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Proposal Type: Coordinator Elections (Full Term)
Opened: 01-Dec-2008 1:00AM EST
Closing: 16-Dec-2008 1:00AM EST

Applicant Name: Chad A. WhitleyApplicant Email:
Applicant Home Chronicle: Whispers of Atlanta

Position Sought: Ventrue Coordinator

OWbN/Gaming/Administrative Background:

Player in OWbN since 2003.
Whispers of Atlanta ST in 2003-4.
WoA Council Member in 2003-4.
Stolen Hours ST in 2004-5.
Archivist Subcoord in 2005.
Ventrue Subcoord 2005-7.
Ventrue Coordinator 2008
Have played & STed White Wolf games of all genres since 1998.
Have played & DMed DnD and similar games for as long as can remember.
Have frequented text based rpgs since the internet came into existence.

Events attended as Coordinator in 2008 include Midwinter, Atlanta, Origins, Nonclave, and the Twin Cities Conclave. In 2009, funds and time permitting, I hope/like to make Midwinter, Atlanta, KublaCon, Origins, Nonclave, and maybe some unknown special event we may concoct this year.

Personal Statement:

On Coordinating:
A first year Coordinator is in for many shocking revelations. First among them is the sheer amount of time it takes to get some of the simplest projects done. Leadership, ability to communicate, and time & resource management are not only the qualities of a successful Ventrue, they're also important for a good Ventrue Coordinator. Much of my time this year was spent building relationships with Storytellers and other Coordinators across the organization. Still more was spent finding and training Subcoordinators I could rely on to delegate tasks and responsibilities to. Re-electing me for Coordinator does much more than place me back at the helm of Coordinating OWbN's Ventrue genre for another year. It's also continuing to use every contact, memory, NPC actor, working relationship, and the foundation of a hard working Subcoordinator team I've collected in this past year.

On the philosophy of Coordinating in OWbN:
A Coordinator in OWbN does exactly what their title implies - they coordinate. They don't tell many stories or make many rules calls - that's the job of the Storytellers and Narrators. They don't get to play for their own fun so much - that's for the Players. Coordinators are the glue that binds all stories together for the purposes of consistency in this ever-growing national organization.

Many people say being a Coordinator is a thankless job. Perhaps, for some, it is. For me it has been stressful, time consuming, and often a toll on my own personal life. However, it has never been thankless - quite the contrary, I've found the work gratifying. Also, the people of this organization have been very kind to me, and I'm sure that helps.

On Team Ventrue:

Some new genre Coordinators - the Tremere team comes to mind - are lucky enough to inherit an already functioning Subcoordinator team. I had one Subcoordinator from last year's team when I started, and one other from a couple years prior. Everyone else with me now was new and trained to do the job from the ground up. I'm proud of my ever-growing team, and a vote for me serves equally as a vote for many of them and the working structure we have built to serve the needs of the Ventrue of OWbN.

On NPCs:
I had a lot of amazing help in bringing life to the major Ventrue NPCs this year. These wonderful and talented people sacrificed much of their time they'd often rather have been playing their own PCs at events they paid their own hard earned cash to attend for me and for the organization, and for that I am very grateful. Foremost sacrifices this year have come from Kimberly Davis (Lucinde) and Eric Broome (Livingston), both of whom put in time at multiple events and games this year despite their desires to play their respective PCs. I have received so many compliments for both of them that I couldn't possibly pass each one on individually. Thanks so much, guys.

On last year:
The Ventrue of OWbN have come far in this year. Before the last election, people were mourning how weak and how few the Ventrue were. The Directorate was in shambles. The national Ventrue lists were dead silent. The comments section of the last Ventrue Coordinator election contains words eluding to the poor state of things from CMs. Few seemed to care to start playing new Ventrue PCs on the national level, and abandoning a Ventrue alt to play a clan that was better supported was very common in 2007.

Throughout 2008 as Coordinator, I oversaw a change. Directorate structures began coming together in regions that had previously given up hope for having a working branch. Old Ventrue players returned and dusted off their sheets - several quickly claiming praxis in their games. New players took interest, and I found myself in touch with many ST staffs and players who had great questions about starting out with their 753 Ventrue. Older experienced players who'd never given the Ventrue much thought also started 753 characters and have reported surprise and delight in how much fun it's been. Many of these new and re-emerging player character's names have become established this year not only within the clan, but within the Camarilla - the sect the clan was meant to lead.

I won't take all of the credit for the good things that have happened. I opened solid lines of communication for all things Ventrue in OWbN and emphasized a consistent and genre direction for the Ventrue clan. The players, Storytellers, and Subcoords ran with this foundation and made good story and role play happen. I'm very proud of what we've done so far - the Ventrue are a viable clan in the OWbN's national Camarilla scene again. Now that we've built ourselves that foundation, we can get to the true work at hand.

