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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 07-Apr-2005 2:00AM EDT
Closing: 31-Mar-2005 1:00AM EST

This Genre proposal requires no second, and once it is put into discussion, if there are no objections posted here within one week, it goes into effect without a vote. If objections are posted, it is voted on as normally. If posting an objection, please retain the original subject heading, with the addition of the word "OBJECTION", to assist in identifying posts that change this proposal's status.


In an effort to re-align the bylaws passed last August with what has been passed before in regards to R&U, I propose the following change to the bylaws:

R&U Bylaw 9.b.iv currently reads:

Unusual: Salubri Antitribu, Tzimisce Kolduns, Rogue Thaumaturgists, Sect Defectors, Clan Assamite Infiltrators, Dispossessed to Schismatic, Relatives of famous Garou, Spectres, Tradition Mages, Ghille Dhu, Chronus, Naming, Supernaturals with True Faith, Mortals with True Faith, Common changing breeds.


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