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Proposal Type: Coordinator Elections (Full Term)
Opened: 25-Nov-2001 1:00AM EST
Closing: 03-Dec-2001 1:00AM EST

Applicant Name: Jonathan MatrasApplicant Email: Jmatras447@aol.com/Hold_My_Scepter@Hotmail.com
Applicant Home Chronicle: Chicago (garou)
Support From:
Iowa City
Washington DC


I'm no stranger to role-playing games, and I've been playing Dungeons and
Dragons since I was 11. I started playing 2nd edition Vampire tabletop the year
it came out, and I started larping in my hometown of Naperville, IL in 1996
playing a Ventrue elder. Before then, in 1995, I joined OWBN as a member of the
Chicago chronicle. I've been playing in OWBN for the past six years, visiting
15 different chronicles across the United States. I've played everything from
downtrodden caitiff to respected Camarilla elders, and held almost every
position there is to hold as a PC.

I've storytold a variety of tabletop games, and I began storytelling in OWBN
for the Tuscola chronicle, beginning in the fall of 1998 and continuing for
another four months. My most recent experience storytelling encompassed the
past year, in Chicago: Dark Requiem, where I helped guide the game through the
end of and the recovery from probation.

Since March, I have been serving as the Ventrue Coordinator for One World by
Night, taking up during a difficult time after Frank Gerkens resigned.
Throughout the course of this year, I dealt with several problematic situations
and accomplished several goals, including:

* Guiding NPC Strategoi/Lictors to keep the Directorate growing and moving
forward, but doing it in a manner that encourages roleplay and PC involvement,
by keeping NPC involvement to email.

* Helping the Milledgeville, Georgia game become acclimated and integrated to
OWBN. I'm most proud of this, as it happened in the wake of rather
controversial character conflicts between Ventrue NPCs and Georgia PCs at the
Springfield Conclave.

* Assisting the Brazilian chronicles in implementing the Directorate in the
same manner and time frame as the English-speaking OWBN chronicles.

* Controlling the damage done and salvaging the aftermath of Dave Gill's
lineage project.

While these are a few of the major projects and problems I've worked through in
the nine months that I've been Ventrue coordinator, there are still several
things left unfinished, and I feel that serving for another term as Ventrue
coordinator I could help the Clan continue to develop in a positive way. I've
done quite a bit, but there is still much more to do.

Personal Statement:

My vision for the Ventrue: For the members of the clan to no longer be looked
at as teachers for fortitude; and instead take their place, as they are
written, as the leaders of the Camarilla, as the best and brightest, the
strongest of political powerhouses. They are called the Clan of Kings for a
reason, and it's my intention to get them to live up to that expectation.

Currently, the Ventrue PCs need to have more interaction between their sires
and the childer, to represent the proper tutelage that should be a standard
within the Clan. Genre lists the traditions of Accounting and Domain as the
most important to Clan Venture, and much attention is paid to who is sired, the
reasons for the embrace, and the training of the new childe. I would like to
encourage more PC lineages, and more roleplay of this sort among the Ventrue.

Additionally, I would like to encourage Ventrue to become politically strong,
especially through the use of their influence. I want to encourage the playing
of the influence game and discourage the idea that the only capable PCs are
those that are combat-effective.

The clan also needs to have a greater showing of unity and solidarity in
public. The Clanbook states that Ventrue do not argue in public nor air their
dirty laundry to lesser Clans--disputes are saved for behind closed doors, and
weakness is never shown to the masses.

Most important for the Ventrue right now is the restructuring of the currently
very problematic Dignitas system. At present, beginning PCs are coming into
games with titles and dignitas that are highly unlikely for starting characters
to have, leaving little room for character development over time. Currently,
many players are having trouble understanding or reflecting the difference
between dignitas and the orders and titles available within Clan Ventrue.
Helping guide the Clan to not only a better understanding of these system but
also create systems for it to work well on a PC level will encourage good
roleplay and a strong Clan that reflects White Wolf's published materials.

Currently the Ventrue PCs are on the right track with all these elements,
however they still don't have the numbers or the unity to effectively implement
them in game. The following are concrete plans I will implement, should I be
elected, to help the Ventrue of One World.

Sires/Childer - Through the lineage project, which is almost complete, we'll be
able to help new Ventrue players attain an in-character sire to promote
lineages. Not only will this help players find in-game sires, but it will also
trace the Ventrue lineages back to Caine and help promote Clan unity.
Influence - The NPC Strategoi and Lictors, as well as the Directorate as a
whole, has a thriving influence backbone. Through this network, PCs can be
connected to one another and assist one another in more effective and
cooperative ways, which also serves to promote clan interaction. In particular,
characters and players who are skilled at using influences can be used to
mentor other players both in and out of character.

Unity - While most Clans in the World of Darkness are not very unified or
cooperative, the Ventrue have a strong sense of superiority and unity. While
several of the previously mentioned tasks will accomplish this in part, other
NPCs can be used to grow and mentor the sense of Clan for the Ventrue players.
While this includes the Justicariate NPCs, it also includes internal Clan NPCs
such as the Head of the Directorate, Datura. These NPCs are currently and will
continue to be portrayed and managed by subcoordinators.

