[Genre Proposal] NosferatuClanPacket 2009

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Proposal Type: Genre Packet
Opened: 05-May-2009 1:00AM EDT
Closing: 06-May-2009 1:00AM EDT

The Nosferatu Genre Coordinator team hereby propose the revision to the Clan Nosferatu Genre Guide.
Changes to this packet from the previous version published in the 2008 packet included are:

a.. Reformatted packet to allow for ease of reading and reference via the table of contents.
b.. Cleaned up and clarified some language in various sections that have caused confusion.
c.. Reanalyzed and modified various add-ons for Warren constructions that are optional for ST's.
d.. Added new Clan Position in Face and minor advantages to individualize each position.
e.. Modified Clan Prestige and clarified structure for awards at various levels.
f.. Modified Warrens Prestige and established set procedure for awarding it.
g.. Added optional "Fair Escape" rule for Nosferatu with access to Sewers or Warrens.
h.. Added optional mechanics for combination disciplines held by Clan Nosferatu.

[Packet attached to Proposal email.]

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