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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 04-Feb-2005 1:00AM EST
Closing: 04-Feb-2005 1:00AM EST

Below is a Proposal I have been asked to make by Vitae Aeternus Storyteller Pip Padden.

Reason for this prop. Pander are a distinct group separate from the Caitiff of the Camarilla, and Anarch populations. Because of this the Camarilla Coord should not have authority over Pander (Who by definition must be Sabbat).

Quotes relevant parts.
Character Regulation Bylaws
7. Teaching Disciplines
a. While any vampire can learn any discipline, they must learn out-of-clan disciplines from a vampire who possesses that discipline in-clan unless otherwise noted in the bylaws or clan genre packets.
b. Caitiff must declare three disciplines they possess as "in-clan" for teaching purposes at creation. The disciplines must be possessed in-clan by at least two clans (not bloodlines).
9. Rare & Unusual
b. Guidelines for determining R&U Category:
iii. Rare: Lasombra Antitribu, Gargoyles, Unusual Caitiff, Ravnos,Samedi, Daughters of Cacophony, OWBN-specific Bloodlines, Assamite bloodlines, Dispossessed to Loyalist, non assamites on path of blood,non assamite converts to the clan, Mariner Gangrel, Skin Dancers,Hengeyokai, supernatural kinfolk, dead PC Wraiths, Risen, Marauders,Nephandi, Dharma 5- Kuei-Jin, Akuma, Unusual True Faith, Selkies,unusual changing breeds, standard mummies.
c. The closest "full-blood" clan Coordinator shall coordinate appropriate bloodlines and creature types.
xi. Sabbat: Blood Brothers, Baali, and Salubri anti-tribu

Prop =>
add "and Pander" after Caitiff in 7.b.
change "The disciplines must be possessed in-clan by at least two clans (not bloodlines)." to "If any of these disciplines are not possessed in-clan by a least two clans (not bloodlines) then the character is defined as an Unusual Caitiff or Unusual Pander as befitting their sect." add "Unusual Pander," after "Unusual Caitiff, " in 9.b.iii. delete "and" before "Salubri" and Add " and Unusual Pander" to 9.c.xi

ST/CM Vitae Aeternus
MidAtlantic Ravnos SubCoord
Gypsy SubCoord
AIM: saint nothing
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