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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 23-Oct-2002 1:00AM EDT
Closing: 31-Oct-2002 1:00AM EST

Proposal: Ventrue Infiltrators R&U
Earlier this year, Council passed a motion to give Giovanni "perfect" infiltrators a R&U classification. Following suit, I propose that "perfect" Ventrue infiltrators also be classified as R&U, under the "Rare" category. This would mean that PCs would require a council vote to enter play, and NPCs must be notified to Council.

Infiltrators are defined as: A character who is not a member of Clan Ventrue, but who is masquerading as such, with an EXCEPTIONAL background in-place to make them appear official.

As a rule of thumb, a "Ventrue infiltrator" is any non-Ventrue character that is attempting to circumvent the Clan Advantage by having a "Sire" in the clan cover for them that follows with the Clan's Lineage or impersonate/replace/pose as a Ventrue well enough to not arouse suspicion.
This proposal does not include any case in which a character's lineage is not an issue. (For example, choosing a fake name and claiming to be Ventrue with no lineage falsified or true to verify.) The Tradition of Accounting is very important to the Clan, and thus it is much harder to infiltrate due to the close ties that all Camarilla Ventrue are raised with. Ventrue do not allow their mistakes to continue, therefore should an "impersonator" be taken in, they will not take the place of the actual childe unless the kindred being "replaced" has been killed.

In addition to the normal R&U requirements, I also propose that Ventrue infiltrators be required to submit their background to the Ventrue Coordinator for record-keeping and administrative purposes. Many times, storytellers come to the coordinator to verify lineages, etc. I feel that this background information is critical for the coordinator to have, to minimize redlines, timestops, etc. while lineages and backgrounds are re-scripted to make sense.

This can include, but is not limited to, impersonation or having an Elder Ventrue take the PC under their protection for only the most important reasons imaginable. By its nature, this means that if another character, for whatever reason, contacts the Coord's office to find record of said person, the Coord is required to mislead the player and thus keep up with appearances to the person seeking the information, because the infiltrator has an approved background.

All Ventrue have a Lineage, and no amount of Influence or other abilities can be used to cover one's Lineage; being that to attempt such is to admit that the Kindred in question was embraced as a mistake. It takes time to research someone's Lineage, and therefore all concerns about it should be made to the Coord (likely via the Lineage Sub-Coord) by the STs of the PC who is looking.

-Jonathan Matras
Ventrue Coord

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