Dignitas - I'm currently working on a write-up in conjunction with other
storytellers to provide guidelines for storytellers and players alike, so we
can all get on a single starting point from which to better build up a Dignitas
system for One World by Night as a whole. Among other things, this packet will
delineate the difference between dignitas and the awards system, as well as
outline types of dignitas which may be given to PCs that is based somewhat on
the previous prestige system and combines with a Ventrue's lineage. These ideas
will be submitted to the PC's for comments and whatever changes are necessary
to make it work so that it will be Their write up and they will have that
detailed knowledge of how it works, and that it will work anywhere in OWBN.

These projects are just a few of the ways in which I intend to continue helping
the Ventrue of One World by Night - there are many smaller projects which I
hope to complete as well.

Of all the feedback I've received during my previous term as coordinator, one
area for improvement has been suggested over and over again - communication. I
realize that this has been my major weak point, and I intend to take several
steps to help improve my communication with both storytellers and players. I
have stepped down as Head Storyteller of Chicago: Dark Requiem with the
intention of concentrating on my duties as Ventrue Coordinator.

In addition to this, intend to make myself more available via telephone and in-
person when possible to speak with those persons who need detailed discussion.
I am aware that my communication skills are much better in-person, and so I
intend to play up to that strength, as well as reorganizing and spending more
time to manage my email more effectively.

I also intend to make better and more frequent use of regional subcoordinators
to bring issues needing immediate or direct attention to me more effectively,
and I will make the proper channels of communication clear and available to
players, storytellers and fellow coordinators.

I want to serve as Ventrue Coordinator again this year, to finish up the
remaining in-character plots and bring the Clan back into a clear focus of what
strong Ventrue can be.


Jon has achieved a great deal under difficult circumstances, and has a solid
plan of action for a second term. I think his goals and focus are very well-
placed, and I believe he could contribute significantly if re-elected.
-Cass Whittington, HC

I have worked very closely with all of the past three Ventrue
coordinators, both as an st and as a player, and I feel that I have a
pretty good understanding of what the office entails and the kinds of
effort required to make it operate. In my opinion Jon has done a very
commendable job during his tenure, particularly given the rough spots
that have occured in and out of charcater for the OWBN ventrue during
the last several months. Jon has been excellent in his record of working
with our game, and I feel has done much to further the over all
interactions inside the orginization. It is my hope that Jon will be
allowed to continue on in this role.
-Brian Goudie. HST L'Ange Noir

SotM has worked with Jon on many occasions. He has always been very
cooperative, open, honest, and has been a pleasure to work with. In our
dealings with him, he has never attempted to steam roll, force or otherwise
hinder any stories in our chronicle. We would like to take this chance to
thank Jon for all his efforts and if anyone has any questions regarding this
please feel free to contact either the SotM ST staff @ sotm-sts@owbn.org or our
Council Rep. Holly Davis at blue_eyes@friend.ly.net -- Shadows on the Mall,
Washington D.C.

If you'd like to offer my email address for those who may have questions about
our interactions, please feel free to include it. HeadST@habitofbeing.org I
will be happy to offer my support of your reelection to anyone who would like
my opinions.
-Gabriel, GA


Applicant Name: Benjamin Sigman
Applicant Email: Sparcifucile@hotmail.com
Applicant Home Chronicle: Cincinnati
Support From:
Green Bay


I Started playing larp in Jan 97 and have played constantly since then.

Nov 97 - Mar 98 NAR for a Troupe game
Mar 98 - Jun 98 AST for same Troupe game
Jul 98 - Nov 99 HST for same Troupe game
Mar 01 - Present NAR for a Troupe game
Oct 01 - Present AST for OWBN Cincinnati game

I am an Officer in the United States Army Reserves. I am a Platoon Ldr which
means I am in charge of roughly 40 people. I have to evaluate and handle admin
work for those under me. I also have the following extra duties. Arms Room
Officer, Food Service Officer, Mobilization Officer. I am the one who does all
the paper work and Accountability for those 3 jobs.

I have worked in an office/clerical job for the University of Cincinnati
keeping the files for all of the University's Contracts and Licensing in
regards to logos and making hats, t-shirts, etc.

Personal Statement:

Things I am intending on doing with the Ventrue Clan.
1. Creating Genre Guidelines on how the clan works reacts etc.
2. The Prestige system needs to be overhauled and fixed.
3. Compile a players resource of Ventrue Lineages so people can be checked out.
4. Stress communication between Coords office, Players, and ST's

My availability and accessibility is really good I'm online almost everyday
when I'm not I normally am traveling to games. I carry my cell phone everywhere
(513) 314-6785 (and have plenty of minutes). I try to get back to people within
2 days at most. I also will have to shelf my three year old Ventrue Frederick
Steinhauer if I get elected. If you would like to talk to me E-mail me Call me
or use my AIM Sparcifucile.

Data base for tracking Lineages and Dignatas(Prestige)
Orders and Societies/Awards Regulation
East Coast
West Coast


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