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Proposal Type: Coordinator Elections (Full Term)
Opened: 26-Nov-2001 1:00AM EST
Closing: 03-Dec-2001 1:00AM EST

Applicant Name: Jason KnoxApplicant Email: knox_ness_monster@yahoo.com
Applicant Home Chronicle: Iowa City
Support From:
Iowa City


I am currently playing Bourbon. (Malkavian Primogen of Iowa City) Some of you
may have seen my Chicken Hut related player update witch was in the form of a
comic strip, if not just ask a L'ange Noir storyteller. I have game mastered
many role-playing games before such as Dungeons and Dragons, Shadow run,
Vampire the Masquerade (tabletop), and Earth dawn. I have learned the necessity
of good originational skills. I also am in daily contact with the head
storytellers of Iowa City: L'ange Noir, and therefore will have competent
advice whenever I need it.

Personal Statement:

When Storytelling or game mastering it is always best to give the players a
challenge. Merely giving something to a player who is not expected to give
something up to achieve the goal does not encourage creativity and will
eventually lead to a dead game. Stupid and uncreative vampires need to be
punished until they fall into good game habits. As a Coordinator I would not
feel right allowing people to hand things out to their players without players
having to sacrifice something in return. Exciting game play must be


Applicant Name: Shaughnn Lee-Capua
Applicant Email: shaughnn@ix.netcom.com
Applicant Home Chronicle: San Francisco
Support From:
San Francisco


A member of OWBN from Fall 1998
Semi-Annual travel across country to participate in OWBN events, and willingness
to travel more often
Former HSt for San Francisco's "Always Comes Evening"
Former OWBN Council Member for San Francisco's "Always Comes Evening"
co-Producer of the San Francisco "Marshal Law Conclave" of 1999
Former Assistant Admissions Flunkey for OWBN
player of OWBN characters Fra. Thomas Stoker(Nosferatu) and Simon Gael(Gangrel)
player of OWBN NPC's Archon Bruce Knight(Malk serving Guil), neer-do-well Caesar
Ghent (Brujah in Oakland)
"highly grab-able butt", as quoted by the Always Comes Evening-"St of 'No'"
(pertains to playing games of "Grab Ass" like you were always warned away from)
No professional skills in organization except a healthy respect for "chain of
command" and an appreciation for delegation when appropriate
Role playing goof since 1976 - yes, the "blue box"
Domestic Sales Representative - Berkeley Game Distributors (1994-1997)

Personal Statement:

I've come to love what OWBN represents in the breadth of the gaming
experience it provides and the incredible opportunity for community which I've
experienced. In the years that I've been a member of this organization, I've
witnessed it's growth and constriction. I've participated in it's conflicts and
enjoyed it's resilience. I'd like to be able to contribute more to it now.
Most recently, I've played a Nosferatu character (Father Thomas Stoker)
and through that experience I've become very appreciative of the group of
players who are those Nosferatu characters. While I am very reluctant to set
aside my present character to take up the coordination of behind-the-scenes
Nossieness, I believe that I will be able to help a lot of other players enjoy
their own experiences as Nosferatu more in the capacity of Nosferatu
With my own characters, I have always volunteered myself to the
storytellers at hand so that they might have a vehicle to spread important
information and, by that, expand the story as a whole. Some have accepted my
invitation and I'd like to think that it's been a pleasant experience. I'm not
fond of forcing plot onto characters and I try for very subtle methods before
dragging out the "Hammer of Oblivion". I'd like to continue that attitude as
the Nosferatu Coordinator. Where I might have spread local rumors to further
story, I'd like to see the Nosferatu Clan become a clearing house of information
used to drive *all* of our stories. But I'm not proposing that I would share
dirty little secrets. That's for the players to find on their own. :^) I'm more
interested in being the means by which storytellers can motivate their players
and develop interest in their stories. If I do disseminate information, it
would be at the request of storytellers and not at my own discretion.
I'd also like to see the Nosferatu Anti-Tribue players more involved
with Clan activities. For far too long the Camarilla Nosferatu have dominated
the Clan Lists and it's been very nice to have the recent influx of other
opinions. I'd like to nurture that interaction as I see it as being very
important to the overall Nosferatu experience. For this, I would work with the
Sabbat co-ordinator and the other relevant people, behind the scenes where
possible, to create a genre compliant atmosphere for that kind of exchange. I
may require the development of NPCs to drive certain views into the common
discussions but I've never believed that power equated effectiveness where that
is concerned and uber-NPCs are not to my tastes.
I suppose that that is pretty much all I have to offer in regards to
what I hope to accomplish if given this job. I see the co-ordinators of OWBN as
stewards and mediators and not bureaucrats or legislators. I see our task, if
I'm included, to be one of interpreting the rules rather than the creation of
new rules. I see the importance of "the long view" and I resist short-sighted
"fixes". And I would have very little interest in engaging in intrigue. I save
that for my characters. In real life, I'm a very straight forward person with
only a little tolerance for politicking.
Thank you for reading this far,
Shaughnn Lee-Capua
applicant for Nosferatu Clan Coordinator, OWBN


