of screening applicants to the MMN list, and
it has thus far proven effective in blocking spammers and external applicants.
Players and Storytellers wishing to join the list are directed to
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/mmn/ and mmn@yahoogroups.com. Verification for
membership is required from a Storyteller for the appropriate chronicle, as
listed on www.owbn.org

If re-elected, I will maintain my current Sub-Coordinators, William Genich and
Andre Lafaiete, presuming they wish to continue in these positions. I have no
intention of appointing any more Sub-Coordinators at this time. I may need to
find an eager Cobwebmaster to maintain the Malkavian Clanpages at
http://clans.owbn.org/malkavian/ if I can't find time to do it myself soon.


Oh, and I'm not touching ToJ until OWBN decides what it wants to do.

Game on!



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