Revision of Bylaws, Admininistrative Section 7

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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 09-Dec-2003 1:00AM EST
Closing: 15-Dec-2003 1:00AM EST

After plenty of discussion I think the revisions arefinished. If there are any questions on it, feel free
to ask about them and I'll answer ;)



Proposed: That Section 7 of the Administrative Bylaws
be changed from:

Section 7: New Chronicle Admission
A. Chronicles Applying for Admission
1. Complete all relevant sections of the OWBN
Admission form (Available from the Admissions
Coordinator) and email it to The
Admissions Coordinator will work with the prospective
chronicle to work out any questions.
2. An Assistant Admissions Coordinator will be
assigned to the Application.
3. The Admissions Coordinator will then work with the
prospective chronicle to shift any plots that need to
be shifted to the OWBN structure. This is generally a
small task. But it helps people if your Chronicle's
Justicars have the same names as ours and this is part
of the plot shifts.
4. Your admission is then voted on and you will be
informed of the results (possible results are
Admission to OWBN/Extended trial Period/Denial).
5. Once this is done the Admissions Coordinator will
put your Application forward for trial membership to
OWBN. This means:
a. That you can have your storytellers on the
Storyteller email list.
b. You can have interaction with other chronicles in
the OWBN world and have OWBN players interact with
your game.
c. During a chronicle's trial period, characters that
exceed the guidelines of Sections 1, 6, 7, or 9 of the
Character Regulation Bylaws may not be transferred to
any full member chronicle without a Article Two vote
by council.
6. This Trial period will last for 6 months at which
time, barring any complaints from neighboring
chronicles or major problems fitting into the WOD
theme as constructed by OWBN, the new chronicle be
automatically granted full membership. The Orientation
Coordinator shall work with the newly voted chronicle
to help them adjust to membership in OWBN.
a. If a chronicle's admission as a full member of OWbN
must go to vote, the application must be updated as
necessary and the option for extending probation for
an additional 6 months will be considered. After one
year of probation a Chronicle must either receive full
admission or be denied membership. If denied full
membership, chronicles may re-apply for membership
after 12 months of the close of their vote.
7. A motion can be forwarded to the Admissions
Coordinator to Bar the Chronicle from Full Membership
by any council member. If the motion to bar is passed,
they must re-admit themselves after working with the
Admissions/Orientation Cord

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