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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 11-Feb-2004 1:00AM EST
Closing: 23-Feb-2004 1:00AM EST

Proposed that Section 2. Proposal & Voting Procedures subsections A,B,D,F be replaced with the following. And that the new order of the
sections be A, D, B, E, F, G, C and subsequently relettered.

A. Proposal Submission Procedure
1. Include in the subject line of the email [PROPOSAL] and the
remainder of the subject. In the message body, the proposal must be detailed
and how it should be integrated into existing bylaws, if passed.
2. The email must include the name of the proposer, the chronicle
name, chronicle location and an e-mail address where a Assistant Head
Coordinator may contact that person for additional information.
3. Except under circumstances detailed in subsequent bylaws, only a
voting Council member, the HC or an AHC submits proposals to the Council.
Other persons are to submit a proposal to their representative on the
4. Proposals are posted for discussion from the earliest [PROPOSAL]
post date.

D. Discussion
1. A proposal is posted for discussion to the Council list server.
3. To suggest a formal change to the proposal, in the subject of the
message include [Amendment] and in the body of the message include the
description of what is suggested.
3. The original author of the [PROPOSAL] may accept or reject at their
own discretion, if a change is accepted it should be sent to a Assitant
Head Coordinator to update the [PROPOSAL] on the website.

B. Second to the Proposal
1. A [PROPOSAL] may not be seconded until it has been in discussion for
one week. Council Members are encouraged to wait until discussion on a
[PROPOSAL] has subsided before seconding a [PROPOSAL].
2. The proposal must be seconded by a Council member, the HC or an AHC
in order for it to proceed to discussion. Post a motion to second a
proposal by including "[SECOND] [PROPOSAL] Proposal name" in the Subject
line of the message, where "proposal name" is the title of the draft
proposal. In the body of the message, include the statement, "I second
this proposal."
3. The proposal then moves immediately to vote at midnight [GMT] of one
of the next two calendar days.

F. Voting Timeframe
1. All issues voted on by the Council shall have a voting period of one
week from the opening of the vote.
2. Votes may only be closed sooner by the Head Coordinator or Assistant
Head Coordinator if the outcome is a mathematical certainty.
3. After the closing date for voting, the votes are counted and posted.
The Head Coordinator and his Assistant are responsible for changes
being incorporated into OWBN.

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