Next year I hope to improve on what Team Ventrue has done so far, including getting out non-binding resource packets for the various Societies within the clan as well as a packet noting certain aspects of the clan which are wholly unique to OWbN such as the Tribunal system and the way OWbN uses the concept of Dignitas.

On next year:
Saving the Camarilla is the short answer. The long? Really, it will largely be decided by the players. I intend to ask and discuss with the Ventrue players and Storytellers what they want to see from this office. So far, many Storytellers from the ST List have told me they prefer the format of a trimmed down binding genre packet, and I intend to comply unless popular opinion changes. I originally was putting together a packet like the packets of old, but this new idea and the support behind it told me that releasing such a packet could be a wasted effort for the current desires of our evolving organization. If I'm re-elected, I intend to collect information and open polls on the owbn-scepter-ooc yahoogroup to figure out what the players most want to see from the Ventrue Coordinator's office next year. There will continue to be an open forum for discussion on that list, both as we go through the voting process and in the aftermath of the election. I will
also be available for the STs and CMs on their respective lists for questions both public and private throughout this time. I'll also, as usual, be available via for both email and gtalk. Addressing everything someone might want to know in an application is difficult, and I'd rather not take up everyone's time speculating over the needs the organization has when individuals can simply talk to me directly. (:

Thanks for your time and for an amazing year.

-Chad A. Whitley
OWbN Ventrue Coordinator 2008

Supporting Chronicles:
Whispers of Atlanta (Georgia)
Always Comes Evening (San Francisco, CA)
Chicago: Dark Requiem (Chicago, Illinois)
Blackened Veins (Portland, Maine)
Winona Dark Haven (MN)
Secundus Surrectum (Phoenix, AZ)
Stolen Hours (Macon, Georgia)
Sacramento by Night (California)
St. Augustine (Florida)
Gainesville: The New Confederacy (Florida)
Vitae Aeternus (Suburban Maryland)
Aracati by Night (Brazil)
Shadow's Crossing (probationary in CA)
Jerusalum by Night (Israel, applying in February!!1)

Supporting Coordinators:
D. Scott Stewart, Head Coordinator 2008
Jenn Louise Bahrs, Head Coordinator 2009
T. Doug Madsen, Camarilla Coordinator
Porch, Sabbat Coordinator
Rojir McCrady, Assistant Head Coordinator
Terra Doe, Assamite Coordinator
Jenn "Loopy" Smith, Toreador Coordinator
James Sampers, Mage Coordinator
Nate Franklin, Ravnos Coordinator
Robert Hayward, Tzimisce Coordinator
Brendan Ammerman, Malkavian Coordinator, p/o Donnur Hannalore
Sarah Himebaugh, Setite Coordinator, p/o Beatrix Mason Holdsworth
Brian Goudie, Changing Breeds Coordinator, p/o Pavel Nadolski
Dawn Ireton, Archivist Coordinator, p/o Elizabeth York
JT Whitney, Gangrel Coordinator, p/o Dante Stills

Supporting Players & Subcoords:
John Benton, p/o Devon Taylor
Andy Lieb, p/o Reginald Koffmen
Joe Long, p/o Aetius aka Alexander Stills
Jon Knoche, p/o Johannes Dietrich von Wertingen
James, p/o Joseph Dawn aka William Batavus VI, New Haven
Geoffrey Combs, p/o Carter Johnson
Denis Lange, p/o Father Angelo Cicero
Kenny Lull, p/o Adrian Florent aka Mr. Fantasia
Jason Hebb, p/o Alexander P. Keefe
Bill Cox p/o Leonard Flynn
Joshua Meredith, p/o Preston DeWinter.
Yvonne McCoy, p/o Ziva Stills, Carpe Noctem Cleveland
Bonnie Cyr, p/o Rachel Waynewright
Kimberly Davis, p/o Stella Brahms & NPC Lucinde
Jim Jernigan, p/o Jared S'ren, former Subcoord
Kayti Holley-Goleman, p/o Tiffany Cole, Toreador Archon to Lucinde
David Herold, p/o Al-Jhavad, Assamite Archon to Lucinde
Alan Pursell, p/o Jack Sebastian, Brujah Archon to Lucinde
"Chad's the only one that will be able to keep Jack on a leash."
Ryan Gay, Subcoord
Vinny Ireton, Subcoord
Lizzie Faville, Subcoord
Karl Kerr, Subcoord
David Vetter, Subcoord
Mandie Valandingham, Subcoord
Mark McKenna, Subcoord
Derek Howard, Subcoord, p/o NPC Wilhelm Waldberg
Eric Broome, Subcoord, p/o NPC Arthur Livingston
Stef Pursell, Subcoord, p/o NPC Queen Anne
Jessica Johnson, Subcoord, p/o NPC Datura


Applicant Name: Sean Carroll
Applicant Email:
Applicant Home Chronicle: Stockton by Night

Hello, my name is Sean Carroll and I would like to start by providing to you and your chronicles the core reasons why you should vote for me, or against me. That is to say my view of the Ventrue Genre. In my mind the following are core elements of the Ventrue genre and the running of Ventrue genre.

