Path of the Wyrm for OWbN/MET

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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 16-Apr-2002 1:00AM EDT
Closing: 17-Apr-2002 1:00AM EDT

RUCoord Notes: I've read through this, and it looks good. I've classified that last stage/dance as R&U for PCs, since Incarna spirits as PCs are R&U. I'm regarding this proposal nuetrally. This proposal requires a majority vote to pass.
Ben Russell
Coord, R&U

Storyteller Notes:
This has been approved by both Ian (Sabbat Sub-Coord, KoNY ST) and the Garou Coord already. I don't know if it's been run by the Sabbat Coord but Jason requested that we submit this so that if anyone else wanted to use it we would be consistent. I have a PC who will be on this path.

Game Rules for Kindred Player Characters in the service of the Wyrm.
Part 1: The Path of the Wyrm
Path of Enlightenment for Kindred in the service of the Wyrm

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