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Proposal Type: Genre Packet
Opened: 08-Nov-2001 1:00AM EST
Closing: 19-Nov-2001 1:00AM EST

Proposal: To stop the progression of the Proposals entitled Tremere Genera Document sections 1 through 12 as well as the Final Note by tabling the Adoption of any or all of the Tremere Genre Guidelines until after Coordinator elections are completed.
Submitted by: Holly-Anne Davis, SotM Council Rep.
Chronicle: Shadows on the Mall, Washington D.C.

I request this for the following reasons:

1. By placing his proposals on the table it will allow him or the new tremere coord if there is one to further develop the document so that it is more complete and has fewer holes as well as giving council, ST's and players the opportunity to assess how this document will either benefit or hinder them. It also gives everyone a chance to place their input to the tremere coord office without having a time table or deadline hanging over their head. This document deserves respect and shouldn't be rushed.

1 a. These documents are extremely important to OWbN. Its not something that should be taken lightly. The newest revisions deserve more then a week to consider and contemplate. ST's and Council Reps. need time to envision how this will affect their game and such. We've already been bring up how binding various things will be and I believe that it should be fully addressed before this becomes law.

2. While I am very much appreciative of Ross having reposted them and for the efforts of all involved I feel they still need work. Examples below (please note its not a complete list, simply a list of examples to let you know where i'm coming from):
A. Washington D.C. is missing from East Coast Section
B. Europe & Oceania areas lack a subcoord position
C. It does not include all versions of Thaumaturgy ( i.e. Setite, Assamite, etc..) (something which I believe we need to do)
D. It asks for bimonthly reports and yet does not state what the tremere office would like included
E. Council votes on subcoords. (While I appreciate the intent.
For council to start voting on subcoords just seems to take away more power from the coords and add more power to council).

3. We are getting ready to enter Coordinator elections. This should have been done months ago. I understand its a work in progress which is my only guess as to why it wasn't done sooner. As such it should be honored by having all its i's dotted and all t's crossed and not rushed in prior to elections with holes left untouched. When this passes it should pass without the idea that we can fix it later or add onto it in a few weeks. I know that I've heard that other people are also planning on running for Tremere Coordinator. If Ross doesn't win (and i'm not predicting anything or saying one way or the other) I believe b/c we are so close to elections that it would only be fair that the new Coord should have some say over Genre for the House and Clan Tremere.

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