2005 Election for Nosferatu Coordinator

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Proposal Type: Coordinator Elections (Full Term)
Opened: 23-Nov-2005 1:00AM EST
Closing: 07-Dec-2005 1:00AM EST

Applicant Name: J.J. WurzApplicant Email: futuredirections@ameritech.net
Applicant Home Chronicle: CarpeNoctum
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1. The Beginning

I joined One World By Night on June 18th 1999, the first game after Carpe Noctum
hosted their big event in Oberlin, Ohio that year. I started out as being an
anti-LARP person who successfully ran three different three year Vampire
table-top games because Vampire is about horror and losing your humanness, not
about powerful spooky vampires who eat people. I also enjoyed Jyhad (now called
Vampire) the collectable card game, and still do. It was through some new
friends who played the card game that one convinced me to try OWBN and Carpe
Noctum because it was not your typical vampire LARP. So, I gave it a try. Here
I am, six years later, applying for Nosferatu Coordinator.

2. Characters Played

My first character, a Ventrue named Victor Stein, was built based on a single
serving Heinz ketchup delivered with my meal at the diner which we were
discussing characters for the game. Stein was all story based. I had no idea
about rules or what was powerful. I learned very early on about generation and
dominate though, causing me to role play with my eyes shut behind my sunglasses
for the duration of the character. He made Prince and I started traveling to
different games, most notably Columbus and Cincinnati at the time.

Orion, a Gangrel, also became Prince as well as fully entrenched in the national
Gangrel game. Orion was an elder of the Clan with Abigale Willoughby, Cicero,
Kurran DeSilvia, Nicholas Raine, Xavier Murdoch, and a very young Michael
Heartsblood at the time. Over two years of fplay, many discussions, meetings,
and a large Gangrel All-Thing called in Columbus that year, we pushed the
Gangrel becoming Camarilla again idea that went to OWBN Council and was tabled.

Next I drummed up a totally fun British Toreador character in a creamy ivory
suit named Barabbas who eventually became Harpy. This character was a challenge
because I relented to everyone else who acted against me or wanted to throw
chops. For almost a year I never once had a situation where I did not relent.

I tried a coterie next. Well, more of a family, of Malkavians, that had a Code
of Honor, were Fanatical to the family, hated fuzzy-bunny Malkavians, were
dedicated to ensuring Clan Malkav would do their full part to support and
protect the Camarilla, and were very Catholic. This was the Zarkas. I had six
people to start and we added more. Players made husband and wife combinations
and that was quite fun for role play purposes. The most interesting thing about
playing the Zarkas was we divided our home game not by Clan or politics, but by

I am currently playing Bunny

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