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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 18-Jun-2004 1:00AM EDT
Closing: 17-Jun-2004 1:00AM EDT

Update 6/11/04 by DSS (HC): As per my agreement here is the exact text as it stands. Realize that this is currently in discussion and will most likely be changed when it comes time to vote on the actual bylaw.
b) Sect Coordinators

i) Sect Coordinators are responsible for:

(1) Monitoring and advising on status issues within the sect
(2) Provide guidance for Storytellers on the goals and activities of the sect as a whole
(a) Sect Coordinator and Genre Coordinators shall share joint control over NPCs deemed important to the Sect as a whole, regardless of clan.
(b) The executive team shall mediate disputes of control and portrayal of these NPCs.

ii) To this end, Sect Coordinators shall receive all powers outlined in Section 3.c.ii as directly related to the duties outlined in Section 3.b.i.

I propose the creation of the following coordinator positions:

1. Camarillan Coordinator
2. Lasombra Coordinator
3. Tzimisce Coordinator

I also propose the creation of Anarch Subcoord reporting to the Camarilla Coordinator.

I also propose that the following positions become sub-coordinator
positions reporting to the executive team:

1. Wraith Coordinator
2. Changeling Coordinator
3. Mage Coordinator

Should Council approve these changes, the specific duties of these
positions shall be outlined in a proposal called [Bylaw Codification]
to be presented to Council within 1 week of the close of this vote.

The reason for the [Bylaw Codification] statement in this proposal is
that I have a document ready to present to Council however, it is felt
that changes should be presented individually.

I will send out the text specifically related to the "Camarilla
Coordinator" position during the discussion because if Council feels
this position is acceptable but wishes to revise the exact duties I do
not want the vote to fail over the text.

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