Applicant Name: Larry Wile
Applicant Email: nosnet@juno.com
Applicant Home Chronicle: NVA
Support From:
Washington DC


I started LARPing at conventions back in 1992. I attended this great event
called The Grand Masquerade put on by Night Owl Enterprises and I've been a
rabid Vampire: The Masquerade fan ever since.

I joined OWBN on June 26, 1996 (yes, I'm a geek) at the Northern Virginia
(Night...Falls) game.

During my years with OWBN, I've played Tremere, Ventrue, Giovanni, Setite, and
most importantly, Nosferatu.

I have been a storyteller four times since joining OWBN. First in 1997 in
NVA. I then joined Matt Morgan and STed in a new game called Vitae Aeternus
. My third and fourth times STing have been back in Northern Virginia. In
fact, I'm currently HST of Night...Falls.

As far as my administrative side goes, I was the East Coast Nosferatu SubCoord
for Matt Morgan for a few months. I was also instrumental in setting up
SchreckNET (OWBN's Nosferatu Listserv). I still administrate the list and we
currently have over 90 members.

My personal information, should it be required is:

Larry Wile
AIM: BigDaddyJamal
e-mail: nosnet@juno.com
cell: 703-861-3743

Personal Statement:

-Why would I make a good Nosferatu Clan Coordinator?

Well, for the past three years, I have portrayed a Nosferatu named Jamal.
However, just playing in a clan doesn't necessarily mean I'm qualified. I have
tried to keep on top of WW source material concerning Clan Nosferatu and have
worked closely with other Nos players around OWBN to ensure that we keep the
clan as a whole near to the genre WW and OWBN have created.

I happen to know Matt Morgan personally and have worked with him as a fellow
ST, fellow player, and as Nosferatu Clan Coord. With us being in neighboring
games, I have access to his knowledge as a Clan Coord and have a potential
sounding board when I have new ideas.

As many of you already know, I virtually live online. I have a computer right
on my desk and am available most of the day. I also make it a habit of trying
to quickly respond to e-mail within a day or so. I've been told not to be so
optimistic when it comes to answering the flood of Coord mail, but I'm hopeful

-What can I bring to the Nosferatu Clan experience?

Some would say that I'm almost as much of a fanatic about getting people online
as Bill Gates. More to the point, I'm a fanatic about getting Nosferatu on
SchreckNET. I definitely want to ensure that as many Nos players in OWBN are
on SchreckNET communicating. From Cambridge to Corumandel City, I want
Nosferatu exchanging ideas and trading secrets. I want to work with the STs to
ensure that current Nosferatu players and future ones are aware of SchreckNET
and can utilize it as a resource.

For those players who either have limited or no e-mail access, I would like to
work with STs to set up some sort of communication with those players (perhaps
a weekly or monthly status report of major events in OWBN. That way the
Nosferatu aren't always the last to know).

I definitely wish to continue helping with and finalizing the Nosferatu Clan
Packet that my fellow Nos players have been so diligently working on. It will
be an invaluable resource to both current and future Nosferatu players who want
to link in with the OWBN experience.

Another thing I want to definitely work with is the oft forgotten make-up.
Nosferatu are hideous. And many players (myself included) sometimes forget
this. I want to allow the players of OWBN a resource that would provide quick-
and-dirty tricks to enhance the roleplay experience.

Should I get elected Nos Clan Coord, I hope to work closely with the other
Coords as well as the various STs in OWBN to keep Clan Nosferatu as an integral
part of OWBN.

--Larry Wile
SchreckNET Admin Guy
Tree Friend
The Wide Eyed Optimist


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