1) The Ventrue clan is a highly organized and structured group.

2) The Ventrue work hard to police themselves internally so as to provide a united and strong front to the rest of the world.

3) The Ventrue clan supports the ideas of area sovereignty and operates similar to the camarilla with individuals in charge of organizing that area without undue interference provided there are not problems. But that being said, there is a clear distinction between local issues and regional or national issues. And the clan will act if a local issue spreads, assuming the locals do not take action to deal with it themselves.

4) PCs should have the ability to plot and politic around rivals and superiors within the clan without resorting to combat. Even if those superiors are NPCs or Elders. ((though nothing says it should be easy)

5) The more public a figure/character/action is, the more likely they/it is going to draw attention.

6) Ventrue genre should be consistent throughout the org.

7) There should be definitive answers available to players and Sts ooc even if those answers are not available IC.

8) Characters with appropriate abilities/lore's should be able to learn most of those answers IC

9) By and large NPCs should work to enforce genre/stereotypes and not be exceptions and breaking genre.

10) Under no circumstances should a player or st ever be told. "That's just how it is ooc" All changes to genre, actions and plot, must have IC reasons/mechanics/methods to back them up.

11) Genre should never be retroactively changed. If a change is needed an IC explanation should be developed.

12) Unless identified in a OWBN document genre defaults to the WW books.

13) Area subcords need to meet the needs of and be able to work with the games in the area.. if they do not. No matter how good they are they should be replaced with someone the games can work with.

14) Cords and subcords exist to enforce genre and assist sts and players. Not to play cool NPCs. The process of enforcing genre and helping people may call for the playing of NPCs but that is a side effect not the primary purpose of the positions.

15) Sts should have the tools, support, information and capabilities they need to keep control of their PCs and/or run local clan plot if they chose to do so.

If you and your game feel I am way off base in these views please contact me so we can discuss it, perhaps I simply did not express myself clearly or I can at least explain why I feel this way and listen to your concerns. If you still feel I am off base then I encourage you to vote for someone who shares your particular view of genre and how things should be organized. This ways the Cord represents the majorities view on genre and how things should be run. However if you agree with these statements I hope you will vote for me.

In support of these principles I have prepared a new Genre packet that I have hopes of being passed before the end of the year. This gives 1 month for people to comment and the draft to be polished and finalized then another month to get it propped and voted upon. Yes it is a very long packet. This is because I believe sts and players should be able to have instant access to questions of Ventrue genre. However 90% of the players/Sts will not need more than the first section which is the quick reference guide. The rest provides details that will most likely not come up in play on a normal evening. However this detail works to ensure a consistent genre across regions and OWBN. Please also remember this is an all inclusive packet. Instead of breaking the packet up into several smaller packets such as genre, rituals, houses, etc. I have drafted a single all encompassing packet to help ensure continuity and avoid the problem of having multiple packets
that contradict each other because they were passed by different cords at different times. The initial draft of this packet can be found at

My role-playing experience began early in life with D&D then AD&D when I was in 3rd grade. I have played a number of TT games over the years including various flavors of AD&D, Top secret, paranoia, star wars, Rifts, Nightcrawler, trinity, marvel, aberrant, mage, Vampire, Werewolf, changeling, wraith, and many more as well as sting many of these.. I was even a St for the online WW games that they hosted via "The Palace" software for a couple years, I then moved on to Serve as an St and then Admin on a seachat site for about 5-6 years. I began larping around 1996 first in a couple troop games then in now defunct regional organization that had games spread out over northern California. I first became heavily involved in OWBN games when Stockton went OWBN.

Other pertinent background information about me includes several facts. I have been playing in OWBN since 2000, more specifically I have been playing my current Ventrue character in OWBN since 2000. I admit I have missed a few games over the years, about 6 months worth while I was in Iraq. But at no time has my character been shelved or I out of contact for more than a week or 2 at a time. This means I have been intimately involved in the Ventrue genre and the changes over the entire time span. In years past I had minor inputs into several packets including the Ventrue packet that first moved us form the prestige system to the dignitas system and later I drafted the original "tribunal" Section and the first rewrite of the Hague clarifying they progression within the society and adding the details so it was not simply a list of minimum requirements. In more recent times I served as a society subcord and a admin/lineage subcord under Lucas. I was very
involved in drafting of the current packet as well as the draft packet that the team chose not to submit just before elections last year as we felt it would be unfair to submit/pass something just before elections. I was also been involved in drafting of the camarilla Status packet. I feel this experience and history playing Ventrue in OWBN in games spanning form the west coast to the east coast demonstrates my Knowledge of the OWBN Ventrue genre and history more clearly then anything else I could say on the matter.

