NPC Dalton Stevens for Obsidian Towers

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Proposal Type: R&U Submission
Opened: 17-Dec-2008 1:00AM EST
Closing: 30-Dec-2008 1:00AM EST

This is a Unique NPC and requires a majority vote.
Mortal/Misc. Genre
Rare type (Rare/Unusual/Unique/Etc...): Unique
Player Name: Obsidian Towers ST's
Character Name: Dalton Stevens
Type: Mortal
Additional Classification: None
ST EmailContact:
Game: Obsidian Towers
R&U Reason (Gypsy/Mummy/Historical Figure/etc...): "Real" Person
Notes (Any Notes that are applicable): Dalton Stevens is the "Button King" of South Carolina. I have had a request from a PC who wants to interact with this individual, which will likely involve the mortal's death. This request is for ownership of that NPC until this plot has run it's course, whether it be death or something else. Estimated length of time for Story Arc: 2 to 4 weeks (1 to 2 downtimes for us)
To my knowledge there is no Coord that would oversee this, hence, I have not asked anyone for their approval. As this is a "Unique" individual, any outcome other than Alive or Dead will require a new council vote. (i.e. no wraithing without approval). I will be working with the player for a write-up of the scene & the results, so that other chronicles can run "stories" if they want.

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