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Proposal Type: Coordinator Elections (Full Term)
Opened: 01-Dec-2008 1:00AM EST
Closing: 16-Dec-2008 1:00AM EST


Darkhaven (Winona)
Experience and Personal Statement:

I won't promise to make this short as it's a promise I know I won't keep. I can promise that if elected, you will be gaining a Coordinator who is dedicated to growing and bettering the genre that we as players of One World by Night have worked so hard to build.

Gaming Experience:

I have been gaming since 1991, playing White Wolf, AD&D, Palladium, and Magic: the Gathering. Though I enjoyed many things about these systems, the story-based emphasis of the White Wolf system has always brought me back to it. Once I discovered the networking opportunities in Live-Action Role Playing with OWbN in 2003, I became passionate about the World of Darkness and what great things were done with the contributions of hundreds of dedicated players over the years. I served my Chronicle as both Storyteller and Council Representative in 2006. During this time I also contributed to the current edition of the Tremere Thaumaturgy packet and hosted the Grande Tribunal before becoming Northern Midwest Tremere Subcoordinator. As a Subcoord, I hosted a second Grande Tribunal in 2007, conducted surveys of my territory's needs, and was the catalyst for the creation of a secure central database stored online to record the approval of rare Thaumaturgy to
protect the players through the changes in ST and Coordinator staff. Since then, I contributed to the new Tremere Houses Packet and assisted the Tremere list moderator in transferring the in-character list to its new home, eventually becoming the list moderator myself.

Additional Experience:

I attended college in Winona, Minnesota and received a BA in liberal arts. I gained retail customer service experience as a manager of a floral shop during college, scheduling and coordinating a team of peers similar in size to the Tremere Coordinator's team. Following graduation, I can boast four years of business administration experience as a Scheduler with a Fortune 500 electronics company that produces essential medical devices and supercomputers for the government. As part of a competitive professional team I sharpened valuable skills in communication, diplomacy, organization, and project management and will bring these skills to the position of Tremere Coordinator while remembering that ultimately this is a game. I value hard work, but realize gaming should be fun. People get out of game what they put into it, and that will always vary from player to player based on the viewpoints they bring to the table. A casual player that comes to game
to unwind should enjoy their time as much as the motivated pyramid-climber. He or she will be noticed by the elders (for better or for worse) and be given the opportunity to succeed or fail. Whereas a player seeking a personal struggle with how to keep their humanity while trying to meet the expectations of Clan Tremere will feel the weight of the Pyramid influencing their tough choices. Still others find excitement and intrigue in exploring the many levels of the secrets that are an integral part of the clan. I will respect these and other differing playing styles. At the same time I understand the frustration of a struggling player comparing what they are allowed to learn or "get away with" with those in another Chantry, and so I want to promote a baseline for genre consistency across the org. To accomplish this, I will provide accessible, easy to use tools such as an improved player's packet to help the STs and players a guide as to what is
possible within the genre.

Goals: I will continue the work begun on the player's packet update so that it better reflects the course of the org for the past 8 years. Looking to the hallmarks of the previous Tribunals, I see the legacy of some of the best and brightest of the organization marked on the pages of the Peripheral Code. I also see many players discussing their concerns on the out-of-character list over the years, that the world we play in has changed from where the books left off. There are updates needed, misinterpretations that need clarification, breakdowns in the system that need to be fixed, and numerous notable "best practices" that the player base would benefit from with the addition of this new packet.

The players' concern for the re-examination of the different territories and the subcoords that serve them will take first priority. I will be adding more support in areas of higher game concentration and asking for confidential feedback from the players in each area via their council rep on a regular basis. Subcoord responsiveness will be closely monitored, and I am completely open to receiving direct feedback if ever there is a breakdown in communication. I also will schedule quarterly subcoord staff performance reviews to better determine how they are doing and where as a team we can improve.

I believe that we are only playing on the outer layers of what is hinted at in the White Wolf books concerning Clan Tremere. There is great potential for more, and one way that we can explore those deeper layers is through increased House and Secret Society involvement. Under my direction the House team will be expanded and directed to give incentives to encourage active PC recruitment for the many Houses and Secret Societies of House and Clan. In addition, the subcoords and I are developing some org-wide plots that promote interaction between the different Houses, which will be integrated into the Tribunal event this year.


Always Comes Evening

Black Hawk County by NightBlood on the Lake
Chicago Dark Requiem

DarkhavenDying Embers
Gainesville: the New Confederacy

L'Ange Noir

Memento Mori

New Haven by Night


Nocturnal Rapture

Obsidian Towers

River of Shadows

Sacramento by Night

Shattered Dreams

Within Shadow's Reach

Head Coordinator

Assistant Head Coordinator

Admissions Coordinator

R&U Coordinator

Ventrue Coordinator

Tremere Coordinator

Giovanni Coordinator

Mage Coordinator

Thanks also to all those who gave their verbal support, I look forward to serving you in 2009.-Kim Schultz

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