Moving further afield I have experience operating and helping to run large groups, As a Master Councilor in DeMolay I drafted bylaws and was responsible for reactivating my local chapter as well as budgeting and ensuring financial obligations were met. I am an eagle Scout and have served as an Assistant scout master and a myriad of other leadership roles in the Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts. I have also been in involved in 4H and many other youth and young adult organizations. As such I am used to working in volunteer organizations and with a variety of personalities.

While in Iraq I had two Primary duties. I was one of three Communication planners for the Iraq Theater of operations. This meant my team and I were responsible for communication planning for the theater including review of new facilities, convoy requirements and even the communications systems to ensure the Iraqi elections went smoothly and the results were tallied/reported in a verifiable manner. I was also the US communications representative for the Coalition Working Group as such I was responsible for working all communication issues in Iraq that any of the coalition nations had. Another way to look at it is I was the person the various Liaison officers from the all of the Coalition Nations would come to when they felt they were not getting the support they needed at a local level, or ensuring incoming troops had the correct communication gear, or a myriad of other things. In my current work I must routinely mediated between individuals and
organizations with different goals and priorities. I am also often called on to help draft and developed organizational structures as well as methods for implementing those structures and ensuring they serve the functions they are intended to. I bring my time in Iraq and current duties up because I feel they demonstrates that I have experience in dealing with complex situations involving people with vastly different backgrounds and cultural biases and working with them to come to a mutually acceptable resolution. This is critical in any leader or coordinator responsible for something involving individuals from different parts of the United States and even other countries as the OWBN coordinator positions are.

Finally my Educational background.... to be honest I do not think my educational background adds much in the way of reasons you should support my run for the Ventrue cord position however most people seem to include it and it may fill in some holes in my background and help you understand where I am in life and where I am coming form . My first College degree was an Associates in Computer Science from San Joaquin Delta College, a junior college in my home town where I graduated with high honors. I then went on to pick up a bachelors in Comp Sci from UC Santa Cruz. From there I worked as a teacher and assistant Director of a small school. Before signing up and beginning my current career in 2002. Since then I've earned my MS in IT Management graduating Summa Cum Laude. I then went on to earn a second MS it Cyberspace Operations (basically software/computer/network security from a defensive and offensive prospective). I am currently debating when/if I
should begin work on a Doctorate.

Personal Statement

The details of my view of genre and where I feel things should be moving can be seen relatively clearly in the draft packet as you can see by the length one of the things I feel we most desperately need is clarity for the sake of the players and the sts that must try to run game and enforce the genre on a night to night basis.

I also feel sts need to be empowered and have the tools IC and OOC to get things done without needing to call a cord for approval or to clarify something. I believe the draft packet works to accomplish this without any retroactive changes. I also intend to have area games pick/nominate the individuals they would like to see as there subcords to ensure a good working relationship and someone who will be responsible to the needs of the games. After working with Polish, and Iraqi Generals Generals (along with officers and enlisted form many other countries) I am relatively confident in my ability to work with almost anyone but if for some reason I cannot I am sure the games and I can come to some sort of compromise. The key is to find area subcords who are responsive to the games and if they stop being responsive then to replace them with someone who is while retaining continuity. The big picture view of my timeline for the coming year is as follows:


1) Compile information from previous cord team

2) Begin incorporating comments to the new packets

3) Begin discussion/voting process for area subcords

4) Take nominations/recommendations/applications for admin team


1) Name initial Admin team

2) Finalize packet and prop it


1) Come to agreement with games on area subcords

2) Incorporate any needed ooc changes to npcs or positions via IC explanations

3) If necessary make final changes to packet and reprop/


1) Locate php/perl/other Programmer willing to code Ventrue lineage DB (I have already secured Web/server space for this database)

2) Publish a list of auto approve lineages that anyone in the org can use for an NPC or PC with no need to wait for approval from the lineage office.

Apr -Nov

1) Continue to respond to needs of players and sts to ensure a fair and consistent Ventrue genre

2) Bring the lineage DB online for testing and if possible full use.

3) Run for reelection.

Support From:
Secundus Surrectum (Phoenix, AZ)

Forged in Blood (Gary, IN)

Dying Embers (Dayton, Ohio)

Columbus in Darkness (Columbus, OH)

Indianapolis Shades of Crimson

River of Shadows, Amador CA

Moonlight Puppeteers, Stockton Ca

Chicago: Dark Requiem (Chicago, IL)

Shadow's Crossing (Santa Rosa CA)

Under Night's Cloak (Tampa, FL)

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