[Administrative Proposal] Revision and Addition to Character Regulation Bylaw 2.B

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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 20-Jan-2009 1:00AM EST
Closing: 13-Jan-2009 1:00AM EST

This does not require a Second, but if you do not agree you may put Objection in the subject line to force this Proposal to go to a vote.====================================================================

I propose that the following bylaw should have an addition to it:

Current Bylaw:

"2. New Character Creation
A. A new player character shall be restricted to the points allowed under standard
character creation in the appropriate Mind's Eye Theater rules, plus up to thirty
(30) experience points.
i. Any awards of traits, abilities, or other character statistics count towards
this limit as the amount of experience that the player would have had to
spend to purchase that particular statistic.
B. Up to thirty (30) unspent experience from a previous character may be rolled
over into the new character, however the combined total from storyteller awards
and unspent experience may not total more than thirty experience points for any
reason. Any awards made towards the creation of a new character must be
made within three game sessions of the character entering play.
i. These points may be spent only as Experience points, not as creation
points. This spending should follow your Chronicle

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