Character Regulation Bylaw Addition: 14. Methuselahs

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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 06-May-2008 1:00AM EDT
Closing: 05-May-2008 1:00AM EDT

I hereby propose the following addition be added tothe Character Regulation Bylaws of our organization:

14) Methuselahs

A) A Methuselah vampire NPC is defined as a fourth or
fifth generation vampire.

i) A chronicle that owns a Methuselah NPC and wish
to bring it into play or direct influence of roleplay
shall notify the respective Genre Coordinator for that
NPC at least one week before use.
(a) The respective Genre Coordinator may object
to the notified use, if they feel it would damage the
consistency of genre.
ii) A Genre Coordinator may also request use of a
chronicle owned Methuselah NPC.
(a)This does not supercede any of the
restrictions on the duties of the Genre Coordinators
as outlined in section 3.C of the Coordinator Bylaws.
(b) The Genre Coordinator will notify the
respective chronicle that jointly owns the Methuselah
NPC of activity at least one week before use.
(c) The respective chronicle may object to the
notified use, if they feel it would damage the
consistency of the character.

B) While there is an objection, within the scope of
sections A.i.a or A.ii.c, the respective NPC cannot be

i) If no agreement can be reached, the issue may be
brought to the Executive Team for mediation, or the
attention of the Council (which may overrule the
objection by a majority vote).

C) If a sheet exists in the chronicles for these
Methuselah NPCs, it shall be logged with the Archivist
and the respective Genre Coordinator for consistency."

As an FYI, there are roughly 10 Methuselah vampire
NPCs in chronicle control in the organization. This is
a compromise to their ownership by these older
chronicles that do not wish to release them to their
Genre Coordinators (though I personally encourage them
to be given over in full jurisdiction of the
respective Genre Coordinators that should own them, I
understand that some games insist that they need to
keep these NPCs).

Thank you.

Jenn Louise Bahrs
Assistant Head Coordinator

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