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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 14-Mar-2003 1:00AM EST
Closing: 21-Mar-2003 1:00AM EST

This is genre proposal put forward by the Rare and Unusual Coordinator, according to the Genre Coord Powers Act, in section 3 of the Coordinator Bylaws. This proposal requires no second, and once it is put into discussion, if there are no objections posted here within one week, it goes into effect without a vote. If objections are posted, it is voted on as normally. If posting an objection, please retain the original subject heading, with the addition of the word "OBJECTION", to assist in identifying posts that change this proposal's status.

The R&U coordinator has the right to assign a category to any character type that is not well captured by these guidelines. Disputes between the R&U coordinator's interpretation and the submitting Storyteller(s) may be appealed to the Head Coordinator and/or Council. Additionally, by using the methods set forth for genre-related proposals, the R&U Coordinator may re-assign any element of a guideline into a different category.

Any system of this nature, flexibility and fluidity are a necessary component. The population types of One World by Night are likely to ebb and flow over the years, and the guidelines must be flexible to reflect the growth and change of the organization and its goals and needs.

(All changes being made after discussion with the Setite Coordinator)
Rare: Daitya *currently listed INCORRECTLY as Sect Defectors (Unusual).
Daitya were never part of any major Western Sect. Listing them as Rare rather than as they currently are would bump them up from Unusual to Rare.
They are Rare because they generally do not leave the Indian Subcontinent.

Rare: Children of Damballah *currently unlisted. They're Rare because they generally do not leave West Africa. They follow a distinct belief system, separate than that of most Setites, and the vote requirement helps to insure that they will be played correctly.

Unusual: Warrior Setites (Setites with Potence In-Clan instead of Obfuscate) *currently unlisted. They are Unusual because they should be tracked for genre maintenance purposes. This would place a notification requirement on them.

Clarification: Setites AND Followers of Set (non-Setite) with any Setite Sorcery Path, are NOT Rogue Thaumaturgists. Non-Setite Followers of Set are defined in the Setite Genre Packet as apostates of Set that have completed all of their Revelations successfully, have been named Pious by their High Priest, and have gotten Coord approval to be considered a Follower of Set for the purpose of the in-genre learning of Setite Sorcery.

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