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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 12-Oct-2002 1:00AM EDT
Closing: 20-Oct-2002 1:00AM EDT

Due to the purely IC nature of the position of Harpy as well as the fluid nature of Status, it is hereby proposed that articles J and K (quoted below) be removed from Section 8 of the Bylaws, titled Reporting Requirements. These articles only create needless requirements of players who have worked and politicked In Character to achieve goals. It is over-bearing to require a player who is already in a position to aid enforcing genre in their chronicle to further be responsible to the org and have the potential of causing a failure to submit a full Chronicle Report.It is also not the duty of a Storytelling Staff to monitor the Status game being played by the PCs in their chronicles. Even the rules printed in Laws of the Night: Revised on granting and stripping of Status can be gotten around IC as long as no one takes actions to enforce that set of IC mechanics.

J. Additionally, the player of the Harpy (or sect/genre equivalent) in each chronicle will prepare an in-character report of Status issued/struck/etc, and notable events, along with an up-to-date list of positions, Elders, etc. This report should be made readily available on the chronicle's website, and also posted to the appropriate OWBN in-character list(s).
This will enhance the flavor of interaction amongst our players, and more adequately represent the convoluted method in which everyone is supposed to know who has what Status in their Sect/Tribe/etc.

K. If the player of the Harpy does not have Internet access, then an appointed Lesser Harpy - or in the absence of such, any member of the storytelling staff - may post on their behalf and under that Harpy's name, with the Harpy player's knowledge that the document is being posted and knowledge of the contents of the document.

Rory K. Frederick
ST/CM - Stockton by Night

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