Amendment to Character Regulation Bylaws section 3, XP Debt

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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 05-Jul-2011 1:00AM EDT
Closing: 04-Jul-2011 1:00AM EDT

As CM of Vitae Aeternus, I propose the following changes to be made to section 3, “Experience Points”, of the Character Regulation Bylaws:

3. Experience Points
A. No OWBN character may earn more than eight experience points in a single month.
B. A character may only be awarded experience by its own home chronicle.
i. If a PC visits another chronicle and thus is eligible to earn additional experience, it is the player’s responsibility to make sure that the storyteller crew of the chronicle the player visits informs the home chronicle, by email, stamped index card, etc., so that the home chronicle can award the appropriate experience.
ii. The home chronicle is the final authority on how much experience is awarded (not to exceed the OWBN maximum of 8 per character per calendar month, of which only 5 may be awarded for attendance at games).
C. Experience is awarded to the character not the player.
i. Experience may only be spent on the PC to which it was awarded.
ii. The only exception is when a PC dies or is retired, the unspent experience, up to the maximum allowed by OWBN rules, may be transferred to a new PC.
D. Characters are not permitted to go into “XP debt” or have negative XP on their character sheet.
i. Players may only spend XP that they have already earned, not a projection of what they will earn or could earn in the future.
ii. Any player found to have more points on their sheet than what their current xp totals allow for will be subject to disciplinary action at the org wide level.
E. Players who serve on short-term NPC duty may, at storyteller discretion, be allowed to earn some experience towards their active PC, however players of long-term NPCs should not be allowed to transfer large amounts of experience to their active PC.
F. Chronicles may convert an NPC to a PC under the following conditions:
i. Chronicles must make a standard Council Proposal (see the Administrative Bylaw document, Section C) for this conversion and submit with it the full sheet to be converted.
1. The character sheet must meet all OWbN PC creation guidelines at the time of conversion.
2. Failure to follow this process shall result in the automatic destruction of the character of said character with no resurrection permitted.

Reason: Recent situations have made it necessary to address this situation in our bylaws. While it should be common sense to not allow players to spend more xp than they actually have, due to recent actions in other games it is apparent that this needs to be regulated at the org level and not just at the game level.


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