Revision of New Character Creation Bylaw, Section 1, Article C

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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 12-Oct-2002 1:00AM EDT
Closing: 20-Oct-2002 1:00AM EDT

It is hereby proposed that there be a revision to Section 1, Article E of the New Character Creation Bylaws. It is proposed that the wording be changed from:
E. In no case shall any player ever receive points from a character that has been played in any OWBN Chronicle. If it has been Stamped, Initialed, or in any other way approved by a OWBN ST those points have been used and are to be considered spent and gone.

To do so is not in keeping with fair play nor is it conducive to respect toward persons that may be viewed as receiving preferential treatment. As an organization We have to set a standard for all chronicles to represent a play area that at least at one point is close to level. Using spent XP will only invalidate our standing with player of our game and others. The Chronicle may choose to award this experience in one large total sum or to spread it
over the course of several months, as demonstrated by the
Battlefield San Diego chronicle. We feel that a cap must be set to control the power level at the beginnings of a character to allow it to grow inside the story rather then being a full story unto itself.
This will in no way effect chronicles that choose to allow less but will put restraint on the side of some that have been known to give more.


E. Experience points already spent shall not be transferred or refunded to another character. Points spent and approved by the player character's home chronicle are gone.

By changing this wording, we remove a great deal of extraneous judgementalism and incinuations. Also, the first sentence of the Article reads that no experience gained can be used on a character who at attended an OWbN game. This wording actually states that you cannot gain XP for your current active PC.
These changes are vital and clear up a lot of vague wording and poor structure, as well as grandiosity.

Rory Frederick
ST/CM Stockton by Night

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