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Proposal Type: Coordinator Elections (Full Term)
Opened: 02-Dec-2003 1:00AM EST
Closing: 08-Dec-2003 1:00AM EST

Applicant Name: Larry WileApplicant Email: nosnet@juno.com
Applicant Home Chronicle: NightFalls
Support From:


This is copied from from my original application from 2001 (updated where
needed), but it remains accurate.

I started LARPing at conventions back in 1992. I attended this great event
called The Grand Masquerade put on by Night Owl Enterprises and I've been a
rabid Vampire: The Masquerade fan ever since.

I joined OWBN on June 26, 1996 (yes, I'm a geek) at the Northern Virginia
(Night...Falls) game.

During my years with OWBN, I've played Tremere, Ventrue, Giovanni, Setite, and
most importantly, Nosferatu (for nearly four of my seven years in OWBN).

I have been a storyteller four times since joining OWBN. First in 1997 in
NVA. I then joined Matt Morgan and STed in a new game called Vitae Aeternus.
My third and fourth times STing have been back in Northern Virginia.

As far as my administrative side goes, I have been the Nosferatu Genre
Coordinator since November of 2001. Before that, I was the East Coast
Nosferatu SubCoord for Matt Morgan. I was also instrumental in setting up
SchreckNET (OWBN's Nosferatu Listserv). I still administrate the list and we
currently have over 135 members.

My personal information is:

Larry Wile
AIM: BigDaddyJamal
e-mail: nosnet@juno.com
cell: 703-283-1014 (call me anytime)

Personal Statement:

I have had the distinct pleasure of working as Nosferatu Genre Coordinator for
the past two years. During that time, I have accomplished two major goals I
had set for myself. The first was to get an OWBN-wide Nosferatu listserv up
and running. I am happy to say that SchreckNET is running strong with
approximately 135 members online at any given time. This provides the players
of OWBN an opportunity for extensive roleplay across chronicle lines, allowing
the best of OWBN, its shared universality, to truly shine. The second was to
compile a genre packet that STs and Nosferatu players could utilize to more
effectively and easily incorporate Clan Nosferatu and its special flavor into
each chronicle and the organization as a whole. Positive comments from STs
and players alike have proven the success of the packet.

During this upcoming term, I would like to continue to utilize SchreckNET as a
clan resource for players. I would like to work with individual chronicles in
ensuring that their Nosferatu players are aware of the existence of the list
and are provided the opportunity to become part of the list, and the Nosferatu
community of OWBN as a whole. I would also like to see how the Nosferatu
Genre Packet is incorporated into the organization and adapted for use by
individual chronicles.

One of the main goals I have this year for myself is to establish a series of
Regional SubCoordinators to assist local chronicles more easily and quickly.
In the past, the players of Nosferatu in OWBN have done such an excellent job
of communicating, I did not feel the necessity for Regional SubCoordinators,
but with the growth of the organization within the past two years, I feel it
will make local chronicles happier if they have someone who is aware of, and
able to quickly deal with, local issues.

Someone recently asked what we, as Coordinators, feel is the duty of a Genre
Coordinator and how we feel we should interact with individual chronicles and
OWBN as a whole. My answer may seem a bit simplistic, but it is the truth. I
feel my duty as Genre Coordinator is twofold. First, my duty is to maintain a
consistent feel for White Wolf genre as it pertains to Clan Nosferatu.
Second, my duty is to make sure that, within the scope of maintaining
consistent genre, everyone is having a good time. How much interaction should
we have with individual chronicles? As much as those chronicles desire. We
are custodians of genre as well as tools to be used to help sculpt new plot
and new stories for the chronicles and the players of OWBN.


Applicant Name: Michael Surma
Applicant Email: mike@ewextreme.com
Applicant Home Chronicle: Memento
Support From:


Administrative / Organizational Experience:
Project Manager, Learning and Development, Baxter Healthcare (2001

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